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How I met Tomo Geshig (2)



How I met Tomo Geshig (2)

Before retiring that night, I sang HU for some minutes as usual. Then I dreamt.
Before me stand a man, wearing the gown of my woman visitor earlier in the day. I am amazed. The same robe, different sexes, different situations. Clearly, it is the same person who visited, I concluded.
“I am Tomo Geshig,” he says, introducing himself, smiling. Behind him stands the Mahanta, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar. Both ECK Masters are shining so brightly I cannot look at them I turn to the Mahanta and ask, “Why had Tomo Geshig visited disguised as a woman?”
The Mahanta motions to Tomo Geshig.
Tomo Geshig has a look of great kindness in his eyes.
“An ECK Master meets a chela in a form the chela would be comfortable. If I had come as a man, since your husband was not in town, your neighbours might have read other meanings into it.
I nod in agreement.
“Moreover,” he adds, “You might not have opened the door to a strange male visitor out of fear. I visited to raise the spiritual vibration of your home to prepare it against coming events in your family.”
“What about the books you brought to me? Where are they?”
“Those books were meant for you,” Tomo Geshig explains. “However, since you didn’t accept them, you have missed the opportunity of reading them. You have to work hard for another such opportunity.”
Then I woke up, grateful for meeting with an ECK Master in my house.
Dreams are a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, much like a fishing line dropped from a small boat into a boat into a bottomless sea… Our memory of dreams is a glimpse of the full spiritual life that each of us leads beyond the physical.
Dreams are like a daily report card. They show how you are doing in your spiritual mission, even if you don’t know you have one.
Put full attention on the daily affairs in your life, for this is also part of that which touches the spiritual consciousness. When you ask for truth and your heart is pure, Divine Spirit will take you one step closer home to God.
Life here does have purpose, for it gives each person a chance to learn the duties and joys of becoming a Co-worker with God. Go for success in life, but not at the expense of other people’s dreams. Help them meet their dreams, and they will help you meet yours.
Keep a record of your dreams. Make a short note about every dream you recall upon awakening. Also be alert during the day for clues about your problem from other people. The Holy Spirit works through them too. So be aware and listen.

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