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Drug addiction raises wellness risks



Drug addiction raises wellness risks


Scientists said addiction to drugs could result in severe health consequences leading to untimely death some affected persons.


According to scientists, drug addiction is a chronic disease that affects the structure of the brain; it is caused by neurochemical reactions that are prompted by the introduction of certain psychoactive substances that often result in behavioural change.


Speaking on the impact of drug addiction on health, the Former National Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists in Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Albert Alkali said it impairs a person’s judgment, leading to physiological dependence and negatively impacting emotional well-being as well.
He said, overcoming the addiction therefore requires therapeutic intervention and support from addiction specialists.


Relating the experience of some of his friend that are addicted to drugs, Dapo, a student from Kwara State University, said people who use drug mostly take it due to peer pressure, troubled relationship or family history. “Affected persons take drugs and they just keep taking it without bothering about the damage they are causing themselves.


“They take the drugs and continue taking them because of the relaxed feelings they get when they take the substances,” he added.


According to researchers, a drug addict starts to demonstrate behavioural signs than the normal which may include obsessive thoughts and actions and using drugs as his main priorities of his life while all or most obligations including work, family, or school are sidelined.


In addition, he neglects his responsibilities, exhausts his financial resources and engages in criminal conduct just to get money for to expend on drugs.


Drug addiction is very dangerous to the extent that it gradually starts damaging the eyes of affected persons, by changes in pupil size, either constricted or dilated, nystagmus or rapid involuntary movement of the eyeballs and redness or bloodshot. Nystagmus is a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. These movements often result in reduced vision and depth perception and can affect balance and coordination. These involuntary eye movements can occur from side to side, up and down, or in a circular pattern.


Furthermore, blood shot eyes are a common symptom of intoxication from several drugs, especially cocaine, alcohol and marijuana. These occur because blood vessels in the eyes expand.


Other drugs may cause the eyes to water, the eyelids to become heavy or the pupils to change size.


As a drug addict consumes a lot of food, lethargy is common during an addiction, as an addiction overwhelms the body, energy can quickly wane.

However, eating well could provide the body with the fuel that it needs to run properly.-

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