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Discipline is not the same as abuse…



Discipline is not the same as abuse…

Here are some responses to this assertion:
Instead of being treated like an equal humanbeing deserving of respect and her own opinion about things, as well as an equal say in what goes on in the home, you PREFER being treated like a rather stupid child whose only method of learning is through pain and humiliation? Well, to each her own, I guess, but it sounds like just another excuse to make sure women are nothing more than slaves of men.

Millions of women are trapped in horrible, abusive marriages and feel like they can never get out of them for fear of making God angry–all because the Bible says that they must submit to whatever the man does to them or risk damnation. It is about time humanity outgrew these primitive notions.”

“It’s too bad (for women and us men who used to love them) that Western Women decided to let man-hating feminists control them and speak for them — and also decided to let feminists make ANY kind of male physical contact with women “abuse”, “controlling behavior”, or “rape”.”

“No marriage for them; they’ve made themselves too toxic and risky to interact with (let alone marry) to justify the risk of legalized theft and slander for false accusations and prison time for trumped-up charges.”
“I do not agree that women have to go thru all of domination from men we are equals if you want to beat me you sure as hell will get it back I’m not taking such abuse because you think your better than me and you think you own me that just isn’t going to happen the old saying what goes around comes around. Your day will come when you face your maker until then you will respect me the same I would respect you this is not a one way but two way you want respect you will earn it.”

“Your interpretation of the bible is wrong. It does not tell to punish your partner. That is wrong. Just men thinking you can control another. What woman in her right mind would think being punished is appropriate. Just a dumb ass weak minded low on self esteem. Does the man get punished when he’s finished with her because he is not doing what god said to do. You’re a narcissist, doing nothing but harm no matter how little or how severe you are dead wrong. Controlling another person to be a slave isn’t god way.”

“The bible does not say to punish your wife you’re to work through disagreements. And everything I’ve read in this article is domestic violence and mind control. Summit means to get along with each other, when in disagreement work it out not beat your wife because she is disobedient, she isn’t she’s showing you your way is wrong. That’s his disagreements get worked out not getting a belt or paddle or anything else.

You’re not perfect and neither is she, you’re no better than her, dishing out rules and regulations that is Stockholm syndrome. She is no slave, and neither are you. With work together to solve problems or maybe you have the wrong partner. Hitting someone doesn’t solve a thing except abuse. Anyone who does is spineless and narcissist demented dominating low life.

The same applies to children as well. Men don’t hit women if they care, and you people apparently are demented. God is of love not abuse. Stop treating like slaves and treat as human beings. Remember women were created by your rib. Beat yourself not women.”
What’s your take on this?

Grace Essen is an author, speaker and a TV host. She writes and speaks on issues relating to women and family. Follow her on social media @GraceEssen.

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