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I’m mother’s seed to God – Prophet Ifeanyi



I’m mother’s seed to God – Prophet Ifeanyi

The General Overseer of Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide Outreach, Prophet Chinedu Ifeanyi, shares his experiences in ministry in this interview with FLORA ONWUDIWE. Excerpts

Tell us how you were called?

I started the work of God when I was six years old. I never knew that I had the calling in my mother’s womb. I performed my first miracle with water. There was this woman in my village and she was always complaining of her aching legs, her grandson was sick and she travelled to Onitsha to see her daughter who was also ill.

I prayed on the water and they were healed. I prophesied that she will encounter an accident on her way back home.

I instructed her to bathe with the water before boarding a vehicle. And it all came to pass, the vehicle almost plunged into the river but God averted it and I learnt that the accident spot was on sloppy land slippery that ordinarily nobody would have been saved. And that was when it dawned on me that God sent me on a special assignment to mother earth.

What was your spiritual growth like as you advance in age?

As I was growing up, I did not know that I am a prophet, because whatever I prophesied usually came to past. The people around my village began to despise me saying I was using charms and idols to perform miracles. I was going around the village praying for people; my family now saw me as a pastor. It affected my education, when I stopped schooling at primary six.

While my mates were going to school I was busy praying for people. There were speculations that I was possessed by some traditional idols in my village. My major activities were in the night, that the time of the day I found comfortable to pray for people. That time, night for me was like morning time, while morning was night.

Was there any strange circumstance surrounding your birth?

My mother told me about my birth. She said it was a battle at my delivery room; She said the devil tried to kill me at birth, after it saw the future that I would be a great man of God.

They attempted but did not succeed because of the grace of God upon my life. At just six months old, my father told me that there was an incident that led to my death. I was kept inside a carton in preparation for burial, but at the burial ground, after several hours of confirmation of death, the carton containing my lifeless body started vibrating. I was brought out of the carton and taken to the hospital. The doctors couldn’t diagnose any ailment, but advised that she should always pray for me.

How strong are your parents spritually?

My mother was very committed in the things of God at the Anglican Church of God’s Mission. But my father was indifferent when it comes to Christianity, he does not go to church neither does he worship any idol. I want to believe that the calling of God is the grace of God for my mother’s dedication. Because of what she went through while I was in her womb. After my difficult birth experience, my mother dedicated me to God as a seed sowed to serve the almighty God.

How did your school mates react when you stopped going to school?

I was always gathering my age mates and those younger than me to pray. We will carry plank of wood, as if we were in the church and I will stand before them with a piece of wood representing a microphone and worship God in a typical church service. People noticed that I was always in the mood of prayer everywhere I went. At times, my friends took me to beer parlour to test my faith and when I refused they called me a pretender.

Are you an ordained prophet and who trained you in the ways of the Lord?

I did not undergo any formal training as a prophet of God. When I was 14 years old, my parents sent me out to serve a master for eight years selling food stuffs. I made so much profit for my master such that he elevated me to the post of manager of his business at Kola AIT Alagbado. At the right time after serving, my master settled me to establish my own business.

After establishing my business, I incurred so much loss six months into the business, soon the business collapsed as I couldn’t give account of anything. I later found out that the cause of my failure in business was my master’s involvement in a secret cult. This was what affected my business negatively. Somebody took me to one prophet Ikechukwu Awa for counseling; immediately he sighted me, the first thing he asked me was the whereabout of my bible.

I told him where my bible was and he instructed that I should carry it always as I am a great man of God. I didn’t understand him well initially as my concern was on the revival of my failed business. He told me to go and carry my Bible, which was the solution to my problem. I recounted my days in the village when I served God from a very young age, wearing only one cloth for months with no money to buy new ones.

The man of God invited me to come and stay with him in his house, that was how I was trained under him.

As a strong man of God, did you need another senior prophet to open your spiritual eyes?

I needed a senior man of God to show me the way since I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. When I was serving my master as a trader apprentice, I was still doing God’s work. I wake up middle of the night asking my master to join me in prayers.

I soon I became a torn in the flesh of my boss until one day when I saw a vision that armed robbers broke into the shop and made away with bags of rice, and in less than two weeks, it came to pass. Since then, my master began to believe me and whenever I asked him to join me in prayers he never hesitated.

Do you have any regrets serving God?

Sometimes ago, one woman expressed her sympathy on my way of life just serving God while my mates are doing very profitable businesses. I never minded her, as love serving God as that was the seed my mother sowed, whilst I was in her womb. I know serving God is not an easy work, I don’t have any regrets serving Him.


