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Bossladies 63: Go suck a lemon



Bossladies 63: Go suck a lemon


Debola could not believe her ears.

Aunty prophetess was pregnant! So, she was hunting for a man too?

“You’ve been praying for me for over five years and nothing happened despite my despiration,” Debola said.

“That is the problem. That desperation has cost you a lot. Let me tell you, everything we achieved in the past five years has been wiped away by your desperation. Do you know for how long I prayed and waited before I got this man? Do you know the number of trips I made to the wise ones? Do you know how much I spent?” She asked a dumbfounded Debola.

“Wise ones? You consult the wise ones while I consult you?” She asked her.

“Have you not seen a doctor being treated by other doctors?” Prophetess asked.

Debola sighed audibly and suddenly, her face lit up.

“Can you take me to the wise ones?” She asked.

Aunty prophetess observed her for a while and said slowly, “If you are ready, I’ll take you. But, have it at the back of your mind that you’ll spend a lot of money.”

“I’m ready. I’m ready to do anything. I can’t allow Jay to slip out of my life. I can’t start looking for a man all over again. Moreover, I’m pregnant for him. He’s wealthy. He’ll give me the kind of life I’ve always desired,” Debola said.

They had discussed some more and agreed on a date. The wise ones lived in a village in a neighbouring state. Prophetess promised to get Debola an appointment with the wise ones. After four days, she called Debola and told her what it would cost her to see them. She was more than ready.

On the set date, they set out very early in the morning. They were in the bus park before 5am. After more than two hours of steady bus ride, they alighted at a motor park in a sleepy village. They boarded two bikes which took them through footpaths to a compound set well back in what appeared like a bush. An old bungalow stood in the middle of the large compound. Debola was scared but prophetess assured her that no harm would come to her.

The wise ones were five old men who looked Debola up and down, as if sizing her up. They were seated on stools under a leafy tree few metres away from the gate. There were two empty benches facing them. The visitors knelt down in greeting. One of them, he appeared the oldest, asked them to sit down on a bench. Debola made to sit but the prophetess drew her back to her knees. She then thanked the wise ones and tabled Debola’s case before them, her face cast down.


The oldest of them, with rheumy eyes, cleared his throat and spat on the sandy ground, between his legs. With his left shrivelled foot, he mixed the phlegm with the red sand.

“See men all around you. A crowd of men are all over you. You wonder why none has married you? You have a spirit husband that is chasing them away. Unless you settle your spirit husband, no man will dare marry you,” he said in a somewhat calm, tiny tone.

Debola stared at the prophetess. She dared not look at the pairs of ancient eyes which she was sure were boring into her.

“Baba, she came prepared sir,” prophetess said in a low tone.

“Your prayers are answered,” the baba said.

“Amen,” Debola and the prophetess chorused.

“Sit down,” the old man said.

Only then did the prophetess draw Debola up. They sat on the stool.

“You need a goat, a live goat, which you will kill and use the meat to prepare vegetable soup and pounded yam for the gods,” the baba said.

Debola was confused. Kill a goat? Where would she get that one?

“Thank you baba. She’s ready to do it,” the prophetess said.

“Remember, she must not wipe off sweat from her face while she pounds the yam and her sweat must not drop into the mortar,” the old man said.

Debola was almost not breathing again. She didn’t know if she was scared of the chore before her or in awe of the old men. She stared at the ground. Even when she felt that the old men were leaving, she didn’t look up.

When the prophetess drew her up later, both the old men and their stools were not in sight.

“Where do I get a goat? Where do I get the foodstuff to prepare the food? Who will kill the goat?” The questions tumbled out of her mouth.

“Relax, you’ll get everything in this compound,” prophetess said, leading her to the back of the building.

Debola stared in amazement as they turned the corner and then, fear gripped her…


Jay didn’t know whether to dance or cry. The business deal he pitched for about eight months ago had finally scaled through. That was the new lease of life he needed. Once he was able to complete it, he would swim in dizzying wealth which would run into multiples of millions of naira. That was the biggest deal he had ever dreamt of. He scattered the documents on his bed and danced round them. All the documents were intact. Once this money got into his bank account, he could to go on vacation for many years.


