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2019 election: Cabals around Buhari pushing Nigeria into anarchy –Obaseki



2019 election: Cabals around Buhari pushing Nigeria into anarchy –Obaseki

Pastor P.I.A Obaseki is the General Overseer of Divine Grace of Glory Church International, Benin. In this interview with OJIEVA EHIOSUN, he spoke on a number of national issues. Excerpt…


The Presidency has released a scorecard of this government after three years. What is your assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance?

Is it only Buhari? Though he is the one on top, what of his cabinet members? Buhari himself may have a good mind towards the country, but what of those who are under him? A person may have a very good vision, but when you do not have the right people to help you execute that vision, you will become a bad person and you will be blackmailed.

During the 2015 presidential election, most Nigerians saw Buhari as a good and credible candidate; they saw him as somebody that God will use to sanitise the country, to affect Nigeria positively and to change Nigeria for good to the glory of God, that was why he was voted for.

For me, I don’t believe that it is only him that is responsible for the problems in Nigeria. He is doing his work as the president, but does he know the minds of those working with him?

So you cannot say that he is a bad person, we need God to take over the hearts of all our leaders. Again, I do not believe that there is anybody that will allow his house to be destroyed and I will not also believe that Buhari will allow Nigeria to be destroyed under him.

So it is those cabals around him that he does not understand. Even God himself said the heart of man is desperately wicked, the cabals are pushing this country into anarchy. This is the reason we should put Nigeria into prayers.

Do you support the coming back of President Buhari in 2019?

2019 is going to be a year that will attract the Almighty right hand of God. In 2019, there is going to be changes in Nigeria. God is going to cause positive changes in all aspect of our lives, He is going to choose the right people to be in the right position. Nigerians should not be scared of anything, God will take charge of every situation. But our leaders must obey the voice of the people, God will disgrace the enemies of this country very soon.

Some Nigerians who voted him into power do not want him to seek a second term. Do you agree with them?

On that, I will give a counsel to the president that if Nigerians are not satisfied with his leadership he should resign. Because if people are no longer happy with you as a leader, there is nothing you do that will satisfy them, there is nothing that you will do that will affect them positively, their mind is already made up.

Nigerians are no longer praying for Buhari, they are so bitter, they are so sad, they are already crying to God for rescue. My advice to him is that he should resign and let somebody else take over the position.

Could you proffer solutions to the incessant killings going on in the country?

As men of God, we are putting everything in prayers. We are looking onto God; we are depending on God because the heart of every human being is in the hands of God.

Even the government itself needs God and that is why we are also putting them in prayers that God should give them wisdom to handle the situation in Nigeria.

What is happening in this country is really beyond human imagination, human thinking cannot handle it, God’s divine intervention is needed. So to put an end to these ugly happenings in our country, the Federal Government should have a serious security conference and talk to the various security heads on the need to find a lasting solution to this mess.

The Federal Government must play a strong role in the fight against those trying to cause mayhem in the country. They should provide the necessary ammunition for security agencies to enable them do their work properly in the area of defending the common man on the street. You will agree with me that if the citizens are not defended, Nigeria has no future.

If there is insecurity in Nigeria, we cannot plan, it is only when there is peace in the country that is when we can plan. As it is now, you do not expect foreign investors to come into Nigeria, this insecurity is scaring away investors and if there are no investors, how can our unemployed youths get jobs? Government alone cannot create jobs so we need foreign investors to help salvage the situation.

But with all these things happening, the foreign investors would not come, because there is fear everywhere, no right thinking business man would want to invest in a country that is not secured.

Our government must do something about this issue of security, because whatever happen in Nigeria, it is those at the helm of affairs that would carry the blame. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that the citizens of this country are safe wherever they are, so they must do something so that Nigeria can be a better place to live in

As a prophet, do you agree that what Nigeria is going through is as a result of our sins?

Nigeria is one of the major countries of the world that has experienced the mercy of God so much.What is happening in Nigeria now has never happened in this country before, what we are experiencing today across the country is enough to cause another civil war, but the mercy of God has kept Nigeria as one indivisible entity.

Look it is not because of the sinful nature of Nigerians, but I tell you that what is happening is satanic. Satan says that Nigeria is a great country, the giant of Africa that Nigeria has great future and that is why he is sent to go and cause big trouble in Nigeria.

But be informed that he cannot function as satan, he has to enter into human being before he can operate that is what we are seeing today. Again Christians in Nigeria must intensify their prayers they should stop praying self centered prayers, they need to intercede for our leaders. So we must learn to put our country in prayers.

We won’t fold our hands and allow mischievous people to plug Nigerians into crisis. One thing I want you to know is that God the hand of God has always been in this country, because when we are faced with situation like this, we must all put our differences aside and join hands to pray for God’s divine intervention, and I know that God that has always been there for us and will not leave us alone. His mercies will continue to rest upon us.

But one thing that we must know is that God has heard the cry of his people, he has seen what his people are passing through, how innocent people are been battered and slaughtered likes cows, he is going to make a drastic change for Nigeria in 2019, and a leader with conscience, a leader that will give the common Nigeria a genuine change is God’s agenda for Nigeria come 2019.

God will rescue his children from the impending doom programmed by satan for this country. The same God that has been keeping Nigeria will not leave Nigeria alone to sink.

What is your advice to the state government on how to checkmate the activities of Fulani herdsmen?

What has actually be happening in the country is not encouraging at all. This is not how it is suppose to be, there is no suppose to be division this way, we are supposed to live as one country, but nevertheless whatever we experiencing now is to the knowledge of God. But my counsel to Governor Obaseki on the Fulani Herdsmen issue to secure the people of Edo State is for them to have a strong security talk with the security operatives.

Our security agencies must always be at alert, hold a meeting with the police, the Army, the naval and all those charge with the responsibilities of ensuring that the people of the state are secured doing their various businesses.

This has to be so because you can never tell who will be the next victim. Our government must also play its own role by providing the necessary tools for the security operatives to work with, because if they do not have the tools with which to work, they will be powerless and in that case, they cannot defend the citizens.

Our people are no longer safe working on their farms; some drastic steps should be taken to check the activities of these people in our land. Our villagers are helpless, if they don’t go to their farms, how would they feed themselves and their children? Remember that the vision of this present governor is farming, and if the people cannot farm as a result of herdsmen, how would the future of our people look like?

So, there is an urgent need for government to provide adequate security for the people both at the federal and state levels. We have seen how people have been killed in so many states across the country. It is not good for us, and government must take positive steps to stop the killings.

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