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‘Women empowerment road to national prosperity’



She runs training programmes on event planning as well as vocational skills acquisition for women. A great advocate for women, Nene Rasheed- Olaoluwa, is the founder of Helpzeebah Women Empowerment Initiative, an NGO that supports women empowerment. In a chat with MOSES KADIRI, she harped on the need for women to be economically independent for national development

Not many may have heard about Nene Rasheed-Olaoluwa, an entrepreneur, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer, L’Quiste Planners Limited. She is also a former staff of Julius Berger Nigeria PLC, but her philanthropy is well known and felt among many women mostly. Passionate about the course of women, she runs training programmes on event planning as well as vocational skills acquisition on various skills for women.

A great advocate for women indeed, she founded ‘Help zeebah Women Empowerment Initiative’, an NGO that supports women empowerment. In a chat with MOSES KADIRI, she harped on the need for women to be economically independent for national development.

Having spent 27 years with Julius Berger Nigeria Plc where she was Senior Personal Assistant to Chairman Board of Directors, assisted in AGM and board meetings, she decided to take up the role of a coach, mentor and counselor with interest in lifestyle, food and agro processing that are of concern with women.

It would be only natural to understand where the passion and zeal for women came about. “I am very passionate about issues concerning women especially when they are passing through tough times of their lives,” she said.

Few days ago, Nene Rasheed- Olaoluwa convened a summit to create awareness for women on ways to be empowered in order to improve themselves. This is believe to enable them achieve their goals in life and road towards nation building.

No doubt, Nene has helped to change and reawaken the present day generation of women who are in dire need of financial freedom.

According to the core serial entrepreneur, she pointed out that she has recorded huge strides in women empowerment and is continuing to strengthen their incomes, which influence the society. “Lots of women are intimidated by themselves; they are not ready to take that bold step to be what they are supposed to be.

The summit, she said is to encourage women to bring out the best that is inherent in them in order to become better people of the society. “Women are supposed to be help mate to the husband, but you find out that a lot of women don’t even work; they don’t have anything they are doing, they just sit at home doing nothing,” she said.

Within the past 18 months, Nene has championed, mentored, equip and empowered over 200 women of all classes to become better and productive wives and mothers in various platform i n c l u d i n g catering, baking of cake among others. According to Nene, her NGO teaches women to make use of their valuable time in doing tangible things for their lives.

“They can be better people in the society by empowering themselves; assist the husband and be able to take care of the family if the husband is no longer alive. It is not very wise for a woman to depend on the husband alone for everything, before you become a wife, remember that you were first a woman,” she stated.

She added that there are many women in abusive relationships simply because they are not economically empowered. But with the programme, she said they now know that they can actually become something in life- that is make a meaningful existence of their being.

Nene reiterated that she engage women periodically and teach them skill acquisition programmes in different segments. “We invite women periodically to teach them different skills so that those that are not working can be able to do something for themselves,” she said.

“I have sympathy on them and I just wish I was like the comical character ‘Voltron’ defender of the universal that can just take care of every issue. I wish that I can just tackle the problem for every woman that has issue and hope to solve the problem, that is what brought about the project,” she said.

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, an eye on PHD, Nene is a classic example of a passionate Nigerian who is bent on putting smiles on the faces of next generation women across the spectrum of activities in the society where she could increase the scope of influence.

Also where she could make distinctive contributions and take control over those factors within their realm of influence. “We also assist women to find and fulfill their purposes. We counsel women on becoming better spouses and home keepers.”

Through the Helpzeebah platform, Nene has created meaningful life for women in the society thereby promoting and uniting families.

“This is what I love to do. I will keep doing it. I am reaching the globe so that women in other part of the world not only in Nigeria alone will be influenced positively. For every home created by God to be established here on earth, the devil our enemy keeps fighting to destabilise these homes. This reality is what has given birth to Helpzeebah with the main goal to see homes established by praying ceaselessly without fainting.

This actually happened as many homes become healed and businesses flourished. This led to expanding the membership by opening a Facebook page, but we found out that women were not so comfortable sharing because it was too public, hence the decision to increase membership on WhatsApp which turned out to be more successful

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