Once again, he went through the details again, this time, meticulously. Everything was perfect. It called for celebration. He pulled out a bottle of fizz and popped it. The Brut tasted so sweet in his mouth! Of course, he knew it was the sweet taste of success. He was halfway through the bottle when the thought hit him: it was Adele’s bank details they’d used to pitch for the job! He felt the sour taste of the Brut immediately. Payments for the deal would be made into her bank account, not his. He sat down, thud! Adele had him where it would hurt most. He would have to go crawling to her or he’d be doomed forever! After what he did to her? Could he be under a curse? Why would sadness dog his every joy? Then it hit him! One night many, many years ago, he was still living in the village with his paternal grandparents, that night…

He shivered and broke out it cold sweat. His palms became clammy…


Adele was on the phone with her children. It was a conference call. They were talking politics.

Adele listened to them but her mind was mulling another issue. A large amount had been paid into her account. It was payment for a contract she helped Jay to secure. Without her efforts, he wouldn’t have gotten that job and she funded more than eighty per cent of it. As much as she knew that Jay didn’t deserve her mercy, going by all the pain he had inflicted on her physically, emotionally and psychologically, he needed that money to survive. How would she sleep peacefully, knowing she was holding on to another man’s joy? She dared not tell her children about it. Going by the way they were feeling right now, they would not support her extending any help to their father.

After the convo with her children, she hopped to the private dining room to join Bolan at breakfast. There were two entrances to that dining room -from the corridor and from Bolan’s room.

“Oh no! I told you to call me so I could come and carry you here, my woman,” Bolan said as he sighted her.

He was up and beside her immediately. He made her comfortable on the chair and kissed her deeply.

“I’m becoming a big liability to you and I don’t like it,” She said, kissing him back.

“Hey love, my desire is to turn you into my master and I’ll be your slave for the rest of our lives. I love you with everything in me that can love a woman. Believe me, you don’t have to work for the rest of your life. I’ll take care of your needs, including those of your children, if you’d allow me,” Bolan whispered into her ears.

Adele closed her eyes as joy washed over her. Gawd, she loved this man. Everything about him spelt joy to her. They could talk for hours and laugh; they could be in each other’s arms without saying a word for hours and be so happy. They could communicate with their eyes. She felt wetness in her cave of wonder and smiled. It’s either she ate her breakfast right now or it would turn cold while she was being eaten.

Suddenly, she had an urge to live her secret desire. With Bolan, she could let go and be the seductress that she secretly wanted to be behind closed door.

“Lock the door, my Prince,” she told him.

She could not recognise her voice; it was low and sultry. Bolan stared at her a moment and went to do as she wished. She slipped out of her one-piece dressing gown. She had nothing under it. Bolan’s eyes were like an owls. This was a new Adele he was seeing. She indicated he did same. He did in seconds. His man was already turgid.


“We’re going to have breakfast in our birthday suit and you’re gonna feed me,” she said with a smile.


“Yes ma’am,” he responded and drew two dining chairs a little away from the table.


They sat, facing each other, their knees touching. With shaky hands, he fed her until she was good. Then she told him she was going to feed him. He smiled and waited, but she had other ideas.


“Mom wants to nurse her baby,” she told him.


Wide-eyed, Bolan smiled. He was happy. He felt that somehow, he had scaled whatever hurdle and destroyed whatever wall that stood between them.

“Close your eyes,” she instructed.


He did. Almost immediately, he felt her hands on him and felt her heave herself on him. He relaxed.


Adele smiled. She was juicing so much and could feel her wetness oozing out. She felt him shudder as she lay her hand on his very turgid man. He sat up. She played with it a bit, teasing the excitement spot just under the inner cap and felt him gasp. She teased him a little more and raised herself a bit and guided him into her slippery wet receptacle. Bolan moaned loudly and his body began to tingle. This was the first time he went into her unsheathed. The feeling was indescribably different. He felt like he was encased in a slippery wet velvety cocoon. He felt something on his lips and opened his mouth to take it in. He sucked without being told to. He needed not be told.
“Suck it. Hmmmmmmm suuuuckkkkkkhmmmmmm,” she moaned.


