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Ramadan: Clerics underscore solutions to parenting dilemma in computer age



Ramadan: Clerics underscore solutions to parenting dilemma in computer age

Three Islamic Clerics have underscored solutions to parenting dilemma in computer age. The clerics including the Chief Imam of Onigbodo Ifelodun Central Mosque, Imaam Isa Yusuf-Ajadi, Chief Missionary, Anajat Islamic Foundation (ANIF), Ustaz Ali Abdullahi and Hajj Abdul-Rafiu Ajakaye, who collectively said this at the first annual Ramadan program of Platforms Montessori School (PMS), Ota, Ogun state, tasked parents to carefully monitor their children as most of them live multiple and mostly negative lifestyles, and unknown to the parents with dire consequences.

The Ramadan programme featured Lectures, free medical checkup and drugs, health talks as well as free Iftar for over 260 participants. Presenting the lead lecture, Hajj Ajakaye declared at the programme themed, “Back to Basics,” that while it is important for the parents to monitor their children for Islamic guidance, some of the parents were themselves found wanting morally, hence the difficulty in them instilling discipline in their children.

“You first of all save yourself as commanded by Allah, and then you save your family members from the acts that can lead you and them to hell. It is the success of the family that determines the success and peace of the society, thus the need for parents to be self-disciplined and instill same in their children,” he said in a lecture entitled: “Dilemma of Parenting in Computer Age.” Corroborating Ajakeye’s view, Ustaz Ali urged unity and cooperation among Muslims to tackle corruption and other evils in the society.

The failure of Muslims to decisively act against corruption and those known to be corrupt is a disservice to the society, he declared. The Chief Imaam of Onigbodo Community Central Mosque, Imaam Isa Yusuf-Ajadi, who led the special prayer for the nation, urged the leaders and the led to cooperate with each other to resolve the myriads of challenges facing the country and also for rapid national development. He advised Muslims to explore the spiritual rewards in the month of Ramadan to smoothen relationship with Allah, their creator.

The relationship with Allah, he maintained, is the most essential of all relationships Muslims must endeavour to keep because it comes with rewards both in the world and the hereafter.

“If you honour your relationship with Allah there would be immense benefits for you. Allah has promised that whoever normalises their relationship with Him will not regret and will never be cheated no matter how minute,” the Imam said.

“No matter the challenges Muslims could be faced with, they must not disparage Allah because the higher their challenges, the higher is the love with their creator, he said in a lecture entitled: “Tawakul: Absolute Trust in Allah.”

If Muslims refused to move closer to Allah, the devil will keep making it harder for them to normalise such. The Proprietress of PMS, Hadja Fateemah Yusuf said that the idea behind the initiative is to strengthen the institution’s mission, which is to effectively communicate virtues and teachings of Islam in a conducive environment to pupils and parents.

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