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Dear pastors, this is for you



Dear pastors, this is for you

Happy Sunday, dear reader. Trust you had a great time in God’s presence today. And for those who couldn’t make it to their places of service, trust you are doing great as well, after reading and meditating on some parts of the Bible.


We began a series last week – “This tithe/seed thing”. The feed backs and reactions from it have been mind-blowing. Due to lack of space, I will share just one out of the numerous messages received.


“Hello Bro Femi. I really enjoyed your treatise on tithes and tithing. I believe in constructive criticisms. There are some so-called pastors who were called by their bellies. I know what I’m talking about. These ones just set up churches like business centers. They even issue curses on their members when they don’t get enough monies especially through tithes ( I’ve witnessed these absurdities physically when I was still member/worshiper). It is people like these we should condemn. We have a ministry today, we collect tithes but not with curses, abusive words, threats etc. The word of God at Mal.3:9,10 and 11 on ‘tithing’ is clear” Pastor Gbenga T. Olowolagba


I read some of these feed backs with total amazement and my conclusion includes but not limited to the following:

1. Some pastors are genuinely called by God. They understand the purpose of the calling.

2. Some were called but along the line, lost the purpose of their calling. So right now, they are in that journey on their own; using human strengths to carry out the tasks, and this has led to so many frustrations.

3. The last sets are pastors who were not and may never be called. They ‘dialed’ their personal numbers and ‘called’ themselves into the ministry. The motive for establishing ministry here is for ‘tithe and offering’ collection, what I call “stomach ministry”.

For now, I will only deal with number one above. So, join me on this interesting adventure, while I welcome your opinion and suggestions too. However, before we go ahead, let me state here that any pastor who lays curse on his members for not paying tithes was never called, he is not a pastor. Therefore, having such person(s) for your spiritual covering is at your peril. The Bible is very clear about tithe issue: If you obey, there are rewards attached, and if you do not, you bear the consequences. So, no man should be forced. Church is not established because of money, but to serve as avenue to return mankind to God.


In as much as I am aware that it takes money to run ministry effectively, let’s state here that, money follows people. When you get the people, you will get the money. I mean people who will genuinely sponsor the ministry. Meanwhile, your focus should not be ‘money’, but rather, the positive impartation you make in the lives of people. When you positively affect lives, you will naturally be sorted after. If people are not coming to you, something is definitely wrong somewhere. Let’s deal with these one after another. Let’s go.

a. Name of ministry: The name of your ministry shouldn’t be a tongue twister. It is easy to pronounce, not ambiguous too. Whenever I see the names of some ministries, I can’t help but laugh out loud. You see things like: “Holy Ghost Fire International Ministries Deliverance Ground of Solution of People of God in Heaven and Earth Church!” or “The Lord Shall Reign over All the Earth Church of Aladura Ministries International Worldwide” etc. Habba, Bros!

What about compressing all these names into about two, three or four words? Example: Winners Chapel, Daystar Church, House on the Rock, Christ Embassy, Jesus Santuary etc. Even banks’ names are easy to pronounce – eg: Access Bank, FirstBank, Zenith. When I see the name of your church, I can tell the kind of people that worship there. Of course, the name does not have to be funky, however, it has to be inspired by Holy Spirit.

There are churches that members are not proud to invite their friends to. When you ask them “What is the name of your church”? You hear, “The one down the street, beside the canal”.


Dear pastors, if the name of your ministry is confusing, great men and women won’t attend. When results don’t match anointing, it becomes annoyance. Stop getting angry with your members, do the right thing Sir. See you next week

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