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Healed through dream guidance 2



Healed through dream guidance 2

I was confused about the contradictory opinions of these two specialists. But I knew the Mahanta would show me the right course to take. Then I had another dream.
“I am with the Dream Master, Wah Z. He leads me to one side of a river. Several animals are already there drinking water. Each one has white bandages on its limbs.”
When I woke up, I wondered what the dream was trying to tell me. Then I got a call from my cousin, asking me to visit another traditional bone doctor – something I had decided I would never try again. I explained to my cousin about my first painful and unsuccessful experience with traditional healing. Eventually, he convinced me to try this new doctor.
When I arrived to meet the healer, I noticed there were many patients there, each with white bandages on their arms or legs. The scene looked familiar.
Then I remembered my dream by the river.
Although it didn’t look exactly the same, I knew this was the place I had visited with the Dream Master!
Immediately I adopted a new attitude towards this doctor and embraced his treatments. A short time later, I had full use of my hand and wrist, just as I did before the accident.
In his booklet Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, Sri Harold Klemp writes, “Divine Spirit often heals through the field of medicine and guides you to the doctor who is right for your condition.”
My experience was living proof of this. By listening to the Inner Master’s dream guidance, I was led to the right doctor for me, and now I am healed. I am so grateful to the Mahanta for this special gift of love.
Dreams are like a daily report card. They show how you are doing in your spiritual mission, even if you don’t know you have one. The beauty of dreams is that they go with you everywhere, no matter what. They are a portable treasure. You need only recall them, to recognize them as a divine gift to gain insight into your true spiritual nature
Put full attention on the daily affairs in your life, for this is also part of that which touches the spiritual consciousness. Life teaches that all living beings go through cycles of change. This does not mark the end of your spiritual opportunities but another beginning. Life here does have purpose, for it gives each person a chance to learn the duties and joys of becoming a Co-worker with God.
When a problem comes up, we can fight it or just let nature run its course. But we often feel compelled to beat the clock. We get impatient with the natural cycle of an event and want to hurry things along. No matter what we are faced with, Soul must eventually come to the point where it says, ‘I know there is a way. I m ay not know at this moment what it is, but there is always a way’.


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