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I don’t like exposing my boobs -Gina



I don’t like exposing my boobs -Gina

Beautiful Gina Omonuku is an actress and upcoming musician. She has acted in a series of top notch movies and TV series produced by African Magic. She’s a lady with a bundle of talents, ready to take the music industry by storm. In a chat with VANESSA OKWARA, she shares her dreams and aspirations

Brief background

I’m from Delta State, Urhobo Warri in to be precise. I’m from a family of nine and the last girl. I’m an actress and singer; acting is actually my passion and singing is a talent that I’ve. When I was growing up, I was in the choir for a long time, like eight years before I got admission into school. So it was what I did whole-heartedly without stress. I was the choir mistress at a point; that’s how good I was.

Singing is something I knew I had in me. Acting is something that I knew I wanted to do. I told my older siblings but acting is a job they are scared if I go into, I might eventually not complete my education. But one day, I went for an audition in 2005-2006 for ‘Shallow Waters’, a TV series and I got picked and I was surprised because it was my first audition.

After that, I had to pursue my education. I went to Imo State University and I studied History and International Relations. Eventually, I was still going to pursue my passion because it is something I wanted to do.

When it comes to your acting career, what’s your first big break?

The first break I had in acting was a movie I acted in that was produced by Andy Best Productions, ‘Doro the African Queen’ which starred Emeka Enyiocha, Angela Okorie and I; the director was Andy Chukwu. That was a major one for me. I’ve also worked with African Magic, I’ve done TV series and I’ve one going on right now at African Magic Urban.

What’s going on with your music career?

My music career is not up there yet but I’m planning to release my first single before the end of the year. I believe it’s going to make a loud sound in the industry.

What kind of music do you do?

I do R&B and dancehall but the first one I’m going to release will be dancehall.

Who are your role models in music both nationally and internationally?

Internationally, I will say Rihanna because she’s into music so deeply and it’s written all over her. That is one person I actually look up to in the music industry. In Nigeria, I will pick Tuface. He’s ever young when it comes to music. His humility is second to none and then for the females, that will be Tiwa Savage, Sheyi Shay and Yemi Alade.

What’s your unique selling point that makes you stand out in the industry?

I think my highest selling point will be my person. This is because I’m always real all of the time. People get attached to my person and I can’t even explain why. I don’t think it’s about my looks though; I still have my talents to back me up because in this industry, looks is not enough.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes I am. It’s about two years now.

So what attracted you to him?

He’s always himself. I don’t like it when you pretend to be who you are not. So for me, he’s true to himself always and I like people like that.

There’s this belief in showbiz that sex sells. Are you going to be showcasing that part of you?

That is why I said I like to always be myself. I love to be sexy but I have my limits.

What are your limits or what degree of sexiness do you do?

I can’t go nude. That’s my limit; I can never go nude for whatever amount. Based on my career as an artiste, I can be sexy. I’m not scared but rather bold to show it. I love wearing sexy outfits but I can’t go nude.

When it comes to exposing parts of your body, which one are you more comfortable to showcase?

I like to wear skimpy clothes. I love wearing bum shorts a lot. If you check my wardrobe, I have a lot of bum shorts and short dresses. But I don’t like exposing my boobs for whatever reasons. I feel if I expose it and you are talking to me, that is where your attention will be.

What part of your body would you say is the sexiest?

I will say my boobs actually, although I don’t expose it. People say I have good lips so that’s also my sexy part.

What’s your fashion style?

I like to be comfortable. I like trying out new things but hate to follow the trend. What I wear also depends on my mood. I like simplicity and not do so much. So simple and fancy will describe my style.

How do you maintain your beauty?

I work out a lot and I drink a lot of water. I was even scared at a point if there is a side effect of drinking a lot of water. I’m almost addicted to drinking water.

How do you relax?

I relax all the time, even when I’m talking.

Who is your role model in your acting career?

I love Mercy Johnson. She’s someone I look up to in the industry. I’ve actually worked with her before but not closely. She’s just too real to be true.

Did you get parental consent for your acting career?

For my acting career, my mum never liked it. She says people in this field never get married. But she was super proud to watch some of my movies. It’s understandable for her to be scared though.

Since you’re already in a relationship, is your fiancé worried about your career?

He’s in full support of my career. That is where I draw my strength from. He’s even the one pushing me to go forward; he has absolutely no problem with my career.

Where do you hope to see your career in the next five years?

I’m always scared to answer this question because where I see myself is so big that I’m even scared to say it aloud. I work hard and I’m focused, I’ve a big dream that I can’t let anything drag me back. So in the next five years, I don’t know if it sounds so big if I say I see myself in Hollywood. I see myself featuring in Hollywood block busters. For now, I’m focused on my music career this year, that’s my major priority for now but next year, I’m hoping to produce my own movie.

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