She was riding him as one possessed, murmuring and shouting almost at the same time. He grabbed one bobbing mountain while he sucked the other one. She held his neck as she grinded and pounded at intervals. Bolan was surprised. He openen his eyes and stole a glance at her. She was shouting with her eyes closed. She looked like one demented. He understood, she was gripped in the throes of passion. He was at the brink too because he had never felt this way before. She was driving him mad. He grabbed her waist with his two hands and raised her up a bit. Then he brought her down gently on him. He repeated that a number of times.

“Don’t stop…Don’t stop…dooooooon’t….,” she screeched.


Bolan felt like he would erupt in volcanic lava. He felt it rising to the tip. He tried to keep it in check but couldn’t. It would overrun him and drown them.


“My woman…my baby…baaaaby….” He screamed.


“My priiiiiiiiiiiiiiinceeeeee,” she screamed, adding, “Bring it oooooooon….lemme feeeeeeel you….”


Then, they quaked as waves and waves of passion washed over them. They felt the chair bouncing and held on to each other, afraid that the flood of passion would sweep them away…



Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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Bed Work & Life

Bossladies 70: Death of mindful orgasm



Bossladies 70: Death of mindful orgasm


Jay stared at Gabby. Their growing up years flashed through his mind as he tried to come to terms with what he was saying. Of course, he had always known Gabby to be fair in his judgement. If he said he would help, he would definitely do, and if he wouldn’t, no amount of persuasion would move him. He had promised to see Adele on his behalf and had done just that. According to him, the Adele he met wasn’t the almost timid wife he had known for years. The woman he met had not only changed physically, but mentally too. She was looking so confident and acting so too. She knew what she wanted and she was going for it. Gone was that subservient look that made her seem she would take flight any moment. In its place was the mien of a woman who had been tutored in the act of self confidence and had imbibed every knowledge she garnered. She was done and dusted with Jay. Even her new looks said it all.

Gabby was amazed at her transformation. Her blonde shorn hair glittered and her carefully made up face looked like something out of a world class fashion magazine. There was something velvety about her appearance, all the hard edges smoothened out -a look only opulence would bestow on someone.

“My dear, you know I love and respect you and your family a lot. I have always sought your opinion on issues and heeded your advice. However, on this issue, permit me to disagree with you. I lived with Jay for over 20 years and it was more than two decades of horror for me.


When you see most women laughing with well made up faces and expensively clothed bodies, you don’t know the nightmare they’re masking. I’ve been there and I speak from experience. No one tells it better than who experienced it. I’ve been there. You won’t want to hear the sordid details. Tell Jay to stop disturbing my aunt. He felt he was being smart when he refused to complete my marriage rites. Like the elders say, what an elder sees while sitting down, a young person won’t see even if he climbs the tallest Iroko tree. Please let him know that in my culture, a man cannot claim children he sired by a woman he didn’t conclude traditional marriage rites on. So, as it is, our three children belong to my father!”

Those were Adele’s words to Gabby. They left him stunned.

When he relayed the message to Jay, Jay was deflated. He had an urgent urge to ease himself, which he did and repeated at short intervals. Beads of sweat adorned his forehead for a while before they ran down his face. He needed not be told that the news had spiked his blood pressure.


“What do you think I should do now?” Jay asked.


“Jay, you have a really bad case. It’s only you that can help yourself,” Gabby told him.

Jay nodded for Gabby was right. Suddenly, his mind cleared. He nodded again and smiled. He knew the solution to his problem. He never loved Adele! Yeah, he never did. She was never his spec. He went for her then because she was related to the manager of the company where he was working. He wanted promotion but the manager, a dour-faced man in his early fifties, was an obstacle. The man was also in charge of an arm of the company that dealt with contracts. Jay was interested in the juicy contracts the company was getting. He wanted to be moved to that department, but it was almost impossible. Then one day, a young lady visited the manager. For the first time, they saw the manager’s face light up.

Jay made discreet inquiries and found out that the young lady was the manager’s niece. Being a smart guy, he set to work. Luckily, the young lady, a working class lady, was naive. She swallowed all Jay told her hook, line and sinker. It was easy for her to fall in love. She was an orphan -an only child. She desperately wanted someone that would give her unalloyed attention. Jay was all over her. In less than seven months, they were married.

After that, promotion came rapidly and he was moved to his choice department in the company. Then, he began to show his true colour. That naive, lonely orphan was Adele!


