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Dear pastors, this is for you (2)



Dear pastors, this is for you (2)

This is a continuation of the series we began last week. We were able to establish that the purpose for ministry (church) is NOT for the stomach; rather it is for the betterment of the lives of the people, particularly spiritually.

While we condemned the acts of Pastors who lay curses on members who don’t pay tithes, we also agreed that finance is of importance in the running of the day-to-day activities of the ministry.

This (finance) comes naturally if one is genuinely called. If it is His will (God’s call), then it is His bill. You don’t cajole or force people to give, they give naturally. He knows how to sponsor His works.

Furthermore, it is possible for one to be called into a ministry but not getting the desired financial results, to carry out ministry tasks. This led to the first point discussed last week, which is: Name of ministry: If the name of your ministry is not catchy, people will not attend. And when people don’t attend, there will be financial struggles; remember – money follow people.

Other factors to be discussed today are:

a. Conducive environment: Ensure your place of worship is as conducive as possible. Maintain cleanliness and order. Even if it’s a 6 by 6 space, make sure it’s environment is clean. Do not say you are waiting till you build the 100,000 church-capacity God showed you in your dream in 1842 before we would know how clean you are. Remember, “He who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much – Lk 16:10.

b. Brief sermon: Sir, you don’t need to preach all the messages in the Bible in a single service to show how anointed you are. People sleep, dream and even travel to their villages during your ministration and you think they are possessed by demons? No sir; your messages are always long, boring and never captivating. In fact, the ones you see in the service do not have choice than to come for service. In worst cases, an hour is enough to pass any message across. Preaching for 3-4 hours is an act of inconsideration Sir. Please repent. If you must exhaust a topic, break into series. Little can be much sir.

c. Stay on course: Once you pick a subject to preach or teach on, stay on it. Do not begin your sermon with prosperity, few minutes later, you dive into healing, then deliverance, soul winning, breakthrough, business and career, and finally, the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such that when one asks any of your members what the topic for the day was, they’ll say “only the Pastor knows”.

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