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Experts confirm healing powers of garlic



Experts confirm healing powers of garlic

Experts in nutrition have affirmed that garlic, an ingredient found in almost every cuisine, has emerged as a healing diet.

Part of the allium family, which includes onions and leeks, garlic has a number of compounds that supply its health-boosting effects as well as its pungent aroma.

According to wide-ranging research, garlic can seemingly improve immunity and heart health, possibly help prevent as well as fight certain cancers, and lower triglycerides and total cholesterol. Its many compounds include antioxidants and allicin, which has anti-bacterial properties, researchers report.


According to the Founder and Director of the Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, Rev Fr. Anslem Adodo, garlic is one of the most effective natural antibiotics there are. He said, “It is scientifically proven that garlic works powerfully against the following bacteria Escherichia coli, which causes intestinal dysbacteriosis and urinary infections, salmonella typhi, which causes typhoid fever, shigella dysenteriae, which causes bacillus dysentery, staphylococcus & streptococcus, which cause inflammation of the genital organs, damaged sperm cells, and skin infections and blemishes. Unlike synthetic antibiotics, garlic has no side effect whatsoever.”


Adodo said garlic contains alliin, niacin,and vitamins A1, B1, B2. “As volatile substances, alliin and diallyl dysulphur easily permeate all body organs and tissues, making it impossible to hide the smell.

“The body organs, which benefit most from garlic, are the organs of elimination such as the lungs, bronchi, liver, kidneys and the skin.”

He said when garlic was eaten, its odour impregnates all the body secretions: breath, sweat, urine, belches, saliva, and even the milk of breastfeeding mother.

“The peculiar smell of garlic is due to the presence of diallyl disulphide, an enzyme derived from alliicine, which is a by-product of alliinase.”

Some of these benefits could be seen after eating just one meal with raw garlic, the ‘NewsmaxHealth’ reported.


To get the most benefits, first chop, slice or crush fresh garlic — this fires up a process that makes its compounds more potent. Wait five to 10 minutes before eating or using in a dish, especially if you’ll be mixing it with a highly acidic food like lemon juice.


Here are some easy ways to use raw garlic: mash into avocado for guacamole, blend into Caesar salad dressing, and puree with chickpeas for hummus or with white beans for bean dip.


The report however advised that consumers don’t have to always eat it raw. As long as the garlic is prepped as suggested and added toward the end of a recipe, “you can cook it and it will retain its nutritional value.”

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