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Let her breasts satisfy you



Let her breasts satisfy you

A few people may wonder why I am writing about breasts on the pages of a newspaper. As I looked through my Bible, I found out that the breasts of a woman are romantically talked about. I believe that if the Bible can talk about the beauty of the breasts of a woman, we can also write about it.

When I was a little boy, the culture under which I grew made me think that after a woman has given birth to the first child, her breasts will become less attractive to her husband and by the time the woman gives birth to three or four children, chai, there will be nothing to write home about her breasts. I used to hear comments from men such as this “na one man give am belle.

She don born. Her breasts don fall. Nothing dey there again”. As a young boy, I knew of many men who married second wives who were by far younger than their first wives. A few of these men called their first wives kpokrikpo (meaning old lorry) while they referred to the younger wives as “new chassis”. Some of those men who did not want to have a second wife had what they called “number two” and from what I saw the “number two” (what is presently known as “side chick) were young females with firm breasts.

Growing up under this kind of culture really got me scared of how my married life will look like because I did not want to have a “new chassis” or a “side chick”. I had not experienced the new birth then but I wanted to remain faithful to my future wife. But the fear was how can I remain faithful when there is nothing to enjoy about her breasts after given birth to children. After the recreation of my human spirit, I came across Proverbs chapter 5:18 and 19. Proverbs 5:18b says “…and rejoice with the wife of your youth”. Verse 19b says “…let her breasts satisfy you at all times”. This scripture does not say that it is the breasts of only a young girl that gives a man satisfaction.

It talks about “the wife of your youth” which means that the wife might have been with you for many years and whether the breasts don fall (sagged) or not, it still has the powerful ability to give me romantic satisfaction if I do not allow “long throat” for young girls and their firm breasts to have authority over my mind.

The word “let” in the passage above means that the choice whether to allow her breasts satisfy me or not depended on me. The childhood fears disappeared and I went into marriage with a renewed mind as far as female breasts are concerned. And after over thirty years of getting married to Carol and four children, she intoxicates me.
I like to appeal to females to be proud of their breasts because your husband will not be proud of them if you are not proud of them. Love you.

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