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How my husband influenced my political career, by Abiodun



How my husband influenced my political career, by Abiodun

African culture has often painted female folks in unflattering image. Women are relegated to either the kitchen or not too important roles in the society, but  that mindset is fast changing. In this chat with OKI SAMSON, the Chairman of Iru/ Victoria Island local government area in Lagos State, Hon. Princess Adu Rasheedat Abiodun, reveals how her husband influenced her political career, advocacy for social moral value reorientation

Are you satisfied with the level of Women participation in leadership positions

We are getting there. Women are gathering momentum. What we are seeing today was not like that some years back. Today, women are really participating in key leadership positions and governance, which is a very good development on the parts of women. It’s not as if we can’t do what the men are doing, but I don’t know maybe we feel the men are more than us or we feel our voice was not heard but now our voices are being heard. We are coming up. For example, I’m a woman, a mother and now the local government chairman in the state.

Rape, molestation and other domestic violence are on the increase in our society, what rally could be responsible?

My take is that we still need to sensitize our people; it is about the moral value now because I see it as something that is not good at all. The rate, at which the gender violence is increasing now, is very worrisome because, even in secondary schools, you see male and female pupils practicing this kind of thing. I see it as something that needs to be addressed urgently. I think we need to check our moral values, which we have lost. It was not so in the past. By the grace of God, through advocacy, we should be able to come back to our normal position.

There is high rate of feminism movement now in the society; men alleged that, their women are no longer submissive.

When you are talking about women not being submissive, you are talking about a particular percentage. I am a woman and I know the way I deal with my husband. If not for my husband, I wouldn’t be where I am today because. When I wanted to go into politics, he gave me one hundred and one percent support and encouragement that I can do it. He does not relent on praying for me. The support is there any time, any day. That, women are not submissive to their husbands is a personal issue. We all have our individual differences, I can only speak for myself, I can’t speak for another woman.

Do you feel any threat from the male counterpart as a female chairman

There use to be threat at the beginning. I think the bulk of it with us as women, when you have God, and if you do not relent in your prayers and put everything in God’s hand, you will be successful. It is not as if it is not challenging. After all, I contested with five men at the end of the day with the support of God, I am where I am today. It’s not as if men are not there, in fact in the whole of the local government in the state; I am the only unopposed female candidate. I contested against men from other parties. It all worked out like that because God was involved.

What is your advice to young women?

My advice to women out there is that, they should remember where they are coming from and going to. They should also protect the name that the family was built on. The foundation really matters.

Lastly, how has Lagos state being able to manage the issue of complexity and diversity

The success story of Lagos today, is the fact that, it is a place that welcomes everybody coming from any part of the country. Even people that are coming from abroad, the first place they arrive, is Lagos. We embrace everybody, it is not particular to Lagos state alone or Nigeria but its obtained in other parts of the world. Oil refineries, international companies, they all use this state as their base, because they know the fact that Lagosians are accommodating.

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