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Couples’ perceptions of children (Part 2)



Couples’ perceptions of children (Part 2)

I have interacted with a few godly Housemasters and Housemistresses in school hostels who complained that some parents of children left under their care are not interested in having the children go home, to spend time with them. What some so-called parents do according to them, is to look for a school that will be willing to keep the children in the hostel permanently for years, if possible. When such parents are informed that the school has vacated so they can come and pick up their children, you hear reactions like: “So soon? I can’t pick them on Friday. Please, I will send you some money. Kindly take care of them for me till Monday.”
When they eventually come to pick up the children, you hear: “This holiday is too long.” Even that holiday is eventually spent by the children either in the house of one uncle, aunt or with their own housemaid. The opportunity for parent-children bonding and parental guidance is denied. Add this scenario to the corruption exposure that modern technological gadgets have to offer children without any form of censorship. Then, you can imagine the future dangers you refer to as your children.
So, the gullible mind of the child which ought to be fed with guided acceptable character traits is exposed to all kinds of trash and negative influences. Tell me why cultism in primary and secondary schools, hooliganism, teenage armed robbery, fraud and rape will not grow in our society when responsible, godly and committed parenting is reducing drastically.
Listen to God’s testimony about Abraham: “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him” (Genesis 18:19).
There is an age in the life of a child when his will is to a large extent, in the hands of the parents. It is during such years that the quiet, loving exercise of that authority will have great influence.
God’s interest in your parental responsibilities knows no bounds. Let me shock you by letting you know that it is even more important to God than your church activities and ministry, if you have one.
Have you ever wondered why the Bible introduced most of the characters by tracing their biological origins? You read things like “Joshua, the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephuneh” (Numbers 13).
“Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat Judah and his brethren” (Matthew 1:2).
God is very interested in which child he has assigned to which parent and to what extent that parent has fulfilled his injunction of bringing up (commanding) the child towards God’s way. The idea of commanding is not in the sense of giving instructions or making demands on the child. Instead, it is the character that we see in the heavenly father. His tenderness of affection combined with authority commands obedience. It is the silent influence of example, lifestyle which makes the child often unconsciously bow to the parents’ stronger will and makes him happy in doing so. The child is to be identified with the parents in similarity of character and conduct. Children do what they see more than what they hear.
It is very funny and unfortunate that many so-called Christian couples who know these things have given up, without making any efforts on their children as regards character upbringing because according to them, they see others that have failed despite the efforts. This is the height of ignorance because God helps those who believe in and seek him and not those who compare and doubt God’s ability just because others failed. For goodness sake, you are not them.
As a Christian parent, your child may never benefit from the covenant promises of Father Abraham if you fail to transmit them.
God does not applaud anyone for giving birth to a biological child that God himself put in the womb. He can use anybody to bring child into this world. God is more pleased with the couple that train up children in the way of the Lord, than those who have children and none of them know Christ. Rather, most of them are busy for Satan, doing armed robbery, hemp smoking, kidnapping, fraud, rape and all kinds of atrocities, thereby fighting against the peace that God intends for society.
Most of the children in satanic gangs that are terrorizing the world today are children, whose biological parents were only financier parents and failed in their divine assignments. They spent fortunes, sending the children abroad for academic knowledge. There was neither focus on character building nor enough parental closeness to impact the spirit of God in the process of upbringing. The children later come back to waste all the amassed wealth that denied them opportunity for parental work on character-building as required by God. The more painful thing is that the entire society is at risk. Human blood is being wasted regularly in the name of terrorism. God have mercy.
As a couple, you need to know Christ yourselves and transmit his lifestyle to your children. Prayer warrior children are required for the spiritual warfare required for success in this wicked world.
In any standard establishment, the absence of specific job description for each employee or worker negatively affects the success of such organisation. This is one reason that God holds a parent responsible for the children that come to this world through the person’s womb or loin. It is strictly for the purpose of responsibility and accountability. In other words, every parent in this world is an employee or appointee of one ultimate employer-Almighty God.
Yes, you can provide for their financial needs, pay their school fees and give them presents. Nothing in this world can replace your presence with presents. It is dangerous to do so. May God help you.

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