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Decency with a mix of class makes a woman well-dressed –Idris



Decency with a mix of class makes a woman well-dressed –Idris

Ramat Idris is the CEO of Sids Deluxe, an Abuja-based fashion outlet that caters for the need of fashion lovers whose fashion philosophy is classy and decent. The young CEO speaks with Deborah Ocheni about her sense of fashion, the need for women to dress decently and sundry issues.


How did you come up with your brand name and what is the message behind it? Sids is a combination of letters picked up from my son’s name and his dad’s, Sa’ad Idris. Deluxe means something comfortable, of high quality. All those put together, gave birth to the beautiful name Sids Deluxe.

Fashion market seems saturated, how do you intend to keep afloat?

Yes it’s really saturated with good brands but I hope to keep my company peculiar by not just making wears but being known for modesty and class.

Would you say fashion business is lucrative enough?

The lucrative nature of every business depends on the level of profit placed on items. For me, it is not so lucrative yet because I am more concerned about people’s love for my products than I think of profit.

Does your background influence who you are now?

Yes my background plays a huge part in my personality presently. Growing up, my parents never took decency in dressing for granted. That has become a part of me and the birth to the objectives of my company.

Are you satisfied with your choice of business?

Yes I am not just satisfied but fulfilled as well because I have dreamt to do this a long time ago.

Who inspired you into fashion business?

No one really. Back in my secondary school days, I was known for modifying dresses made for by adding embellishments in the house. I found it quite interesting especially when family members applaud my frequent creativity. Fast forward to my post graduate days, I began to have this unquenchable hunger and thirst for fashion business, to the extent I build up styles in my head even while at work and in my dreams. I concluded it’s nothing but an undiluted passion. I talked to God about it for years and He opened doors for a humble beginning which I am still building on.

What is the major challenge young starters face in Nigeria?

I would say slow patronage by people as a result of lack of funds in the country. However, I believe business is a slow and steady act that brings growth with time.

Would you say government has done enough for creative people in Nigeria?

No. government has done nothing for them.

How do you balance motherhood with business?

It’s been pretty easy for me because of my husband, who is my strong support system. He is the reason why the rocky roads appears smooth to the world. And my two-year old son is also cooperating well.

What is your personal style?

Modest and classy

How do you source for your fabrics? Are clients sensitive to this?

Choosing fabrics for clients is a very sensitive thing because of their high tastes and I owe them nothing but the best. In order to fulfill their desire and also promote my brand, I source for dealers of quality fabrics and carefully make choices for my clients.

Do you have any specific research process when you start new collections?

Yes I do. As the day go by, so does new fashion styles trends. What I do is think of modifying style made before by improving on their designs and making every piece come out uniquely.

Who inspires you the most in fashion industry?

Two fashion brands inspire me a lot in Abuja. They are: Huddaya and Falke by Aisha. I love their good work and look forward to seeing my brand coming to limelight as theirs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I actually see myself being an international business tycoon that will be known for modest clothing all around the world in the next five years by God’s grace.

Are you a fan of ankara prints?

Yes I am.

What is your view on African traditional wears?

They are absolutely gorgeous and possess great value and peculiarity which make every African woman more natural and beautiful.

Do you consider any fashion item indispensable?

No I don’t. Because, fashion rotates. They have a way of coming back after they might have gone out of fashion.

How easily do you get your fashion items in Nigeria?

I easily get items here. Nigerian fashion item dealers have evolved overtime. There’s hardly any item you want and won’t find in Nigeria right now. Some of them travel around the world to make quality items available for designers.

While shopping, which fashion item catches your fancy?

Fabrics and appliques

Which fashion accessory do you live for?


Do you conform to trends?

No, I personally don’t conform to trends. I just wear whatever I think suits me.

How comfortable do you feel in jeans and T-shirt?

I feel very comfortable.

What makes a woman well dressed?

A woman is well dressed when she dresses decently with a mix of style and class.

Whose celebrity style do you like most?

Iretiola Doyle

Fashion wise, do you have a role model?

No I don’t. Is there anything you are unlikely to be caught wearing? Yes. Dresses that expose my body What is your ready to go outfits? Maxi gowns

When it comes to fashion, would you say your physique works to your advantage?

Yes it does. I am physically on the average side, so most things I put on come out really nice on me. Which outfits take up most space in your wardrobe? I do more of dresses.

What is your costliest fashion possession?

How much did you get it? I can’t remember. But I am not one of those that believe that only spending so much on fashion can make you stand out. This is why Sids Deluxe possesses the vision of making affordable outfits that epitomize modesty and class. How do you love your shoes? I like to keep them low most times. I feel much more comfortable in low heeled shoes. What determines what you wear? Occasions

What do you think of modern designers?

Modern designers are 21st century designers who have taken fashion to the next level through the means of modernization which has been a yardstick for their endless exploits.

Who is your best designer?

I admire many modern fashion designers for their sense of creativity

Do you have a signature perfume?


Do you have any fashion obsession?

I am obsessed with gowns.

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