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Daunimigha, good enough to represent Sagbama/Ekeremor federal constituency



Daunimigha, good enough to represent Sagbama/Ekeremor federal constituency

Whenever Comrade Famous Daunimigha’s name is mentioned in Bayelsa state, all especially the youth want to align with him. A great Bayelsan who has distinguished himself in so many ways, Famous Oroupafebo Daunimigha is an outstanding Bayelsan.

At this particular point in time when the members representing the state at the various chambers are seen not to be doing very well, the state needs somebody like Daunimigha to bring the needed developmental projects to Sagbama/ Ekeremor federal constituency Daunimigha is the leader that has been at the fore-front of the struggle for the emancipation and liberation of his people from economic and political servitude.

He appreciates the pains, plights and sufferings of his people. A vocal voice is needed in the National Assembly which has lacked true representation for long, this is really an opportunity to project someone that his constituents can access.

Tagged ProjectFam2019, the project is an inclusive one needing support. Of course he has proved himself as a selfless leader without any political office. He will do more if voted for.

The reason why he should be there is not far -fetched. He is a grassroot politician, lover of youths, a sports lover, a volley ball man and an activist that says no to oppression. A man with a good heart.

Unlike some other persons that will see people suffering and look the other way, Daunimigha is different as he cries when people are crying and smiles when people are smiling. Academically sound, he is from Pereturugbene community in Ekeremor Local Government area of Bayelsa state. Being a man of the people, Daunimigha wants to represent his people at the green chambers as a member representing Sagbama/Ekeremor Senatorial District.

A member of National Biotechnology Development Agency and a chieftain of the ruling Party All Progressives Congress (APC), the activist cum politician said he is a grassroots politician and mobilizer maintaining that there is no month that he doesn’t come to the state even though he lives in Abuja. Assuring that he is not coming to amass wealth for himself but to make an impact in the lives of his people especially youths, he said: “My antecedents are known in the state”.

Declaring that he doesn’t play politics of bitterness, he said: “I do not play the politics that others play. I have friends across PDP and other parties. I reach out to everybody. I don’t do a divide because I’m APC.

I relate with everybody”. That will of course make him to win with a landslide victory because people will not look at the party he belongs to as he once said leaders should not be voted in based on party.

Daunimigha once faulted the way people play politics in the Niger Delta region because according to him they have a divided mind. Even though he is a member of APC, he said he sees the Bayelsa state Governor Henry Seriake Dickson as his Governor.He emphasized: ”Whether you like it or not, the Governor of Bayelsa is a Governor of not only PDP. He is the Governor of everybody. If the Governor does not see himself as the Governor of everybody, he thinks that he is the Governor of PDP, that is his own problem. So I see him as my Governor. He is my Governor”.

That is the kind of person he is. Each time he is in Yenagoa, youths cluster around his house even though he is not a House of Representative member yet. He blesses people with the little God has blessed him with without minding the party the youth belong to.

Of course this good man in his late forties is a vibrant Nigerian youth with a very positive and active spirit is putting himself up to be voted into the green chambers in the forthcoming election, yes by people he has impacted in their lives with the little he has and by others around that have benefited from his philanthropic gesture in one way or the order. Those he has paid their school fees. Those he has placed on scholarship. Those he has paid their house rents.

Those he has helped to pay their wives hospital bills among others. Truly Famous Daunimigha’s good work will really speak for him. From the locality he is from, there won’t be any tricks hence they have chosen him.

That is one of the strongest local governments by any means you can analyze in Bayelsa state. Stating that he is going to come under the platform of APC, he said he is going to be different from other National Assembly members bearing in mind that people complain that National Assembly members have not really impacted the lives of their constituents.

But Daunimigha has assured the people that his case is going to be different as he said that “First people must know why they want to be in the House of Representatives.

There is a misconception. Our electorate think that our House of Reps members are people who can share money to them every month. That mindset has to be changed as well”.

