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Me, wife of a drug dealer?



Me, wife of a drug dealer?

There is a race going on at breakneck speed for the big bucks. Every man wants to be a millionaire even before he’s out of his diapers. Check out secondary school boys and pranks they are all into and you will be sorry for this generation. Looks like we are doomed. Sixteen-year-olds want to be big time businessmen.

Listen to 20-year-olds talk and their favourite currency is either the pound sterling or dollars. Never Naira. Young men are trying their hands on all sorts of business, legal or illegal as long as there’s a guarantee that it’s gonna improve their lots.

Gone are the days when university graduates have jobs pursuing them with official cars and government accommodation. Now, there are not even enough jobs for graduates to pursue. So? The result is shady deals; kidnapping, ‘yahoo yahoo’, 419, drug deals and all sorts of wheeling dealings.

Before you know what is happening, that small buy you used to see in his starched school uniform, is riding a Range Rover and talking about his containers at the wharf and business appointments. He carries three expensive cellular phones and everything he wears must have a designer tag, all to show he has arrived.

His wardrobe is full of the best fabrics sewn in all the latest fashion. He wears only skin shoes and cologne he uses will put any French perfumery on its toes. And he’s only 30! The girls come and go. He disposes them as fast as his containers. Some of these guys, let’s give it to them, actually work hard. They play as hard too. They drink hard and dine at the fancies restaurants and hotels in town. And on Fridays, they party hardest at clubs where they pay craziest sums for a bottle of wine.

They make their honest, straight forward and academic inclined peers green with envy. Or don’t you have peers like that who make you feel worthless? How exactly is one supposed to feel when the guy who used to copy your exam papers when you were in the secondary school can now afford to take you to lunch in a restaurant where up till then you’d only read of in the papers?

That’s not all, when he calls for bills, the figures thereon are bigger than what you see on your pay-advice at the end of the month. And he pays the cash in crisp mint-fresh notes without batting an eyelid.

Where does that leave the girls in their lives? I heard that their girlfriends don’t usually have it nice. Like I heard some years ago of one of such girls who got thrown down a storey building after a night of fun.

The general consensus is that girls who swarm around them are goodtime, easy-life girls and they get treated as such. It is believed that none of such girls would have touched them with a 10- foot pole if they had been struggling guys, bloody civil servants who can’t even afford to eat in a clean buka.

So these girls groom themselves to an inch of their lives and set traps for these hard-line rich young guns and get treated like sh-t at the end of the day.

Well, those are the girls who are really after the bucks, the easy-life girls. What about the cool-headed, morally upright ones who end up with the fast lap guys?

After all, wheeler-dealer or drug baron, the dudes still get married. After zooming through as many easy-life skirts as their libido can cope with, these fast buck men do get married at the end of the day. And usually, they go for the innocents.

Up and coming girls who are still fresh. Girls who they know have not been battered or tainted by dealers like them. You read about such marriages everyday. Groom is 34 or thereabout and the bride is a 22-year-old undergraduate. He wastes no time in getting her in the family way even before they are pronounced husband and wife.

She gets her a couple of chauffeur-driven cars and servants for her. She invests her faith and love in this rich young man who is a businessman.

He treats her like an egg and all her friends (the fair-weather mushy ones, that is), wish fervently to be in her shoes.

The kids start coming. Of course, when the wife eventually graduates, there ends the book-talk. He’s rich enough to provide for her needs and so what’s the point in going out to work? So she hangs her certificate. Life is so good.

She goes abroad at least three times in a year for holidays when her friends who work (from eight to eight) are still converting their annual leaves to allowance. She wants for nothing even as a full time housewife. Within the confines of her home, she’s ever so well dressed in the best of the best. The kids are so chubby and healthy, God, it’s like a story from a best seller.

Then, all of a sudden, mega dude’s fortune starts dwindling. He starts fidgeting in the house and becomes less and less caring. He starts taking his frustrations out on his wife and kids.

The poor woman starts sporting double lips and black swollen eyes. The cars go for auction. Business is no longer booming, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Then, one cloudy day, law enforcement agents come calling to inform madam that her husband is in police custody.

He has been arrested for duping a foreigner of large amounts of hard currency.

Or worse still, a large number of wraps of first grade cocaine was found in his container at the wharf, carefully concealed in the bodywork of the freezers and coolers he had imported. Or again, a gang of armed robbers nabbed by the police has named him the kingpin who supplied them with firearms and whom they deliver the booties too. The wife faints.

Her warm sheltered life is over. In fact, everything collapses around her ears. What does a woman do in the circumstances? Take to her heels with the kids or show her face and stand by her husband?

Not exactly a standard decision, you know. Does one own up as the wife of a drug baron or armed robber? Sure, they enjoyed together when the going was good but how many women will want to stand by a dishonest husband?

Especially if she had warned him that one day monkey go go market he no go return. Remember that many husbands who are involved in shady business don’t confide in their wives.

They just say it’s business or Private Practice (PP). Does such a wife have any moral obligation to stick out her neck for her husband when eventually the bubble busts? Remember also the many girlfriends who were also beneficiaries of the booty while the going was smooth.

My guys, I think if you want your wives to stand by you in your times of need, the best thing is to come clean with them.

No hidden skeletons. No hidden agenda. If you don’t trust her enough to confide in her, you shouldn’t expect a lot when the handcuffs arrive.

Women can really be a lot of help when the cookies begin to crumble. We do have our uses, our connections, if treated well. Women are more faithful to their marriage vows in times of crises. Not like some men who do speedy U-turns when they find their wives in messy waters.

Re-The wedding is off

Why are you inciting the ladies against us by asking them what they would do if we hold conversations with our legs on the wedding day?

Do you want them to start planning ahead? There is God ooo. But jokes apart, only a callous man will do that. Still, the punishment you prescribed is equally cruel.

Why tie his neck to a moving ‘molue’ when you could castrate him so he would never be able to wire a woman or even consider marriage again?

Every Friday, I read your column. Your Adam’s Apples has helped right many wrongs in marriages.

Thank you.

– John Mgbachi, 08035363686



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