Jay shook his head. Losing her wouldn’t really cost him his life, but his children meant a lot to him. He would look for a way to get them on his side. Once he had them on his side, every other person could jump into the lagoon for all he cared. Anyway, Adele’s next of kin were their children. So why fight for properties that would eventually return to him?


“Gabby, I’m not going to beg anybody again. Let Adele do whatever pleases her. I’m just going to enjoy myself. Did I tell you that a lady is pregnant with my child? Life goes on,” he said.
Gabby stared at him, mouth agape…




Living on the fast lane isn’t the best. Debola had fully realised that. However, she also realised that it was never too late to retrace one’s steps. There’s dignity in labour but not every labour is dignifying. Why would someone labour in a farm that belonged to another? A farm you had no rights to? She caught her fun, yeah, but what else? Twice, she almost lost her life while trying to steal what belonged to another woman. She should have learnt from her first experience. Anyway, she had learnt her lesson.


She sighed as she watched diners move in and out of the restaurant. She monitored the waiters as they took orders from customers. She paid particular attention to their mien. She would put that into consideration when assesing them at the end of the month. She smiled.


Debola was back to her old working place. She was so lucky. At the time she took the decision to get back to work, she swallowed her pride and went back to her old employers -a fast food company. She was lucky. The company was about to open a new outlet and needed


experienced hands to manage it. It needed an experienced hand to join the designated manager. It was at that point that Debola walked into the manager’s office, seeking re-employment. Her former employers were glad to have her back because she was an invaluable staff while she worked there. When asked why she resigned her employment many months ago, she told them she went to get married but it didnt work out fine. She got the job of a deputy manager in the new outlet!


A phone call got her out of her reverie. It was Jay. She allowed it to ring out three times. The fourth time, she answered.


“Hello. How are you my dear,” Jay said.


“Hello,” she replied.


“It’s me, Jay, my dear,” he said.


“I know you’re the one,” she said.


Jay was taken aback by her tone. She didn’t sound enthusiastic. It was almost as if his call was irritating to her.


“My love, you don’t sound happy,” he said.


“What exactly do you want from me?” She asked.


“My love, I really don’t understand you. Anyway, how’s my baby doing. I need to come see your mother. We need to talk about our getting married,” he said
“It’s not necessary,” she said.


“What do you mean by it’s not necessary? But that’s what you’ve always wanted,” he said.


“That was then, interest has changed,” she said.


“What’s that suppose to mean? What about my child growing inside you?” He asked, incredulous.


“Which child? A child you denied? Anyway, it’s no longer there. The child probably knew it wasn’t wanted and decided to abort his journey into this world. Bye and good luck,” she said.

The phone fell out of Jay’s hand.




Her aunt took a very deep breath and let it out slowly. She had aged greatly since her husband died. She loved him so much. Everybody knew what great bond existed between them. Family members were scared that she wouldn’t get over his death. But at the point they thought they were losing her, she pulled through miraculously. Adele stood with her during those dark days. She would visit every other day, cooked and cleaned the house for her. At a point, she took over her laundry too.


“My daughter, I’ve taken time to study him. There’s an aura of goodness and honesty around him. But it’s not for me to say. Go and think over it again. Let’s talk about this again some other time. It’s a good thing both of you are not in a hurry,” she said.

“Thanks aunty. Thanks for being there for me always. But, would my marriage to Jay stop anything?” Adele asked.


“You were never married to Jay. He knew, for he was told. I wouldn’t know why he came to take you away from us when he knew he wasn’t ready to perform the marriage rites. Enough of him. Let’s get back to Bolan so he doesnt think we’re planning a coup here,” she said and they laughed.


Bolan was waiting in the living room. He stood up when the ladies entered.


Adele went straight to him and he enveloped her in his arms. He kissed her forehead and looked at the old woman.


“Ma, I promise to make her happy always. She means the world to me,” he said.


It was their fourth visit to her in less than two weeks.


Aunty smiled and nodded at Adele who was smiling at her.



The End!



Phew! It’s been weeks of this gripping journey with Jay, Adele, Bolan, Debola and others!


Did you find it interesting? Do write in and share your thoughts.


Meanwhile, look out for another gripping intellectually masturbating series on this page soon!


