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Maina to Yusuf: Who can reduce the President’s missteps?



Maina to Yusuf: Who can reduce the President’s missteps?

“I take it that what this administration has offered is the best they can offer, given that they have covered over three quarters of the time allocated to them”
– Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah

I ask the above question because it appears President Muhammadu Buhari is on auto drive rolling from one mistake to the other and nobody appears willing to help him apply some breaks and listen to his wailing passengers.
It now seems obvious that the President has exhausted himself and offered his best as cited by the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Rev Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah in the opening quotes above.
Honestly I sympathized with the President when I heard him tell Catholic Bishops of Nigeria who visited him, that it’s dishonest to say that he is not working hard to address the national challenges. He may be right, who knows if he has been putting extra man hour to his national service to what he used to. With dangerous sycophants always around who knows what he hears about his performance in office after all one APC governor said there is no better alternative to him.
But truth is that this President should be helped to move like one anxious to get things right, after all, the constitution framers envisaged that a President is not going to be an all-knowing hence the provision for hundreds of various experts as aides to help him perform optimally. Evidently, the President’s performance in the last 32 months on the throne cannot qualify among the best any government can offer.
When the President reels from one avoidable misstep to the other amidst complaints from reasonable members of the public and nothing is done to check it, then something is fundamentally wrong not only to the President but to all the people around him. It’s not common and very strange too that all the eggs in the basket would be rotten and all the people in the vicinity none perceives the smell.
It’s not unlikely that some persons very close to the President are really working hard to ensure he never come out of the tight corner his government has found itself.
Nothing explains this impression than the fact that the President upon being embattled from all fronts continues to multiple his errors. There is clearly no effort from the regime to trouble shoot any of its myriads of errors, rather it continues to add to it.
When this administration that prides itself as anti-corruption crusader fraudulently in a rogue-like manner gave red carpet treatment to one of the nation’s most wanted public fund thief, Abdulrasheed Maina, anti-corruption watchers knew something grievous was amiss. Not only bringing the fugitive home but promoting and nurturing him to run for governor of his state ahead of 2019.
When a perplexed nation discovered and cried blue murder, the panicky Presidency claiming innocence threw him out and facilitated his escape again from the law. But from his hiding, the fugitive has been talking, clinically establishing one fact, that the entire Presidential apparatchiks were aware of his bizarre home coming and in fact that they facilitated it. No reasonable denial yet has been tendered to Nigerians on the corroboration established by Maina on the ruling power.
Just as the nation was trying to get over that came the appointment of the Director General of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ambassador Ahmad Rufai Abuabakar. So many questionable issues came up on his appointment, one he is not qualified, he is a citizen of Chad, and he failed a promotion examination among others, but perhaps more intriguing is the fact that he was Secretary of the Babagana Kingibe Committee that looked into the affairs of the agency and recommended that outsiders should not be appointed to head the place but must come from within.
In addition to going in breach of his own report, he was junior to other officers within yet they went for him from Katsina State notwithstanding that the head of the sister agency, the DSS, is also in the hand of a Katsina born with the Commander-in-Chief, the President also from Katsina State. What name do we call this in a country of over 180 million people, over 250 ethnic groups, 774 local government areas, 36 states of the federation.
The Presidency has however responded to the NIA saga by clearing him of some of the allegations like failing examination and not being a Nigerian, but remained mute on other aspects bordering on coming from outside the establishment and the issue of nepotism and clannishness.
While the nation is still battling to put the NIA thing behind came yet another matter of the controversial reinstatement of the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof. Usman Yusuf, who the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, suspended over allegation of fraud in the agency.
The minister rightly felt he should step aside while probe of the allegation is on and he refused and had to be forced out.
Now fresh controversy is raging that while the probe is yet to end, the President has directed he returns to his duty post.
The loquacious government mouthpiece, Minister of Information Lai Mohammed claims his return would not affect the probe, meaning technically that the minister was wrong abnitio in suspending him.
Still very green in our heads is the squabble between Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, and the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Baru.
What a strange coincident that head of agencies at war with their supervising ministers are Northerners and Muslims and their ministers Southerners and Christians. Going by eventual losers in the previous cases as it were, the Minister of Finance, a Southerner and a Christian, is already jittery that her ongoing battle with the head of Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), a northerner and a Muslim, might not go her way.
This is an era you cannot fight a northerner and go free, woe to you if he is a Fulani by blood or even by acquaintance.
However, one is of the view that even if the President is not going to ask for votes again, he should by his actions be portrayed as a true statesman anxious to leave behind an enduring legacy of a man who opened his tenure declaring himself as belonging to nobody.

…Governors and their sycophantic outfits
If you are wondering why there are many missteps by this administration just follow me as I expose the toadies abetting it. Before now jobbers and those at the corridor of power are associated with this dangerous disease called sycophancy in our system, but lately elected state chief executives called governors have become captains in this unworthy game of fawning.
Sample one: Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai after insensitively leading seven state governors from the North to endorse President Buhari for a second term at a time the nation was in mourning for killings in Benue State went further to touch our sensibilities by saying that President Buhari remains the best alternative for this country.
Sample two: Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State after visiting Buhari the day 73 persons of his fellow Middle Belters were being buried in Benue, rather than empathy in trying to impress his host told lies about how he warned his colleague Benue Governor about anti-grazing law passed by his state lawmakers. When he was confronted he denied, when the video was shown he apologized.
Sample three: The youngest of the 36 state governors who has been making news largely for the wrong reasons since his mystery emergence courtesy of a dead man’s votes, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State last week after visiting Buhari lambasted Catholic Bishops for being honest enough to tell Buhari that his goodwill was fast depleting. The governor said in reaction that those who are partners in looting of funds are those not happy with Buhari. The governor like his Plateau counterpart has apologized to the Bishops as usual blaming the media for misrepresenting him.
One can go on and on listing this debauch in our system that goes to expose the quality of persons in critical positions in our land. God help this country.

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