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Hair porosity basics



Hair porosity basics

It is believed that a woman’s hair is her crown of glory although some ladies’ hair is far from glorious.



Most people do not understand their hair and it is in understanding your hair that you can give it the most care to get the absolute best out of it.



There is an erroneous belief that African natural hair doesn’t grow very long or beautifully. One of the things that will help you to refute this misconception is to know your hair porosity.


The porosity of your hair determines how much moisture and or oil your hair needs and in what order. It is divided into three main parts and they are:


Low porosity: simply means that your hair does not easily allow moisture in nor allow moisture out.


The trick in caring for this hair is to use heat to open up the hair cuticles to let in moisture. So, incorporate heat into your treatments: hot water to wash hair, heated deep conditioners, steaming, etc.



Try not to let product build up in your hair and use lighter oils and other products like coconut oil, almond oil, etc. apply products to damp, not saturated hair.


Normal porosity: this refers to hair that absorbs moisture and can hold it for a good amount of time.


This hair type is healthy and can hold a perm, styles and colouring very well with predictable results. It also has shine and a healthy bounce to it.


Normal porosity hair also tends to feel smooth to the touch. If you have normal porosity hair, chances are you are doing the right thing.


Keep doing regular deep conditioning treatments for continued product absorption into the hair.


High porosity: hair allows moisture in and out very freely because of the gaps in the hair cuticle. This hair type is parched and always dries out easily.



You have to keep this hair type as hydrated as possible. Stay away from heat and do deep conditioning treatments quite often.


Always rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles and prevent frizz. This also helps to seal in the moisture and when you apply your conditioner which hydrates the hair, followed by light oil (avoid heavy oils that would weigh the hair down), the sealing is complete.


*Do take the hair porosity test at home as shown to know which is yours.

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