“What we want from them is not really what we voted them for. What we voted them for was something that they can go and bring development to the people. What we lack they should present during budgeting time, making laws that will better our people’s lives”. “These are the things that lawmakers are elected to do.

The reason why some of our people are not vocal is because they have complex issues. Some of them are not elected. They are picked. They don’t have enough exposure”.

“They talk with other members of parliament as if they are lesser human beings. So that complex is there. That is the reason why they cannot be seen. You see them kowtowing. Bowing to other people, saying I’m loyal to you. Carry us alone. That self-esteem is not there. You can see them. Their presentations. They don’t have that confidence.

That is why we see our people suffering.” Being a very bold and courageous man Daunimigha added “I will try my best to improve on what any other person has done.

It is difficult for anyone to say this person is not good but I feel that right now I can represent my people very well. “Of course any other person will feel that he can represent his people very well, but I think that I’m more peopleoriented. I’m concerned about the sufferings of my people and I have been blessed in my little way”.

“I’m not a rich man but I’m comfortable and I try to see how I can touch the lives of people around me. And if I’m elected, I can really discus with the people to present their issues before my colleagues in the National Assembly to better their lives.

As one of their own he advised the youths “It is high time for us to look inwards and align ourselves to do what is right. I’m of the opinion that people should start thinking of voting not on party lines. Vote people that you think that can represent you whether it is PDP member or an APC member” “It time we told ourselves the bitter truth. That sentimental voting is giving us a problem.

If I can represent my people and the PDP people see it in that way, they should give me a chance”. “The youth must think in that direction. If we are voting because of party, we will get it wrong. If you observe in the APC last election, it is not because people who voted APC that were all APC members. No.

They voted because they felt that APC leader in the person of Muhammadu Buhari would be bring a change that they wanted.” “So that is the mindset that I want people to have and if we continue to vote about the way we feel about everybody, then development will come because anybody who is elected knows that if they don’t perform they will be booted out”.

“So if tomorrow, the APC does not deliver the promises of their electioneering campaigns, the people have a right to vote us out. But I think that we are trying to see how we can also fulfil our promises to Nigerians. That is what APC is trying to do but if we cannot satisfy Nigerians and they say we are going to be sent out, that is it.” “I’m only saying that the youth must think deeply and vote right this time around.

Don’t sell yourselves for N1000 and N5000 and I always say it in almost all the time that I speak with the youths, you will never see two rich men children fighting on the street. Advising the youth he said “You only see poor men children fighting. It is poor men children’s that are thugs for the rich men. The youth should stop making themselves thugs for people. Just go and vote whoever you want to vote and come back home.”

“Don’t take your guns and say we are working for this man. You will get killed. And your children and your parents will suffer. These rich men that you worked for will not even remember your parents. So the youth must be wise.

He advised the youth. If given the opportunity to be at the green chambers, the agitation for resource control and true federalism will no doubt be part of his agenda.

“What we have always agitated for is true federalism whereby we control our resources and pay a percentage to the centre. “Restructuring will stabilize the economy to make almost everybody strong and look inwards and work on their God-given resources to better the lives of their people. So the movement of people from Bayelsa to Abuja will reduce”. “It means that Abuja will be moving down to Bayelsa.

The centre will not be too busy. Governance will be easier. There will be a mutual respect. People will be dignified. Sense of belonging will be there. And that is the right thing.”

As a youth that is not lazy, Daunimigha is not going to the green chambers to amass wealth for himself but to help the downtrodden in the society.

He has said it over and over that he would propose bills that will bring development to the Niger Delta region. As a former IYC leader who has travelled through the length and breadth of Niger Delta, he knows what the problem of each community is, ranging from lack of potable water to lack of healthcare facilities to lack of assess roads to the communities and lack of good schools among other things.

He has promised to do his best to take the people of the Niger Delta who are the goose that lay the golden eggs but yet are the most neglected out of squalor. It now behooves on the electorate to go and get the PVCs and vote for Famous Daunimigha so that he will continue his good work. He empowered the youth as a philanthropist with his hard earned money; he will do more if given the opportunity in 2019.

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