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Bed Work & Life

Bossladies 69: Mindful masturbation



Bossladies 69: Mindful masturbation


The old woman looked intently at Jay and he shifted uncomfortably. He wondered what could be going on in the woman’s mind. Of course, he wouldn’t pretend he had no idea what she could be thinking. She hadn’t set her eyes on him in the past fifteen years! He had made sure he dodged every chance of their meeting. He refused to attend the weddings of her last two children which held several years ago. He also didn’t attend the burial of her husband about ten years ago. That was the last straw. The woman had stopped calling him on the phone after that. He felt a relief. He could do as he wanted with their daughter. And he actually did, until he realised that contrary to his belief, he would need her the way fishes need water.

He shifted uncomfortably again. Her eyes seemed to pierce through him to the depth of his soul, digging up the lies and cover-ups in him. He felt so transparent.

He swallowed spittle and his goitre bobbed. He cleared his throat even when there was nothing in there.

“So, what exactly did you say is your problem?” She asked him.

ddHe cleared his dry throat the umpteenth time and rubbed his palms together.

“It isn’t exactly a problem. It’s just that…just that…just…” he stuttered.

“So, what is it?” She asked again.

Jay looked into space. He didn’t know what to say. He shouldn’t have come alone. He just realised that. But then, it was a stealthy move he made. How would he start confessing his folly to people? He was really foolish, he knew. He remembered the portion of the Holy Book which says that there’s a way that seems right to man, but its end is damnation. This is exactly what it means. Chaaaaaaaaaiii!

“Are you here at all?” The woman asked.

Startled, Jay nodded and said, “Yes aunty”.

“So, what do you want? After ignoring us for more than fifteen years, you appear at my door and can’t even say what you want. You’re lucky my husband is dead. He would have chased you out of his house. I called you when he died, even when I knew that Adele would have told you, you neither turned up during his burial, no performed the rites meant for in-laws. You know that if it was in the olden days when our ancestors worshipped the earth, the ground on which you rested your foot would have been against you,” the woman said.

Jay lifted his feet off the ground. It was a reflect action. Then, he placed them back gingerly on the floor.

“Aunty, I’m sorry. I’m very sorry,” he said.

The woman stared intently at him but said nothing.

“Aunty, I have come to see you. I’ve come to right the wrongs of many years,” he said, suddenly getting bold.

“Where’s our daughter, Adele? How can you visit us after more than fifteen years without her? I can’t welcome you here without our daughter,” she said.

“Aunty, I came to see you. I’ll come with her soon,” he pleaded.

He knew he was lying. He knew it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Adele to visit her aunty with him.

“I’ll not listen to you unless you bring our daughter,” the woman said, hissing loudly.

She stood up and went towards a door.

As she opened the door, she turned to Jay and said, “The gateman will let you out when you’re ready.”

Then, she slammed the door after her. Jay sat nonplussed. Anger surged through him. He felt like kicking everything in sight. But he also remembered that where he was wasn’t his house. If he misbehaved, he would be cooling his arse behind a counter in a police station. He breathed deeply to calm himself down and left. How on earth would he be able to get Adele to visit her aunty with him? He realised the true meaning of the word, impossibility.

As he drove out of the compound, he smiled. A plan was building up in his mind. He would get Gabby…


“So my daughter ran mad and no one told me?” Debola’s mother wailed.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! This world is wicked o. Who did I offend? Who? Who?” She cried.

“Mama, it’s not so. Debola is just disturbed. She’s not mad,” aunty prophetess said soothingly.

“Please spare me that! Do I look like a kid that you can confuse with your grammar? You heard what the doctor said. He said her mind is disturbed. Is a madman’s mind not disturbed? They should discharge her for me let me take her to my pastor,” she said, pulling off the the scarf on her head and encircling it round her waist. She knotted it firmly and continued her ranting.

Tears welled up behind the prophetess’ eyelids. She forced them back. She had to be strong now. If she broke down in tears, then Debola’s mother would lose hope. She would think her daughter had truly gone bonkers. The onus fell on her to make mama understand the fact that one’s mind could be disturbed as a result of stress and that it didn’t amount to madness.

