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Your hands need care too



Your hands need care too

Most of people know how to take care of their face, hair and teeth, but very few pay any attention to their hands.


After your face, hands are part of your body that people notice most.


Your hands tell people how old you are. It’s of no use having gorgeous nails, wearing beautiful cloths if your hands don’t look beautiful.


Due to relentless use of your hands, washing and exposure to all kinds of weather, your hands are the fastest aging part of your body.


If you don’t do hand-care properly, they can actually make you look and feel older than you really are.


Hand care might not be everyone’s most primary concern, but it is still very important to maintain healthy and pretty hands at all times.


For instance, anytime you exfoliate your face, use the excess product and exfoliate your hands.


Do the same thing with any facial moisturizes you use and just rub the excess into your hands and cuticles.


The key to good looking hand is moisturizing and a sunscreen during the day.


It seems tedious but hand creams are now made with sunscreen in them which makes moisturizing of the hands less burdensome.


It’s also ideal to carry around a hand cream in your bag especially for those whose hands are extremely dry.


They need to moisturize every hour or two to avoid the hands getting dry again. Your nails and cuticles also need care.


Apply a gentle nail-specific oil to repair dry, jagged cuticles and strengthen your nails to look good even when they are na- ked.

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