There are challenges but that is when you know a true child of God. Trials will come and you will overcome. I have no regret serving God. God used me to do His great work. He used me to resurrect dead children. Last Sunday, a young boy came to worship here, on getting to the gate, he died, and if God was not with me, what would have happened to me. Maybe I would by now be in police custody on false suspicion that I am a ritualist using children for sacrifice.

What is the brain behind the Prophetic and Deliverance Worldwide Outreach?

I served as an apprentice with Prophet Awa for six years, after that he established another branch named God’s Pillar of Fire Ministry at Dominion City located at 11, Tapa Street in Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos. I was there for eight months, to the glory of God, we had a large congregation. I wouldn’t know what really happened between me and my master.

I did not know where he got the information that I wanted to take over from him and that was how we went our separate ways. I went to the Deborah Mountain in Ile-Ife to pray to God, and to ask if it is His will for me to leave the church or to start my own ministry.

And I could not get an answer from God, I met the Bishop in charge of the mountain to pray specially for me for proper direction, after he prayed he said it was the will of God for me to start my own ministry. I started here just three months ago, at Fadahunsi Street, Ijesha. I asked God of the name of the ministry, immediately what came out was Prophetic and Deliverance World Outreach Ministry and I prayed over it for confirmation.

How many times have you been faced with challenges as General Overseer?

There are many challenges among all, but I will mention just a few. Some people believed that I use charm and occultic powers to perform God’s miracle. They sent people to monitor me if the powers are genuine or fake and they discovered that the power came from God. As if that was not enough, last June I was kidnapped at Oshodi. That was when I was still at the Tapa branch at Ijesha. I was badly treated by the kidnappers but eventually released at 2am of the next day. It was the only church in that area.

Perhaps God brought me there for the people to give their life to Christ, they tried spiritually to get at me but they could not and they went into physical that was when they kidnapped me. I did not know who they were and I did not know who sent them.

Poison was also dropped in front of my church and I overcame them. Witches and wizards were sent from nearby covens and I overcame them all. They even sent women to seduce me yet they did not succeed. I am God’s ordained prophet. I have my certificate. All these happened last year December, 2016.

Have you ever been called a fake prophet of God before?

The Bible says we should not judge. I will not say if I am a fake or genuine prophet of God, but I am leaving everything until the last day. I want to say that everything you are doing in life, you should be holy before God. The secret for any man of God is holiness and when you observed that, you will see things start working for you. Even if you see fake or original, you cannot confront him but leave such prophets for God until the last day.

The Church today has been commercialised?

Some people say the church is a business venture, but for true men of God, the church is not a business. If someone like me should establish a church as a business outfit, today, I would have been a multi-millionaire. Because I had met people and I had been to places to pray.

There was a time I invited a man of God to come and preach in this ministry, he did not know that God would expose him, he had charms on his waist and I did not know. As soon as he sat down beside the altar, my spirit directed me to stop the man from preaching to the people.

I asked a quick question on who sent him to my church to come and do evil; he replied that the man of God I invited just asked him to serve as a representative. I commanded him to raise his clothes and we saw charms around his waist. And I asked him to go and give his life to Christ and he had done that, since then I have not set my eyes on him.

How many members did you start with?

We started with just four or six prayer warriors and it is not up to seven months that we started this ministry; you can imagine how big we are today. Since we started, God has been using me mightily, I know that temptation will come and when it comes, God will make me to overcome. Since I have been serving Him I have not experienced anything that would make me deny my God.

Deliverance is a very delicate aspect of service to God, have you ever been attacked by demons cast out from affected brethen?

Yes, many times, anytime I do deliverance, I was attacked by demons cast out. That is why I am asking God to give me a good wife who will be my eternal helper, a woman that won’t make me to derail. One Sunday during church service, a woman appeared to the congregation saying she had in the church auditorium since 2am.

She actually came from the marine world from River Niger. During the week my ears were blocked I could not hear clearly from people again. People talk to me and I don’t hear anything and I couldn’t receive telephone calls. By Thursday of that same week, my hearing problem became worse such that I was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The strange woman from the marine world, said I have been very stubborn as compared to other men of God who come to them to get powers. I challenged her that the only power there is, is the power is Jesus Christ. She accused me of delivering 25 of their members.

She described other powerful men of God as rats before the marine spirit. And confirmed that I remain the strongest man of God of all the others they had encounters with in the past. I knew what was speaking was the marine spirit inside her.

My only challenge is that once I deliver people, they will leave my church and return to their various churches instead of joining us to continue doing the world of God together. Don’t you think a wife would be a source of distraction to you as a man of God I had received a vision that women will conspire and allege that I impregnated one of them and I noticed that some women are coming here for the man of God and they are not coming for salvation only or to be delivered and I don’t like that.

Some girls will be looking at you trying to seduce you and that is why I am begging God to give me the right woman that would stand by me as my wife. At least that temptation will reduce.

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