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Odogunyan’s cry for attention



Odogunyan’s cry for attention


Odogunyan, a part of Ikorodu, is calling for the attention of the government urgently in respect of the unbecoming state of their roads. The town, which is a haven to major companies, such as PZ Cussons Nigeria, African Steel, Ikorodu Steel, West African Book Publishers (WABP), Super, Sunflag Nigeria Limited etc, is faced with the challenges of pothole-ridden roads.
It is becoming a daily occurrence to see trucks carrying containers falling off the road, thereby causing a traumatic traffic.
Not only that. Residents are groaning about the problematic nature of the road. Egg sellers mostly, are incurring great looses while car owners find their ways to the mechanic’s workshop on weekly basis. The road, which is said to have been in its present state for over eight years, has become a pain in the neck for the residents, traders and drivers.
“This road has been like this for a very long time. During raining season, the road is usually at its worst because there will be serious traffic as cars breakdown in the middle of the flooded road. This time around, it is trailers and trucks falling almost every week,” Mr Michael, a resident in the area, told the New Telegraph.
He claimed that Winners Chapel tried filling the potholes using granite for a while but were stopped by the Federal Emergency and Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) from continuing the good work and since then nothing has been done to the road.
“Although accidents have been happening and the victims sustaining injuries, no life has been lost,” Mr Michael added.
A commercial driver, who identified himself as Ezebunafor, lamented on how the bad condition of the road costs him N5,000 to repair his vehicle on a weekly basis. “God has been our Saviour on this road. I repair my tricycle popularly known as keke napep twice every week and it costs me N5,000. It could be more than that depending on the extent of damage. If I had my way easily, I would relocate to a better place and continue with my commercial driving,” Ezebunafor said.
He further asserted that most private car owners who live in the area do not drive their car home due to the road.
In their respective speeches, Chinedu, a trader and another trader, who pleaded anonymity, told New Telegraph that whenever it rained, the road is usually flooded, causing a terrible traffic jam while pedestrians will find no dry land to step on. “We don’t have a place to display our goods whenever it rains because the rain will cover everywhere. Also, due to the heavy traffic caused by the nature of the road, our prospective customers arrive late when we must have closed for the day” Chinedu said.
According to them, about five major companies in the area jointly offered to repair the road in place of their (the companies) tax. This offer was unfortunately turned down by the government. They said that FERMA and soldiers comes yearly to fill the potholes with mud but it is not helpful as the mud gets flushed away by the flood thereby worsening the situation of the road.
Chinedu also claimed that the contract to repair the road was awarded to a politician, who did not do his job during the former President Olusegun Obansanjo’s regime.
Speaking also, Mr Gabriel, a safety and transport officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), said pictures of the dilapidated roads have been sent to the government but have not yielded any result.
He further asserted that 80 per cent of the accidents that occur on the road is as a result of human error.
“There is no way somebody driving at 20 kilometres per hour in this kind of road will be involved in an accident,” he said.
When New Telegraph visited the place, it observed the road was filled with potholes of different sizes that had vehicles and heavy duty trailers galloping like caterpillars and the small cars almost jumping, swaying to the left and right threatening to fall.
Faulty vehicles were parked along the road and in the middle of the road causing more traffic. There was a standby towing vehicle parked at the side of the road ready to tow any fallen vehicle or container.
From Oriwu Club Ikorodu to Sawmill, the road is rocky and dusty. After Sawmill, the road seemed to be in a perfect state although sloppy until one gets to an area popularly called Flower, a distance away from Lagos State polytechnic. At Odoguyan bus stop, the case remains the same with no gutters. Barracks, another part of the area has two round, gigantic , water-filled deep potholes.
Drivers and motorcyclists struggle to get their rides out of these threatening potholes. They all cluster on the road looking for a better place to pass through and in the process, vehicles end up getting bashed and scratched by the rough road.
However, the Public Relation Officer of Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, told New Telegraph that the Odongunyan Ikorodu road is not in their capacity because it is a federal road; so, they have no business with the road. If it were to be a state road, the government would have looked into it.

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