“Mama, that wasn’t exactly what the doctor said. Debola is not mad. She’s going through a very difficult time and she is thinking too much. That’s the problem. The doctors had to force her mind to rest. That’s why they gave her sleeping drugs to make her sleep. She’s not mad, mama,” prophetess told her.

“She’s not mad, she’s not mad, but she told me a madman was following her about, calling her his wife. Can a sane person be thinking like that? How do you convince me? How come a sane mind could cook up such crazy story? Tell me, I say tell me!” Mama said and burst into another round of wailing.

“Mama, she didn’t cook up that story. It actually happened,” prophetess said.

Immediately she uttered those words, she knew she shouldn’t have. Now, she’d have to let the cat out of the bag. She felt very sad. Debola’s mother was staring at her.

“You mean a madman was actually following my daughter and called her his wife?” She asked and dumped her bum on the available seat.

She stared at the prophetess and made a sign for her to keep her voice down. The prophetess stared at her.

“Sit down, my daughter,” Debola’s mother whispered to her, looking around to see if anybody was paying attention to them.

The prophetess complied and sat beside her.

“How could you be saying such. If anybody hears that, they will conclude that something is wrong with my daughter. Don’t you know that it’s not a good omen for a madman to be chasing a sane woman? It’s a curse o, a terrible curse at that. Please don’t say that again,” she pleaded with the prophetess.

Despite herself, the prophetess almost burst into laughter. It was so funny. She kept herself in check though. This was a mother who, moments ago, was almost undressing herself, wailing at the top of her voice that her daughter had gone mad. Now, she didn’t want anyone to hear that a madman chased the same daughter.

“My daughter, tell me, what happened? Where did the madman see her? Were you with her or she told you?”

Prophetess didn’t know where to begin, she whispered, “I wasn’t with her. She told me. It was the stress that led to the bleeding. She lost the pregnancy…”

Debola’s mother opened her mouth in surprise.

“You mean my daughter was pregnant? For who? Who?” Her voice was gradually rising.

It was the prophetess’ turn to remind her to keep her voice down.

“How can I keep my voice down when you people want to kill me? Tell me. Tell me o. You children won’t wait for a man to come ask for your hand in marriage…” Debola’s mother was saying and suddenly stopped. Debola wasn’t a kid. She was knocking on forty and definitely needed a man!

“Mama, let’s go outside,” the prophetess said.

Once out of earshot, Debola’s mother said, “My daughter, tell me the truth”.

The prophetess told her everything. She held nothing back.

“And where is the man at the centre of this?” She asked.

“Mama it’s Jay,” the prophetess said.

“Who’s Jay?” Mama asked.

“It’s that same man that you didn’t approve of,” prophetess replied.

Mama’s two hands flew to her head.

“Debola has killed me,” she wailed.

“Why? What is the matter mama?” Prophetess asked, confused.

“That man has a curse placed on his head,” she said, fear in her eyes.

“Who told you mama?” She asked her.

The mama looked furtively around her and beckoned her to come closer…


Adele looked so refreshingly different. She felt so too. She had always wanted to spot a low-cut and had finally mustered the courage to go for it. The barber who shorn her hair talked her into dyeing it blonde. After much hesitation, she had called Bolan and asked for his opinion. He told her to follow her heart. She agreed and had the little hair left on her scalp to be coloured. No doubt, she looked very different…but ravishing. When she sent her new look picture to her children, they made her feel she should have shorn her hair ealier.

Everywhere she went, she got compliments -from known faces and total strangers.

“My woman, when am I meeting your aunt?” Bolan whispered into her ears as he nibbled them at intervals.

Bolan smiled. He had never failed to get what he wanted. He wasn’t about to fail now. When he set his eyes on Adele over a year ago in that restaurant, he knew she was the only woman made for him. He was ready to stake all he had to get her. Now, the real battle was about to be fought. He would crush everything on his way to get Adele into his home permanently.

He kissed her all over as he felt his man stir again. He never could have enough of her. She was also always ready to receive him. She seemed permanently slippery wet for him, giving him mindful masturbation. With her newly shorn hair and creamy skin, she looked like a goddess among men. He drew her into his arms and kissed her throat…


Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!



