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Ideh advocates more women’s participation in politics



Ideh advocates more women’s participation in politics

The initiator of Partnership for a New Nigeria (PFANN), Dr. Elishama Ideh, has advocated for increased participation of women in politics and the need to be a force for national rebirth ahead of the 2019 elections.

Ideh, who leads a socio-advocacy group seeking to engender ethical revolution in the polity and consequently enthrone the birth of a New Nigeria, said in line with international standards, the more women participate in politics the better for the nation because they are humane and genial in handling issues.

“History speaks, but we often do not take note. The place of women in the history of the governance of nations is quite strategic. Nations and societies in the throes of mis-governance and decrepit leadership have, in many instances, landed the fortune of strong women who bring sanity and order to the national quagmire.

“Our national lore is replete with the exploits of these iconic women which include Queen Idia of the Benin Kingdom; Queen Amina of Zaria; Princess Inikpi of Igala land; Queen Omu Okwei of Onitsha; Moremi of Ile-Ife; Margaret Ekpo; Funmilayo Ransome Kuti etc.

“In contemporary history, women like Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the former President of Liberia, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May of the United kingdom; and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, just to mention a few have made and are still making great changes. It is becoming increasingly known, backed by the authority of empiricism, that women are best suited to serve a nation in need of a rebirth,” she said.

Dr. Ideh, who is acutely aware of the burden for national rebirth, said that at this point in Nigeria’s history, such responsibility should be taken up under a unified vision, mission and mandate to make this nation an enviable patch of paradise in the global space.

She said this is the summary of her leadership leanings, an orchestrating unmissable change, unequivocally founded on patriotism and justice; prerequisites for building a sustainable and united Nigeria.

Ideh, who had in recent years repeatedly championed the dignity of the national flag and the need for it to be the rallying point for Nigerians as well as the symbol of our unity, said she is partnering with individuals and organisations across different religious groups and tribes in a bid to find a common ground for a prosperous Nigeria – a Nigeria where peace and justice reign, as expressed in the national anthem.

In her words: “Nigeria will cease to be a potential. It will become one of the most pleasurable experiences on earth” and these words propel her towards 2019 where, with every Nigerian citizen, the work for a truly great Nigeria begins.

On the state of the economy, she said: “In Nigeria right now, poverty is on the increase, and this is because we’ve failed to understand that poverty arises as a result of the mismanagement and failure to properly harness our God-given natural resources and the insensitivity of past and present government to the welfare of its people.

“Thus, I have been making conscientious efforts to educate leaders of churches on the importance of getting involved in the polity of the nation and why the walls of the church needed to be broken so that the light and the salt of the earth, which they have been called to be, will be extended to the exteriors of the nation since only righteousness can exalt a nation.”

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