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Do not be deceived; for whatsoever a man’s sows that shall he also reap… Galatians 6:7 Some fruits are sweet while others are bitter. So it is with us. Someone produces fruits and someone else doesn’t. The one that produces fruits is blessed and the fruits are blessed. Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Body was blessed and so were the fruits from His Body: His sputum healed the blind; objects from Peter and Paul’s bodies healed and delivered the sick.

They laid hands on the sick and they recovered. Therefore, like my Lord and the disciples, everything that is in me and comes out of my body is blessed. We had also learnt about THE BLESSING, which God Himself places on His children as the priest speaks it. Today, we have God’s spoken blessing upon the righteous. I repeat, God, who is the Blesser is the One speaking these blessings this evening.

Therefore, the blessings are as sure to happen as He has spoken them. Prayer My blessing covers everything about me: my health is blessed; my family is blessed; my organization is blessed; my Church is blessed; my country is blessed; everything I touch is blessed; Receive God’s spoken Word of blessings: Deuteronomy 28:1-14, by speaking it out and clinging to every word in faith. This message is to celebrate 41st wedding anniversary of Dr & Rev (Mrs) Mike/Mary Ohironoya. Note: 70th birthday anniversary celebration is loading. Watch out! Dr Mike Ohiorenoya (08133450828, 08033016067) is the Presiding Pastor of Covenanters Vintage Church, Joy Avenue Ajao estate, off Int. Airport Rd, Lagos. E-Mail:pastormikeohio@

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