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GSM firms hold 99.7% of telecom market –NCC



GSM firms hold 99.7% of telecom market –NCC

The four major telecoms companies in Nigeria – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile, have maintained a firm grip on the telecom market with a significant 99.7 per cent market share as at last November, New Telegraph has gathered.
The Nigerian telecom market is distributed along GSM, Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA), fixed wireless/fixed wired (landline) and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which are the technologies or standards currently deployed in the country.
According to the latest Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) report, GSM’s market share stood significantly at 141.9 million while CDMA was at 217,566, fixed wired/wireless was at 137,190, while VoIP stood at 64,949.
More so, GSM’s 99.7 per cent share of the telecom market was a summation of what the quadruple giants hold in the market respectively;
As such, MTN currently controls 36.2 per cent; Glo has 26.4 per cent; Airtel holds 25.3 per cent, while 9mobile has 12.03 per cent.
Meanwhile, the total connected GSM lines as at last November stood at 237.1 million, while the total active GSM lines was 141.9 million.
For CDMA, the total connected lines were 3,586,095 million, from which 217,566 were active.
Also, total connected fixed wired/wireless lines were 342,792, from which only 137,190 are active, while the total connected VoIP lines were 239,091 and active lines were 64,949.
Also, there was a significant difference between the total number of connected lines for mobile and fixed telephony services, which were 241.2 million and the total number of active lines that were 142.3million.
This brought the total number of inactive lines for mobile and telephony services to 99 million.
However, while GSM has continued to gain traction progressively from August to November, 2017, after a fall that started in January, 2017, fixed wireless suffered perennial stagnation at 26,865 for the entire 2017 after  shitting an all-time high 66,319 in August 2015.
In addition, CDMA, where Multilinks and Visafone are lowly playing, stagnated at 217,566 in three consecutive months, fixed wired nosedived from 115,613 in August to 110,275 in November and VoIP hobbled from 56,900 in August to stabilise at 64,959 in November.
Meanwhile, industry experts have forecast that with the emergence of Teleology Holdings as the winner of the dramatic scramble for 9mobile in over $500 million deal, there will be a significant boost in the telecom market.
They remarked that with the acquisition development that may have brought the sale process supervised by Barclays Africa to commendable level; the much-needed respite may have come to 17 million subscribers of 9mobile at last, stemming the mass exodus of its subscribers to rival networks.
They also noted that there is possibility of the larger chunk of the 3,412 subscribers that have exited 9mobile to rival networks to start migrating back from rival networks back to 9mobile.
Also, the network may also stand the chance of attracting new subscribers, which may subsequently engender a boost in 9mobile operation

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