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Bossladies 58: Dark rage



Bossladies 58: Dark rage

She tarried a while and looked around her before climbing the short stairs leading into the restaurant. As she stepped on the porch, the electronically controlled glass door opened and she went in. Inside, she looked round and didn’t see any familiar face.


She noticed an unoccupied table at a very quiet corner and was about to move there when a waiter came towards her. “Are you expecting someone ma’am?” He asked with a smile. “Yes. I want a quiet place. That table will do,” she said, pointing to the unoccupied table.


The young man led her to the table. “May I take your order now or you want to wait for your partner, ma’am?” He asked respectfully. “I’ll wait. Come back in 10 minutes time,” she told him, looking around her.


Surely, if Jay was in there, he would have seen her enter the restaurant. She had told him she would be half an hour late. That shouldn’t have made him to get there late too. She waited for some minutes but he didn’t show up.


What if he eventually didn’t turn up? She sighed. That would be bad. She thought of calling him. If for any reason he would get there late, he ought to have informed her. If he didn’t turn up, she would still wait because she’d have to wait for Bolan to come pick her home, unless she’d get a cab. She picked her dainty bag and opened it. Her phones were not in her bag. Alas!


She left them in Bolan’s car! Oh no! She was in an unenviable position right now -incommunicado. No one could reach her right now and she wouldn’t be able to reach anybody either. Panic began to build up within her. What if her children were trying to talk to her? What if it was an emergency?


What if her attention was needed somewhere right now? What if Jay didn’t turn up? How would she call Bolan to come take her home? What if she needed help right now? Would Bolan notice the phones in his car? She felt so unsafe and vulnerable right now. Waves of nausea enveloped her…






The small package in Jay’s hand slipped off his fingers and he instinctively bent down to pick it, his eyes still trained on her. It had been a very long time he had the opportunity of observing her from afar. She looked trimmer and her killer shape was more pronounced than ever.


He swallowed spittle as blood ran downward in his body. He could feel needle-like prick around his lower region and knew his man would embarras him if he wasn’t careful. He stood and watched as she sashayed into the restaurant.


He stood there, immobile; staring into space, long after she had disappeared behind the huge glass door. A car honked beside him and he turned, startled. Only then did he realise that his phone was ringing. As he made to pick it, it stopped ringing. He checked, it was Debola. He ignored it. For a moment, he toyed with the idea of going back to his car and driving off. But whose loss? His! His blood boiled in anger. Adele had three personal vehicles!


Why didn’t she drive herself to a date with him? Why did she have a man drive her here? To spite him? And she called earlier to shift their appointment forward by half an hour! She sounded so tired then. What could have made her so tired? She was obviously with that man. Ahaaaaaaa! No wonder she was so tired. And he was running about, trying to get her a gift, not knowing she was in the arms of another man, probably getting laid.


Anger got him shivering. He knew he would burst a vein if care was not taken. He was so worked up and knew he would cause a scene in there if he went in. Better to get her out of that restaurant, into his car. He would deal with her afterwards.


Yeah, get her into his car and take her somewhere and slap sense into her if she annoyed him further. His phone rang, it was Debola. He answered. “Dear, I’m not feeling alright. I think it’s your baby. You know I need TLC right now. Where are you? You know you’re supposed to be at my side every moment now,” she cooed into his ears.


“What’s TLC?” He asked. “Tender Loving Care. That’s what a pregnant woman needs always,” she said. “Look, I’ve told you repeatedly that I do not want any baby from you. You have to go take care of yourself. We never planned to have a baby together. Count me out of it,” he said savagely. There was silence from the other side of the phone and he was about to end the call when she coughed.


“If you are not by my side in the next two hours, I’ll call the pastor and the DPO and tell them you took advantage of my vulnerability and raped me repeatedly when you were supposed to be nursing me back to my senses.


I’ll also tell then you’re forcing me to destroy the result of your inability to rein in your rabid man,” she said quietly and ended the phone call. Jay stared at the phone in his hand. Fear gripped him. He wouldn’t want to get Debola annoyed right now…for she could get him into serious trouble. He was in a trap. He dialed Adele’s number and it rang out. He tried five times and she didn’t answer.



He dialed her two phone numbers, none was answered. His temper boiled and spewed over. She was in there, waiting for him but would not answer his calls! What an insult. After subjecting him to the shame of watching another man drop her off and kiss her in public, she wouldn’t answer his calls! He gathered himself together and marched into the restaurant. He stood for a while at the door as he entered. He surveyed the setting, until he saw her, waving at him…




Bolan was almost home when he heard the beep. At first, he ignored it but when it became consistent, he lowered the volume of the car stereo dishing out his favourite songs. The sound was unmistakable. He looked at the direction of the noise and stepped on his brakes. Lying on the seat which Adele vacated a while ago, were her two handsets! She forgot them in his vehicle. One was still ringing.


The caller was simply saved as ‘My dear’! He frowned and pulled off the road. The picture on display was that of a man. When her other phone rang, it was the same picture that was on displayed, but here, it was saved as ‘Hubby”.


He exhaled deeply. That was when he realised he had been holding his breath. But she was with her hubby; he took her to their rendezvous and dropped her there not up to half an hour ago! Could she be calling with his phone to know where her phones were? But she should know because she made some calls while on their way. Could it be that she was set to leave and was calling him to come pick her?


He doubted it. What dinner would they have had in less than thirty minutes? Unless he got there earlier and had ordered their food. That also didn’t sound probable to him because he couldn’t remember her answering a call in which she talked about food.


They had been together since she returned. He wondered what could be going on and debated within him whether to go back there or go home and wait.


He decided to go home and wait for another call from her. She wouldn’t have expected him to answer a call made to her phone by her estranged husband. It wasn’t proper. He nosed the vehicle back onto the road. Immediately he got home, he shunned the opened gate and signalled the security man to close the gate. He did a turn and drove out again.




Jay sighted her and moved slowly to where she was. When Adele saw his dark face, she was concerned.


“What’s the problem? Good evening,” she said. He said nothing, but pulled out a chair and sat opposite her. “I called you several times and you didn’t answer,” he said. It wasn’t a question but she felt she had to explain. “Sorry dear. I forgot my phones in the car,” she said. “You forgot which phone in which car? Who brought you here?


Who was kissing you in the car out there? You’re a very irresponsible woman, kissing a man that is not your husband…” Jay trailed off. Adele stared at him. She was lost for words. If he saw when Bolan dropped her, it meant he was there before her. Why did he keep her waiting this long? Why was he calling her if she saw her arrive the restaurant?


“A friend dropped me here because I travelled and came back today and was tired. I called you to reschedule the dinner but you insisted,” she said.




That seemed to infuriate him the more and he raised the little package he was holding all this while and threw it on the table. That startled Adele who stared at him. “Why did you do that? Why this?” She asked. In response, Jay stood up, went to her side of the table and whacked her across the cheeks several time.


Adele screamed and fell off her seat; she lay sprawled on the floor. Diners jumped to their feet. While some headed towards the restaurant door, some ran to Jay and held him. The security men at the gate were there in minutes.



He kicked her as they dragged him away. Blood was tickling from Adele’s mouth. Some diners tried to pull her up but she was immobile. A woman shrieked, swooned and collapsed beside Adele on the floor. There was a bedlam…






Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!

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