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I just fly on wings of faith –Reinhardt Bonnke



I just fly on wings of faith  –Reinhardt Bonnke

At 32, Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke, son of a German pastor, set his foot on a small mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa to pursue his vision of evangelizing Africa. Despite threats to his life the extraordinary evangelist, excelled more than any other Western missionary, in the area of working with Africa’s independent churches – the Pentecostals. As his farewell crusade in Africa ends today in Lagos, Bonnke now 77, reveals the secret of his 45 years hosting huge revival crusades on the continent, in this interview with TAI ANYANWU


What informed the choice of Nigeria for you last crusade in Africa?
I chose Nigeria because it is the most populous country in Africa. And I am after people, the more the better. And I get here a wide harvest; and do you know that the owner of the harvest directs us. That is why I keep coming. I have been here in Nigeria several times and on top of it, I just love you all.

In spite of proliferation of churches in Nigeria and the benefits of your spiritual impartation, there seem to be no decline all in criminality and all manners of anti-social activities. Of what concern are all of these to you?
Look at the gospel of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 13, he was the sower in that paragraph and the seed was the best seed ever – the word of God. And it fell on different kind of soils: on stony ground, on thorny ground, on hot strong ways and it also fell on very fertile ground and really made roots. So we find that the results are different. But we still have to obey the word of God, to preach the gospel to all peoples and to all nations and live judgment to God.

Considering the fact that all the Apostles continued in ministry till the very last moment, why the farewell crusade?
Well, I’m 77 years old and have no regrets that I attended this. If I was afraid of it, I will never grow. So there is one thing that is very important to me. I don’t just want to rise this high when it comes to evangelism and then drop sharply. I have already trained a young man by name Daniel Kolenda to help this harvesting ministry and instead of falling it rises and it has been a true success as we receive this week when we minister together. I love Nigeria and I said the Lord spoke to me come here for this farewell crusade. I have got this deep desire when the passing of the touch happens spiritually that something will happen that will really have effect to some of those problems here. So, I believe it will happen

What will you consider as your momentous moments – your low moments and very high moments -in these years of evangelsation in Africa?
Well, as you know, we have the power of God. The anointing that we received shall abide forever. So when the Holy Spirit comes he always comes in full strength. He doesn’t come in percentages. He is the third person of the Trinity; person not a commodity which means that He is always fully there like you, a personality. You are fully here like He is fully here by the power of God as it’s concealed. If a sports champion sits on his soft and drinks hot tea and eats cake you cannot see what’s in there. The power, the concealed power … ah you need discipline when he runs, when he acts then the power soars. Do you know when he asks me to baptize in those manner it’s just that I don’t get to see the power. But I know it is so awesome; I know it is not absent. So that’s sends me, transfers me into emotional deep sea and it keeps me strong. I heard a pastor say he wouldn’t go up the platform to preach because he couldn’t feel the Holy Spirit. But it happens to me too.
But do know what I do, I go up the platform and say Lord, Microphone and your servant are here; Holy Spirit I can’t feel you. But then I have appeared in His spiritual presence; and then I take the microphone and God says cease it. So, I don’t really count on mountain peaks. Let me put it this way. I have sworn to God that I will never ever mention a fence in front of me. I will never mention a barricade or a wall or obstacle; I will never do it again. You know what? Because I have got wings of faith, I just fly on. I won’t care if obstacle is out there. We are rising with wings as an eagle and once we do others stoop low and we are stable and never see them again.

What next is it for you, after the farewell crusade?
After this crusade, I will celebrate Christmas. And I do have invitations from all over and I just have to pray over them and take that as the Holy Spirit chooses for me. But for me, the best I could have chosen is Lagos. As the Lord permits me I will continue to preach as a soul winner for Jesus. Every soul saved is one less in hell and one more in heaven. If we understand that, you can’t stop. You cannot stop. So I will do, I trust, as much as I can.

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