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Grass cutter: ‘Nigeria can generate N120m yearly’



Grass cutter: ‘Nigeria can generate N120m yearly’

Nigeria can generate N120 million annually from grass cutter, Grass cutters Farmers Association of Nigeria (GRAFAM) has said.

The association said this at its inaugural annual general meeting (AGM) held in Lagos recently.

National President of GRAFAM, Mr. Chinedu Eluwa, said that in less than one year, he generated a gross income of over N12 million in grass cutter farming.

He said: “I was planning to embark on my PhD in Political Science, but I had to cancel the programme for grass cutter farming. See it now, I realized millions of naira in less than one year, so what do I need the PhD for.”

Eluwa stated that the group is dedicated to helping and teaching its members on how to breed, handle and profit from rearing of grass cutters.

He said: “We want to take people out of the streets by engaging them in the GRAFAM. We want to train people on how to put food on the table.

“The market is huge in the sense that people want grass cutters, but the market is not coordinated and that is what we have come to achieve. People need to know where to go to, when they need grass cutters meat.

“There is a problem buying grass cutters meat from the roadside; it is not hygienic and also not properly processed.

So, it could be deadlier in the human body than you think, but because people need it they still go for it anyway.”

He said the association wants provide a more viable and important alternative, especially how is it going to be properly processed. “The market is there but the market does not know where to go for it. So we want the market to know where we are,” he said.

Explaining its delicacy, he said: “Grass cutter is a popular delicacy in Nigeria, apart from its popularity as a delicacy in Nigeria amongst all the rodents that are domesticable; grass cutter stands as the most profitable.

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