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Bossladies 68: Orgasmville



Bossladies 68: Orgasmville



There was nothing else Aunty prophetess could have done. She had to inform Debola’s mother. When she came and was made to understand what was happening to her daughter, she wailed uncontrollably. Debola needed someone to stay with her in the hospital. Aunty Prophetess would have gladly stayed with her but she needed to rest or she would get into the same problem as Debola. Moreover, after speaking with Jay, she knew there was a big problem. Jay didn’t want to hear about Debola again. He sounded scared at the mention of her name.

It was clear that the wise men’s prayer didn’t work. She doubted if anything would work for Debola. There are people like that. It could also be that those spiritual things wouldn’t work on Jay.

Her mind raced back to her school days at the university. That was more than twenty years ago. There was a roommate of hers who tried to strengthen a relationship. She failed woefully.

She was in an eight-man room with some ‘happening babes’ who spent money as if it was going out of fashion. The few evenings they spent in the hostel, they would regale the other girls with tales of their escapades. As at that time, those happening babes were travelling to the UK as if they were going to their village.

Trish, for that was the unlucky roommate’s name, was lying on her bunk one morning, when their ‘big girls’ roomies returned after more than a week outside the campus. She didn’t feel like talking, so, she pretended to be asleep. They also didn’t try to wake her up. To them, Trish was local, she didn’t measure up to their standard. They ignored her and gisted. Trish, unknown to them, listened in. It was then she learnt that those men picking their bills weren’t doing it of their own will. The girls were manipulating men with the aid of spiritual powers.

No wonder they were turning those rich men round their little fingers and making so much money from them! She learnt their trade secret.

A little plan started to build up in Trish’s mind. Those girls weren’t more beautiful than her. If they could get those rich men, she should be able to also. She knew what to do. Few days later, she approached one of the girls.

Dayo, unlike others, was friendly. She found herself alone with Dayo one day. They got talking and she stylishly steered their conversation towards how they got men to do their bidding and where they got the powers to do so. Trish told her the simple truth: she was jealous of their lifestyle and would like to join them. Dayo, conspirationally, told her all she wanted to know. She told Dayo that she had a very rich guy who had been helping her but she wanted the guy to spend more on her. Dayo told her to visit one baba…

Few days later, Trish set out very early in the morning. She got to the baba’s house around 7am. The house -a bungalow-was unmistakable. Right in front were coffins, stacked on each other in three rows, for sale. Trish was not deterred: only the lion-hearted could acquire wealth, she reasoned. She went into the ungated compound and asked for baba. She was brought before baba, who was seated, shirtless, in a sparsly furnished sitting room.
After exchanging greetings, baba sought to know her mission.

“Baba, look at me. Am I not beautiful? Am I not attractive? Baba, why are men not giving me enough money? I want you to help me so that men can be dashing me plenty money,” she told the baba.

“What did you bring for the gods?” The baba asked.

Trish’s mind blanked out for a moment. She had a total of one hundred and seventy naira on her. Her student bank account had a little over five hundred naira in it. At that point, she needed to make photocopies worth almost three hundred naira. Her parents and siblings were in Benin. They were managing to eke out a living there. She was sponsoring her education and sending stipends to her brothers each time she could afford it. All these flashed through her mind in seconds. So, it was with heavy heart that she opened her handbag and brought out sixty naira and stretched it towards the baba. She wasn’t too sure but she felt she saw something like distaste flash through baba’s face. He collected the money from her and shouted a name. A young boy of about eleven years ran into the sitting room. On his heels were six other younger children, some of them looking like age mates. Trish concluded there were twins among them.

Baba gave the sixty naira to the boy and instructed him to buy forty naira bread and twenty naira cooked beans for their breakfast.

“Make sure you share it accordingly. I don’t want to hear that anybody was cheated. You people should drink enough water. I don’t want to hear any cry about hunger till evening,” baba told the oldest among them.

They all nodded and filed out of the sitting room.

“My daughter, you can see I didn’t keep any of the money you gave to me. I have given all to your junior ones for feeding,” he told Trish.

She nodded and squirmed on her seat. Baba waited for her to say something. She said nothing. She hadn’t eaten, she would still pay her transport back to school out of the one hundred and ten naira left in her bag.

“Em…em…baba, if you do it for me, I’ll come back for thanksgiving,” she said.

Baba contemplated for a moment and asked her, “What exactly do you want?”

