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Epidemic looms in Bauchi



Epidemic looms in Bauchi

The people of Bauchi State have expressed worries over the indiscriminate dumping of refuse into stagnant waters, near and in front of houses and eatery places. They are mostly worried as the refuse-filled gutters and environment are breeding all manners of mosquitoes and deadly roaches.
The worries came especially as torrent of warnings by environmentalists saying epidemic looms in Bauchi state. They warned that if care is not taken mostly during this raining season, the state would experience serious flooding since most of the water ways (drainages) are blocked with refuse.


Speaking withNew Telegraph, social commentator Mr. Paul David observed that, of recent Bauchi metropolis has witnessed refuse dump site in most part of the city which is not acceptable because it may cause serious health hazards to the people. David said indiscriminate dump of refuse may also lead to epidemic of many diseases especially during this raining season. He said, “some part of the city like the popularly Wunti round about, Gombe road, Bayan Gari and Nasarawa areas you will see refuse dumps, some which have blocked water ways by implications is that when water is not allow to flow, can lead to overflowing which we have experienced in the past.”


He call on government to take the issue of waste management more serious to safeguard the environment and health of the people.


Madam Polina Charles, a bush meat seller at the Igbo quarters popularly known as Bayan Gari in Bauchi metropolis said they have reported to government officials but nothing has been done about it. Polina expressed her worries that soon the waste would surround her shop and she will be force to relocate somewhere else. “I started this business two years ago, the waste was far away from my shop but is about to surround my shop because of that building built by one Alhaji adjacent my shop.”


Polina said her shop was no longer in habitable for humans because of the bad odour oozing from the waste but she have no choice for now. “I have to cross over to the other street for fresh air and wait for my customers there. When they come, we enter the office and transact business and depart immediately,” she said.


She explained that they have talk to the village head several times to help them talk to those responsible for packing the refuse but till present, nothing has been done about it.


“Seen this near my shop I don’t like it, I have been looking for someone who will join hands together to contribute small amount of money and pay people to help us pack it but the people around here are not willing to contribute or join hands with me to do it”.

Speaking to New Telegraph, Director Inspection, Enforcement and Compliance Bauchi State Sanitation Environmental Program Agency (BASEPA) Alhaji Ahmed Mu’azu said issue of solid waste management is becoming a phenomena in Africa and Nigeria because of increase in population and town expansion.


Mu”azu observed that, that the utility is increasing so is the waste generation but the habit of the people have not change towards refuse dumping while blaming rainfall for aggravating the situation. “Government is strategist to repeat what happened in May last year to mobilize the people of the state to come in mass and evacuate waste in their domains.”He said.


He said apart from their efforts to keep the state clean, most of the works have been lease to contractors who oversees street sweeping.


He condemned eating or selling of foods near waste collection saying it may result to contacting diseases and advised people to join hands with government to reduce indiscriminate dumping of refuse especially at temporary sites.

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