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Akpan: Your old passion could be your breakthrough



Akpan: Your old passion could be your breakthrough

A philosopher once said that there are two important dates in a man’s life: The first is the day of birth and the second is the day one discovers one’s purpose in Life. In an era where women’s contribution to the overall economic status of the family is crucial, women are more engaged in jobs thereby acquiring the status of a working mom. In an interview with Elizabeth Ogunbamowo, a school proprietress, Mrs. Blessing Akpan speaks on how important it is for women to redefine their purpose in life



While their involvement in economic activities makes some of them bear part of the family’s financial burden, some others become the sole breadwinners for their families. As commendable as this might be, it might have an effect on the goals and purpose of the woman concerned. Mrs. Akpan, is an educationist and the Proprietress of Divine Treasure Montessori Nursery /Primary School, Ijeshatedo-Itire, Surulere, Lagos. She studied at National Teachers’ Institute Kaduna and happily married with two kids. Speaking on what led her to becoming an educationist, Mrs. Akpan said that she had always desired to impact lives positively especially that of the younger ones.

She stated that with the experiences she gained from other schools where she worked as a teacher she does not see education as a business venture but rather as a tool which can be used to achieve her aims. “It was not easy to establish and manage a crèche or let alone a school but I kept going because my core interest has always been to inculcate knowledge and good moral reasoning into the lives of children which I believe are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Mrs. Akpan spoke on how a purpose driven life helped her at the cradle of Divine Treasure schools which was laced with challenges. She said that her school is 5years and she believes that by the grace of God the school will grow stronger and better. “I had a rocky start when I first established Divine Treasure Montessori. We had difficulty convincing parents to enroll their children into our school, but slowly but surely we gained their trust and have grown to what it is right now. It was my drive, tenacity to fulfill my purpose that has taken me this far.”

Relating to the subject matter on the importance of living a purpose-driven live for women; working mom especially, she shared her opinion on what is expected of the female folk. She averred that a woman is expected to have a sense of purpose irrespective of her status, age, size or background. According to her, “If after child birth, past mistakes, a sad experience, distractions or loss of focus, you lost it, it is necessary to regain your self-worth. It is important to know and acknowledge what energizes your spirit.” Purpose, she said, builds a being’s personal sense of meaning. Purpose is what gives the motivation to persist even when discouraged. Purpose gives the drive and pushes one to keep going forward even in times of despair.

On the processes involved in redefining one’s purpose, she outlined the questions working moms should ask themselves. Questions such as:
What is most important to you (your priorities)?
What gives you joy?
How do you want to be remembered by your family members, your spouse, your children and people around you?
“These questions after being answered within you would help you in your search for a goal oriented life. Your unique qualities, your calling, are what define your purpose.”
She said that a woman must be passionate about something. She averred that without passion, it would be difficult for a woman to fulfill her purpose in life; as a wife, a partner, and a mother. She stated that there are two responsibilities that should be a major wake up call for a working mom. These are:
To provide care and support for your family; spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.
To be the best that they can be at work, in business (as an entrepreneur) or in a chosen profession.
Mrs. Akpan implored women to make a search within to know what motivates them; what they have a flair for. She firmly believes that passion is important and a lack of passion in one’s profession might get one frustrated and confused. “Whatever your interest might be, you need to be passionate about it. It could be in entrepreneurship (a desire to be your own boss), a white collar job or as an employee.” She further affirmed that to redefine purpose in life, it is imminent that one is committed to a course.
According to her, life could sometimes be unfair; tailored with ups and downs but they are to rise up, dust the pains off them and move on, “you may be faced with situations beyond your control that makes you unhappy or saddened until things change for the better. So many women are filled with doubts, fears and uncertainty when it concerns their inner quest for fulfillment.

Hence the need to seek God’s direction and guidance is inevitable.” She added that the process of redefining purpose can involve healing old emotional wounds and can stimulate personal growth and wellbeing. To do this, however, she revealed that one needs to get rid of old habits as this marks a new beginning; a new stage of personal development.

“While getting rid of old habits, you will have to replace them with new healthy habits. Make positive changes and adjustments. Have time to rethink and focus more on areas and mediums you can take to change your inner world. As the saying goes ‘’show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’’. It is not surprising that the company you keep can either change your life positively or negatively. If your current clique of friends makes you feel inadequate and constantly feed your minds and thought with negativity, then take a hike”, She advised.

She concluded that being a working mom can sometimes make a woman feel old and less youthful but she encouraged women to Ignite their old passion, avoid limiting themselves. Try to redefine purpose and goals with the help of the old passion. “You should understand that your old passion can open new doors to rediscovering your true self. Life is too short to postpone your happiness”, she said.



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