“Baba, I want men to be giving me correct money. I want a man that can send me to London on holiday, a man that can take care of my needs,” she said.

“Do you have any man in mind?” He asked.

She thought a bit and said, “Baba, I met one man few weeks ago. He is rich. He has given me some money. I want him to give me more,” she told him.

Baba stared at her for a while and shouted a name. No one answered. Baba shouted again and there was no response.

He stood up and went into a room. He came out with a long cane and a bag.

“These children, the only language they understand is the cane. Since they’ve eaten this morning, you won’t see them again until they are hungry,” he said, sitting down.

He brought out a parcel from his bag and unwrapped it and looked Trish in the eyes.

“My daughter, I don’t know why I’m giving you this. But my spirit says I should,” he said, taking up a folded paper from the parcel.

“When are you visiting the man?” He asked.


“I’m supposed to see him today,” she said.

“Where are you seeing him,” Baba asked.

“His house sir. I know his house,” she said.

“Perfect. When you get to a place where there is an interception of three roads, unwrap this and say whatever you want and blow the powder in the three road directions. Call his name three times. Wrap it and keep the remaining in your bag. The powder inside is enough for four times,” he said.

Trish was excited. She beamed and said, “Thank you Baba. Thank you sir. I will come back to say thank you,” she gushed.

She left Baba’s house with a gait. When she got to a place where three roads ‘met’, she brought out the carefully folded paper and did as she was instructed. Then, she went confidently to the man’s house.

When she knocked, the man came out dressed, he was going out. She smiled at him and he frowned. as if he was trying to remember who she was. She was taken aback.

“Good morning,” she said hesistantly.

“Good morning. You can see that I’m on my way out,” he said gruffly.

“But you asked me to come and see you this morning,” she told him.

“Oh, did I? Well, I have a business to attend to,” he said, locking his door carefully and moving to his garage.

“So, when do I see you?” She asked, following him.

“I’ll see you when I’m less busy,” he said.

As she made to open the passenger side of the car door, he looked up and told her, “I’m not going your way.”

Shell-shocked, Trisha stared at him.

Getting herself together, she said, “Okay, you’ll drop me at your most convenient place.

“No, I’m running late for an appointment,” he said, engaging the gear.

“I don’t have enough money to transport me back to school,” she said, running after him.

“You shouldn’t have left your school without enough transport fare,” he said and drove off.


The man’s gateman was at the gate. He observed all that had happened and waited patiently for Trish to leave the compound. Immediately she walked through the gate, he closed the gate with such force that it sounded like finality to Trish. Tears dropped down her cheeks. If she hadn’t gotten greedy, she would still have been getting the little he was giving her….

Prophetess sighed. All these spiritual stuff wouldn’t work for some people. It was obvious it wouldn’t work for Debola. She prayed that Debola would regain her full senses…



Jay was drained emotionally. Of course, what Gabby told him was the truth, he didn’t get married to Adele properly. He didn’t complete the vital part of the marriage ceremony. He was told that as long as he didn’t do it, he was not married to her. It dragged on for years and because of that, they could not go for the church wedding.

Jay held his head. What would he do now? He would have to go visit Adele’s aunt. He would look for a way to complete the marriage rites without Adele’s knowledge.

A plan started taking shape in his mind…


“My woman, I have realised that you’re my missing limb. I can’t seem to live with the fact that you belong to another man. I love you so much. Do you love me?” Bolan asked.

Adele smiled. What a question! If only he knew that he was the best thing that had happened to her in a while. She smiled again and snuggled closer to him. Her body still wanted him, despite the fact that they had had each other twice before dawn. She shivered, for she was unclad. He felt her shivers and drew her to his warm body.

“Do you love me, my woman?” He asked her again.

“Of course, I love you with every part of me that can love a man,” she whispered.

“Then get a divorce and let’s get married,” he whispered into her ears, kissing her and caressing her all over.

Adele went quiet, although her body was responding to his roving hands. She felt him getting turgid and she felt herself creaming. She was inching towards orgasmville again!

“Get a divorce from him and let’s get married,” he said again, pulling her gently on him and kissing her forehead.

“Baby, I don’t need a divorce from him,” she said quietly.

“What do you mean,” Bolan asked.

Adele looked into his eyes and smiled….



Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!



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