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A call to act



A call to act


I personally don’t believe it’s only trash or wastes that can be recycled. Decluttering (my way) is one of the best ways I’ve discovered to recycle because it makes everyone happy. You gain a whole lot more than a clean house. Decluttering-my-way helps you get rid of things that have been taking up space in your house by blessing others with them.


– After reading an article last year about getting rid of the old for the new to come in, I decided to declutter-myway. At first, it was like a joke. I sent out a message on my blackberry for people needing the items and surprisingly, they were all taken up within a week.

Initially, after I decluttered, my house looked scanty and strange but looking back now, I think it’s time to declutter again. I’ve gained so much more. Really can’t say how it happened but I know I’m a better person for it today.


This weekend, pack up your clutters, be sure they are items that can still be used or fixed. Then send messages to your acquaintances, family and friends asking if they would need the items. Be sure to send a message per item(s) (if in same category). Their first reaction would be silence because they would think they need to pay for them as it would seem too good to be true.

One or two people would ask how much but once they know money is not changing hands, you are set to roll. Update your status with what is gone and what is up next for grabs. Believe me, you would be so happy you did.

Moreover, it’s a new year, this is one of the best ways to till and sow for your end of year harvests. So, go on. Enjoy giving this new year! FOOT CARE RECOMMENDATIONS:

Dry your feet thoroughly after showers. Nail tidy – keep toenails trimmed. Pedicure – at least once a month, have a pedicure and be sure not to allow razor scraping.Shoes – always protect your feet by wearing shoes however avoid illfitting ones. Always wear the right shoes too as high heels increase foot pressure by 75%. Walk – it’s the best exercise for your feet


When I was in paid employment, I used to look forward to a special treat every payday. On my way home every payday, I would stop by at a chocolaterie to have my special ice-cream with some brownies.

The treat didn’t cost much but it sure gave me so much satisfaction. I was always looking forward to that day of the month as I felt it was a special way of thanking myself for the month’s work.


This weekend, identify a me-time activity you would like such as having a massage, manicure or pedicure, going to the movies, treating yourself to some fine dining, it can even be an indulgent treat like a bowl of an indulgent ice-cream. Whatever you choose, just go for it and enjoy. Do it again next month if it feels so good.

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