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2019: ‘We’ll give moneybags run for their money’



2019: ‘We’ll give moneybags run for their money’

Temitayo Tella, one of the seven conveners of ‘Our Mumu Don Do’, a group led by Charly Boy, spoke on the need for a youth based government in Nigeria, and the chances of Omoyele Sowore in the 2019 presidential election.



Why did you choose to be actively involved in the Take It Back movement?
To be frank, Nigerian elements have so long held many entrepreneurs from being successful the way they ought to be. Being active in the movement is because I have no choice. Nigeria has become a place where we all need to be involved in the things that affect the real essence of our survival and living. Politics or the running of the state affects business. Policies and activities of those in power make or break a businessman. All aids to trade are affected by government policies, ranging from, as could be mundane as we may feel – communication to banking, from transportation to taxes, from production laws/standards to packaging which all in turn determines price. This affects your sales, affects your profits, affects your turn around time, affects your salaries/wages to staff, affects staff productivity as wel. To me, business people are those who are even more at the receiving end of the bad governance we experience in Nigeria because we are the greatest risk takers. A wrong policy could just kill our dream. Do we even really care about our own unborn generations?
If we are serious about our lives, we all will stand up and seek for justice and accountability right now, because Nigeria is at a point where we must change the narratives. We must ensure those who have brought Nigeria to this point are tried and punished. So, we will be right to say that the lack of justice in the land is because the present leaders do not love us the followers. I will not be sitting on the fence, neither will I be a bystander cheering others on. This revolution is for us all to partake. I have been a revolutionary. I don’t do the common normal things. My clocking is different; my dressing, my ideals and ideas and even actions, so long as they are guided by principles of equity, fairness, social justice and peace.
When my mates where gunning for employments, I was searching for those who will believe in my entrepreneurial dreams. Revolutionaries face the issues that seem most unachievable, unimaginable and gets it sortd. Their background really doesn’t matter. I must expose that I have a history. It may not be with throwing fists in the air or at the barricades, right from school. I have found my voice to lead people on to success and fight for them. I have successfully gotten some lecturers exposed with just text messages and petitions; reeling out their lazy secrets and unjust dealings.
So when it was time to get to the streets, I put myself in that position, I was never invited, I found my voice, found my being and arose to the situation. I played an active role in the #ResumeOrResign protest, where just seven of us of the Our Mumu Don Do movement, led by Charly Boy, influenced the world to call back President Buhari who was a smooth talker against Medical Tourism. We were attacked by the state with their police apparatus, in full combative regalia of police dogs, armor tanks, water cannons and tear gas, against just seven men, who sat on the bare floor requesting their president to resume work after over 100 days on an unknown medical leave. We have written history as ones who stood for accountability and justice. We must rise against any draconian and tyrannical government like this at all times. We have silenced fear long ago and not scared of death. They can only take our bodis. The struggle continues. A man who has found nothing to die for has no reason to live. We are willing to die for justice, accountability and good governance.

What type of a person is Omoyele Sowore and what does the Take It Back movement hope to achieve?
My perception of Sowore isn’t made as a perception of how I feel my world. I see Sowore not from how the world wants me to. From people’s selfishness and greed, their imaginations and machinations that ideally don’t matter, they just assume a lot about Sowore’s personality. Sowore is no just normal. How would he be normal, and who told you this world is normal? Sowore is in his most perfect flanks, with the aura and frame of a formlessness ready to adapt to the excesses of the ill-health section of the world. He is physically fit and mentally perfect. Can President Buhari lift a Ghana-must-go bag himself not to talk of doing a 100 meter race? Sowore represents all the many races of the world, many cultures of Nigeria as the common denominator which everyone requests and he stands for equity, fairness, justice, peace, good governance and accountability. That’s what we also hope to achieve for the country through the Take It Back movement.

How does the movement mobilise funds needed for campaigns, both on social media and offline?
It’s public knowledge that we crowdfund. We receive money openly and from those who believe in our dream of a new Nigeria for all. This is the first time ever that any political campaign makes public its source of funds. We are ready to run this nation, so we must start by running ourselves with a high level of accountability and openness. We have heard about those who share dollars for party primaries of the APC in Lagos. They lost even with their monies. The moneybags already know we shall give them a run for their monies. Their money will fail them as Nigerians have known and awaken that their future is much essential than the hunger which bites them. Money failed Simbiat Abiola in 1979 as she vied for a senatorial seat in Ogun state. Money failed Obasanjo in the third term bid. It failed Goodluck Jonathan for re-election, and it will fail Buhari this time around. Nigerians have all resolved to vote along our conscience and consciousness. All the wicked people who feed us with their crumps will be chased out of office. I must also say that we have been having a rather smooth success in our social media push with a purely organic set of actions. We don’t need to pay anyone to talk about what affects their daily living. By the time we start promotional ads, we shall be having a vast gap between us and the others who are currently spending a huge lot on their campaigs. It will be a landslide victory.

What is the level of acceptance of the movement on social media?
We have achieved our short-term goal of being the most relevant, most discussed and most influential of all the new aspirants who are eyeing the presidenc. This did not come cheap. I would call the whole process a sacrificial one. With close to two million reach in difference to the next person who has been spending a whole lot of money on ads and promotions, we stand confidently first on the leaderboard. Buhari and Atiku have the worst hit personal brand online, just as they have offline. People are not buying them. The reviews they get are so sour that my advice to both of them is to leave the political space as actors of conscience and let fresh air blow on the land. With Buhari’s negative reviews rising at 164,940% and Atiku’s 186,800% monthly, they should sack their brand managers and jettison the whole idea of contesting. Let us remove their financial backing which they use to push and buy their influence. They become a dead meat. It is evident that those supporting any of these brands are either their workers or those who are gaining from the rotten state of the country. Our own supporters are common people, like you and I, who are tired and willing to ensure justice, equity and good governance is in the land.

How about the kind of reception you get, touring the entire 36 states and the FCT?
We have successfully completed 27 states, with a huge set of grandeur. Those who chose to be scared or believe that some certain parts of the country will be hostile were put to shame. You know why? The economic and political realities affect all of us. So, those who want better governance received and hosted us well. Sokoto was planning to use the stadium for our meeting. You now imagine if we wanted to do a rally.

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