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Zoning is antidemocratic – Adewopo



Zoning is antidemocratic – Adewopo

Prince Ayoade Adewopo, a legal practitioner, is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Osun State. In this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE, he speaks on his aspiration and plans for Osun State


Why are you running for Osun State governorship in 2019?

Through my sojourn outside of the country in other democratic climes, I am privileged to see that Nigeria as a whole and Osun State in particular have not been opportuned to experience the benefit of productive governance. It is disheartening to see what governance in Osun State has become. Being entrusted with a position of authority should not be used to simply benefit oneself or clique but for uplifting the welfare of the people.

People oriented leadership is what I want to bring to the system and polity in the state. I believe I am the best candidate among all the governorship aspirants because I am the best prepared by default of my experience in working out solutions to our current experience in Osun State. I have had cause to assist many foreign nations and corporate entities with similar conditions in the past. By the grace of God, I have been part of the teams that brought their economies back on track.

So, why not use what I have got to assist my homeland as well? As we speak, I have gathered so many egg heads together and we have come up with a sound workable blueprint for our state. I believe I am the best prepared for this onerous task of rejuvenation we have on our hands in Osun State.


How do you intend to defeat other political gladiators who may likely contest on the same platform with you to get your party governorship ticket?

Yes, I will be up against some political titans in the party, but to correct you a bit, our thoughts are not about defeating these giants, but rather, we aim to work together for the good of the people. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be putting its best candidate forward to deliver purposeful leadership in the state. The politics of unbridled mediocrity through hierarchical selection must stop.

We need someone who can handle the deteriorating economic logjam the present All Progressives Congress (APC) government has bestowed on us. My team and I are working assiduously to get the party to buy into this new thinking. I am optimistic that we will prevail at the polls by the grace of God for the good of our people.


How would you access the incumbent Governor Rauf Aregbesola-led APC government in Osun State?

The governor has tried his best as we have seen, but obviously his best has not been the best the state deserve. Any government that experiments with the welfare of his subjects cannot be termed the best. America, as we all know, can go to war with any nation that gets an American citizen molested in any way. That is a mirror of what welfare of citizenry means to them there.

Here in Osun, we can fairly conclude that the government that was elected to protect and promote citizens welfare is the one molesting them with hunger occasioned by non-payment of entitlements to workers and aged retirees, intimidation in various forms and inexplicable indebtedness. That is not the best way to go.


Do you think you have what it takes to govern Osun State and what are your plans for the state if you become governor?

I believe that I do have what it takes to lead the state. With the support of my party and the good people of Osun, I believe, together we can turn things around in no time such that our people can begin to smile again as they deserve. My plans are my people. I cannot withstand the present burden of poverty being forced down the throats of our people in the state. First and foremost, food must return to the table of all families in the state. Working husbands will begin to feed their families again.

Our mothers will begin to appreciate the fact that governance is about the people and people first. In any case, I have encapsulated my programmes and plans in the word HEART. This bothers on Health, Education, Agriculture, Restoration and Tourism. The HEART agenda has been prepared in such a way as to address the sufferings of my people holistically without leaving anyone behind. Without letting much cat out of the bag, there are sufficient plans in the kitty for the good people of Osun State, all centered on their welfare.


What is your view on zoning in considering in the choice of the next governor of Osun State?

Zoning agitation as far as I am concerned is a beautiful political scheming devised by some people to suit their political postulations. This is 2018, we clamour for a new nation and we should all declare that zoning is anti-democratic and a manifestation of mediocrity. What Osun State urgently requires is not zoning but the best hand for the job. The argument that the position of the governor of Osun State should go to a particular zone in the state is lazy politics and there is no point in it.

I have a peculiar situation; my parents come from two senatorial districts in the state. My mother is from Ede in Osun West, while my father is from Ife, Osun East. Ife zone, where my father is from has never produced a governor since the creation of Osun State. The zoning sentiment if used should favour me. Notwithstanding, I believe that I am the most qualified to be the next governor of Osun State not relying on the issue of zoning.

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