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Give Nigerians improved healthcare, stable power-Okoh



Give Nigerians improved healthcare, stable power-Okoh
  • Brace up to biting situation, Onaiyekan counsels citizens

The Primate of Anglican Church of Nigeria, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, and the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, have taken a swipe on the Federal Government over what they described as its dismal performance especially at the provision of healthcare, stable power supply and other services to the citizenry.
Speaking during a chat with journalists at the Cathedral Church of Advent Lifecamp, Abuja the Primate called on government to urgently provide improved health system in the country, adding that electrical power generation in Nigeria was nothing to write home about.
He regretted that the country has continued to spend a huge chunk of the nation’s wealth on medical trips abroad, with little attention given to revamping the country’s health sector.
Okoh also emphasized that improved health system and electricity are relevant to effective functioning of the country, pointing out that the fact that former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, and health challenges of President Muhammadu Buhari sought foreign medical treatmentwere enough proof that the health system of the country was in comatose and needs urgent intervention.
Hence, he said that tackling electricity and health delivery in the nation would go a long way to make the masses happy with their daily activities.
“Whatever the government can do to tackle the issue of electricity and medicare is good news to the poor. In this Church alone, we have lost somebody to cancer.
“There is hardly any quarter that somebody does not die and that is after a huge amount of money must have been spent in India.
“What lesson are we waiting for? We lost President Yar’Adua; only God intervened in the case of President Muhammadu Buhari. Is this not enough lessons for us?
“Why can’t we have a kind of task force to train our manpower and bring the facilities here in Nigeria so that not only senior people can get cure or treatment but that ordinary people too will have access to it?
“Health and education facilities need attention. If we have them, it will be good news to the poor,” Primate Okoh said.
On the call for salary increment in the country, he said: “If we increase salary from N18, 000 to N56,000 as the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is saying, it won’t take much time, most of the money will lose value.
“The exchange rate is artificial; let us bring down the value of the dollar so that if I have N50, it will also do the work of N150.
“Ghana did something like that, they devalued their Cedi and they have a more quality money now.
“We cannot continue with this increment every now and then; the good news to the poor will mean that the value of their naira has been increased.’’
Also speaking, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, urged Nigerians to brace up to the biting economic situation in the country, stressing that no government would serve the nation in such a way that people would be happy in all aspects.
Suggesting some tips to remain happy even amidst economic crunch witnessed in the country, Onaiyekan advised Nigerians to always have a cheerful face with smiles from the inner joy without ill will against anybody even those with whom they are enemies. He said: “Things are not perfect and no human government will serve the nation in such a way that everybody is happy but there is a minimum of gestures.
“The land was filled with distress and most of the stress is man-made not caused by God, it is caused by our inability to help one another.
“Let Christmas be a time when we try to spread joy even in the midst of crisis and hunger, there are always possibility to have the inner joy which is beyond understanding.
“Another simple way of spreading this joy is to have a cheerful face. Smile at people but above all have no ill will against anybody, even those who you think are your enemies.”

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