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Give your children Vit. N, for their own good



Give your children Vit. N, for their own good

Today I will be sharing some thought-provoking articles from Umadevi, parent of Navadisha Montessori School, Velachery, Chennai and John Rosemond, a syndicated columnist on what they think is the most important vitamin parents should give their children which unfortunately today’s parents are failing to give and its deficiency is causing us all more harm than good. I hope you find this piece helpful and that we all can begin to make amends where necessary.

I happen to be of the politically and psychologically incorrect opinion that parenting was a more functional institution in the 1950s than it is today. The irony is that today’s parents, compared with 1950s parents, are paying more attention to, doing more things for, providing more help to, and praising their kids far, far more than did 1950s parents. Yet child mental health has decayed steadily since then.

Most of us came to first grade not knowing so much as our ABCs, and yet we outperformed today’s kids at every grade level. We left home earlier, and when we left, we stayed gone. We accepted responsibility for our bills. We took on family responsibilities earlier. We did not march in the streets for entitlements.

The biggest difference, however, was summed up nicely by a friend: “We knew who was running the household, and it wasn’t us!”
Our parents did not seek our opinion about such things as what we would deign to eat for dinner and did not care whether we approved of their choices. Furthermore, they did not care how we felt about any decision they made.
We were given reason to control our emotions rather than let them control us. If you don’t think that’s a good thing, you’re controlled by your emotions. I’m sorry.

Our parents did not saturate our lives with things. Nor did they plan our activities. Therefore, from an early age, we learned to entertain ourselves. They gave to us conservatively. Therefore, we were grateful for whatever they did give us. They valued their marriage and let it be known that they intended for it to outlast our dependency. We were put in our place until we learned where it was, and then we stayed there.

We did not receive something because our friends had all received it. In fact, it often seemed as if that was the reason we were not going to receive it. The only after-school activity our parents ever chose for us was, “Go outside and find something to do, and don’t come back until dinner or I’ll put you to work around here!” Our mothers helping us with our homework? LOL!

There is an essential vitamin most of us have probably never heard of that might be more important to your child’s growth than all other vitamins combined. And only you, as a parent, can provide it, Dr. John Rosemond calls it Vitamin N. The word “NO”.
According to Dr. Rosemond, an increasing number of children are suffering from Vitamin N deficiency, and their parents, and our entire culture, are paying the price. He illustrates this point with a typical story.

Bill gave his five-year-old son Mack pretty much everything the little boy asked for. Like most parents, Bill wanted his son to be happy, more than anything else. But Mack wasn’t happy. Instead, he was often irritated, mostly upset, and always dissatisfied. He was also having problems getting along with other children. In addition, he was very demanding but never appreciative, and showed no gratitude for all the things Bill and his wife were giving him. Bill grew concerned. Was his son was depressed? If so, would he need therapy?

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