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Understanding mystery of love



Understanding mystery of love

Love is a language commonly used by people from every sphere of life, but only a few have its experiential knowledge and understanding. The alarming rate of divorce, betrayal, ethnic clashes, political unrest and religion crises reveal the fact that people either lack love or they don’t understand its meaning. Considering your personal life experiences as you relate with people, you may likely also conclude that love is an illusion.

Is love really an illusion? The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ depending on the angle from which you view it Hearing the word ‘I love you’ which should naturally create passionate affection, is now creating suspicion in the mind of the hearer.

Some people have suffered so much hatred, persecution, a b a n – d o n – me n t and conspiracy that they felt totally rejected, dejected and unloved; and thereby concluded that real love only exists in the thought and imagination of man but never in reality. My dear friend, does this describe your experiences when it comes to matter of love?

The people you trusted have disappointed you. It seems that all around you are rejecting you, and you are feeling lonely and abandoned. Love is a fruit, otherwise known as character or behavioral pattern of life, planted into the spirit of an individual by the Holy Spirit at the point that individual decided to be following Jesus Christ genuinely.

There is someone who loves you more than anyone else. Do you know that God loves you and can make you to experience true love?


• For prayer and counseling, call Evang. Olusola Dare on 07065611913, 08051012911.

He is the Missions Coordinator of Christ Emissaries Global Missions and Royal-Way Chapel , Ikere Ekiti Nigeria. E-mail: christemissaries@

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