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A mad man warned me to leave Libya or I’d die there –Pastor Obaseki



A mad man warned me to leave Libya or I’d die there –Pastor Obaseki

Pastor P.I.A Obaseki is the General Overseer of Divine Grace of Glory Church International aka Holy Mountain of Victory Ministry Benin City. A ministry that is purely devoted to helping the less privileged in the society. In this interview with OJIEVA EHIOSUN, Obaseki, who said he saw hell in the few months he stayed in Libya, called on parents, pastors, religious leaders, as well as government to play their role in ensuring the well-being of citizens.


One year ago, you predicted that Godwin Obaseki would emerge as the governor of Edo State, have you seen him since then?


Yes, I predicted that Godwin Obaseki would win the governorship poll. God specifically told me that he would win. I did not bother to see him because I know that there was no need seeing him. I was not looking for any favour from him, I only told my members what God said about him.

Because as a messenger of God, I’m not good in looking for people at the helm of affairs. If God wants me to see them, He has a way of bringing them. When that prophecy came, what I did was to buy his portrait and put it in my office. I also gave one to somebody to present to him. I’m happy today because that is the portrait you find in most offices today in Edo State. I give glory to God Almighty.

Do you see him as a governor that will perform for the good of Edo people?

When God places you in a position, He will also guide such person. From the things people are saying about him, I see him as a man that will do well for the people. He has the mandate of the people, so he cannot afford to fail. What we owe our leaders is support and prayers.

As a prophet, has God said anything about President Muhammadu Buhari coming back in 2019?

Talking about 2019 presidential election and the performances of the APC government, Buhari is doing his very best to put things in order. It is always very difficult to repair what has been destroyed for years. God is not God of confusion, and you cannot also predict God. He can use a prophet to say something today and also use another prophet to change it. It happened in the Bible when God told King Hezekiah that he was going to die, the same God reversed it and added 15 more years to him. So God gave President Buhari power and that same God can take away that power.

Yes in 2019, there is going to be a change, and that change will bring succour to the masses of this country. I do not know who that person is, but God has told me that there is going to be a change, that is all I can say about it. And it is only God that can determine who that new person will be.

Some men of God are talking about increasing tithe to 30 per cent; as a man of God, is it Biblical?

The issue of tithe is not something to be debated, it is a commandment from God. If you follow God and his instructions, anyone who want to go contrary to it has questions to answer. It is a commandment from God that must be obeyed. The Bible says 10 percent of your income. So, if any man of God is adding or subtracting from it, you leave such persons for God to judge. I’m not in a position to judge anyone.

Again, prophets of God operate differently; every man of God has his own calling, and so they operate according how God has called them. In my own calling, I’m called to the ministry to help the less privileged, deliverance, prophecy and healing ministry. We are committed to giving. I’m always happy when I see people happy. Jesus our Lord did not come for the rich; during his time on earth, he went about doing good and that is exactly what my ministry is doing. For 2018, it is going to be a good year for those who trust in the Lord, good things will happen that will bring people back to God.

Who can we say is your mentor?

Well Pastor T.B Joshua is my spiritual father and my mentor. I’m very happy to have such great man of God as my mentor. Nothing will make me not to follow him.

You said you were once a Libya returnee; what is your story and experience?

It is an experience I do not want to remember again. As a growing man in search of greener pasture, I had seen the good, the bad and the ugly in life. I sold pure water at Ibadan toll gate and also did bus conductor’s job just to survive. There was a day a car almost knocked me off the road, but thank God that today all the stories have become history.

The story of my going to Europe through Libya is a pathetic one, a bad experience; it is not something one would like to remember. Like I said earlier, I did all kind of jobs to survive before I got in touch with some people who promised to assist me in going to Europe. These people normally came to a shop very close to me to cool down after a hard day’s job.

At that time, I had a shop where I sold electronic materials, and people always came to that place to see them. So, one fateful day, one of them approached me, he said they liked me and my seriousness and that I could make it very quickly if I get to Europe.

They made me believe that they could assist me to travel to Europe by road, that they had helped so many people. Without wasting time, I accepted their offer and sold everything I had in my shop. I gave them the money and we embarked on the journey by road to Libya. It was a horrible experience and a journey I will never advise anyone to embark on. I gave my sponsor the money that would take me to Tripoli in Libya, but when we got to the place where we had to show our documents with a lot of people there waiting to board another lorry, my sponsor called me and said that my money had expired, that I needed to pay another money before I could join the group.

He booked others, he did not book me. Right there I told myself that today I would rather die than see this guy get away with his antics. In that place, you see a lot of security people ready to kill. I said to God ‘Father forgive me, if I die here, accept my soul.’ I threw away the cloth of gentleness and told myself that ‘when you are in the jungle, you behave like a jungle man.’ So I was ready to fight and die with that guy.

I therefore went straight to the security people and with faith gave my passport to the people responsible for clearing people. Nobody said anything, so when it was time for the bus to take off, I jumped into it without anyone stopping me. So, God Almighty was just at work for me.

What happened when you got to Libya?

When we got to Libya, another struggle for survival started. It is not a place to be, they have no regards for human life. One particular day, I was at a place, no water, no food, just praying to God to accept my soul. I went into trance and I saw a mad man telling me to leave this place and go back to my country if I did not want to die. He went further to say ‘God is calling you, but you don’t want to answer Him, you will die if you refused to answer. The next day the mad man came to me physically to warn me; there I knew that the game was over for me in Libya. I went to the camp seeking for a return to my country. Finally, I can say that I got born again in Libya.

What is your advice to youths, particularly Edo State people, wanting to travel by land to Europe, and who are to blame for this mess?

Everybody has a role to play in this issue; government cannot do it alone, and we must help ourselves. The church, the home, the traditional rulers, and the government have a big role to play. Woe to those pastors that pray for people who seek to travel to Europe by road. I have chased hundreds of people away asking for my blessing to travel to Europe. We must disabuse their minds about it.

It is a crime against God and humanity. The era of slavery is past, so we must not allow our people to engage in it. I want to appeal to our government not to relent until they rescue our girls and boys who are currently in prisons in Libya. God bless Governor Obaseki for his efforts so far.

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