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International Women’s Day: Celebrating world’s rare gifts



International Women’s Day: Celebrating world’s rare gifts


Women are generally referred to as the salt of the earth but rarely celebrated. A woman wears various titles in a lifetime, which cuts across being a daughter, wife, sister, aunt, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother among others with each title carrying a tag of functions. She is also made to change her last name following marriage conditions but in all these, scarcely does her soul mate celebrate her.

However, some sects who acknowledge the importance of woman in the society set some days apart for the celebration of women. One of such is the Fountain of life church with the establishment of their discovery for women programme which is geared towards empowering the women in the Christian fold. March 11, thousands of women gathered at the church’s multi-million auditorium to celebrate themselves in the presence of their maker-God. The theme for the day’s programme was coined as, ‘A rare gift’.

Speaking at the event, shepherd of the church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya gave words of encouragement to the female-folk present. He emphasised the place of the woman quoting verses in the Bible that states their prominence.
According to him, woman is a rare gift to humanity, “a woman is not an afterthought, a woman is a preserved part of creation.

God so places prominence on woman that he said that it is the seed of woman that would bruise the head of the serpent and not that of man. That seed is Jesus and he came through a woman without the inclusion of a man. The first woman was called eve which means the mother of all living things, she was regarded as a gift,” he said.

He said to the women, “your first appearance on earth was to meet a need. A need that mankind cannot meet. The first appearance of a woman was as a wife. Woman was made the centre of all things, whether a woman is a slave like Haggai or a queen like Esther, a multitude lies within her. Men may lose hope, no problem but when a woman loses hope, that’s the end of that situation. Women and men are created equally, it is only on the basis of marriage that a woman is to be submissive to a single man.”

At the occasion are women from all occupations including mega gospel artist Tope Alabi flanked by her band and her husband where she thrilled participants with the latest gospel songs. The choir team of the church clad in yellow blouse and black trousers also are not left out of the fray as they render soul stirring ministrations at intervals.

New Telegraph spoke with some of the women in attendance on their perception of the program tilted towards celebrating their folk.
Miss Deborah Umoren, a fashion blogger and member of the church said that since March is women’s month and a month that includes the international Women’s Day, it’s only very proper that on Mother’s Day, a programme such as rare gift is taking place thereby creating awareness for women to build a foundation for generations to come.

She believes that the programme comes at the appropriate time because different people have their source and this programme is to tell women that they have an everlasting source to be who they want to be. She added that, “there are lots of oppression to marginalize women in different sectors of the world, in business, entertainment, banking, finances, family and everything the woman is sidelined so when you empower women especially spiritually and you tell them that they have a backing to be who God wants them to be, it’s a refreshing thing.”

She believes that many women have gone back home to rebuild their families that may have been broken before, or that might have had a child who is straying away or they might even be in business and they feel that because they are women they can’t get to a particular position. “This programme such as rare gift has told women today that they are special, no matter the circumstances. Pastor Odukoya mentioned that victory comes after knowing who you are, once you know your identity, every other thing would work to your good. It is amazing that we have such a programme like this. This is my first discovery for women.”

Also speaking, Miss Tunmi Osibanjo, a Caterer and member of the church said that the programme was really one geared towards discovery. She believes that it makes many people discover themselves “because a lot of people are lost and have issues. Just like the pastor said that every woman has a battle that she is fighting so I think it helps you to discover yourself and puts you on the right path”
Another participant, Mrs. Funmi Aworere, Head of Resources in a private firm said that the programme is one that celebrates women across borders. She said that it is good to have such a programme so that people would know about the place and value of women all over the world.

“It would also make the children appreciate their mothers and make the men appreciate their wives. This is not my first time, I’ve been coming and I’ve had testimonies. Sometimes in 2002, I came as a single, when it was time for ministration, one of the female ministers held my hands and prayed for me concerning what I needed which was to get married and I got my miracle,” she said.

Miss Ayodele Sam-Ajayi, a member of the church revealed that the programme has been going on for years and it holds two to three times a year. She said that discovery programme is not associated with any world day, it is a program organised by the church to celebrate the women in the church, to empower them and make them know their place in Christ whether single or married.

“As far as you are a woman just know your place so that when you get into the outside world, you would not be intimidated, just like the Pastor said this afternoon, some women get intimidated by the position of men. It is more of like giving the power God has given us back to us. It is to realise the power that God has given to us. It is organised for the daughters of God to know their rightful place. I’ve had lots of testimonies from the program but I also key into the testimonies that others share and God blessed me.

Today again, I’ve keyed into something and I know I’ve gotten it. Listening to other people’s testimonies builds up your faith and wants to make you believe more”
A brief visit to the church’s website reveals that Discovery for Women is a dynamic ministry set up by the Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya dedicated to helping women to be the best God has ordained them to be.

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