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The mystery of the line



The mystery of the line

A line is a seal. It can be an embargo, a barrier or a limitation. A man is confined when he’s behind a line. A line can be used against an individual, family, society or even marriage. When a line is drawn against someone, he would only labour in vain and become automatically limited.
“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” Psalm 16:6
The wicked can make the lines fall in contrary places rather than in pleasant places. May lines favour you in life in Jesus name. When you get to the border of another country for instance, and you are asked to go in, it means the lines have favoured you. A person who is denied entry at the border isn’t favoured by the lines.
It is at the place of lines that the future of friendship, family or business is determined because people will either part ways or get closer. There are people battling with the same lines their parents couldn’t cross; such as financial lines, marital lines or lines of international open doors.
When a house is to be opened or launched newly, they put a line. When athletes run, they run to cross the finish line. Many people die behind the line never crossing it. All the children of Israel died behind the finish line except Joshua and Caleb.
They placed an embargo on the King of kings so that He wouldn’t come out of the grave, but contrary to their expectation, Jesus came out on the third day. The same Spirit that raised Christ dwells in you, therefore, you can’t be held down at a spot any longer.
Symptoms of When One Is Behind a Spiritual Line
1. Struggling Without Result
2. Frustration
3. Getting easily irritated
4. Desire/urge to backslide
5. Failure at the edge of breakthrough
6. Work without evidence
7. Untimely death.
What do you do?
1. Give your life to Christ
2. Cry to God, not to man
3. Make friends that will complement you (2 Kings 7:3)
There is no honour for a man who dies standing at a spot in life, it is better to die moving than die passive. There is no salvation or deliverance to him who makes no move.
4. You need a Joshua in Life. Moses can’t take you into the Promised Land.
5. Carry the Kingdom through Sacrifice. Of all Hannah’s children, only Samuel was known because she gave him to God. Your Kingdom sacrifice can make you cross the line your parents could not cross.
Prayer Points
•By the blood of Jesus, I stand against any line drawn to limit me…
• The line that limited my ancestors cannot limit me…
• The line my father couldn’t cross, I receive power to cross it…
• I am a record breaker in my family…
• I break every jinx connected to my destiny…
…in Jesus name.

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