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He survived the tomb



I believe that the raving mad man of Gadare is one of the strongest men of faith in the New Testament. Before he became totally taken over by the devil, he must have been a stubborn, persistent and a strong person. Mad men still manifest, most of the natural characteristics even in the state of insanity.


The gentle ones still show evidence of gentle personality and the violent ones also still show these traits. Educated one display evidence of enlightenment and the uneducated likewise display traits of crudity. Same goes for fashionable and neat persons.


These traits do not go totally lost just because the devil took over theme. No, they don’t. The devil may take over the person but they do not and cannot destroy one’s personality completely. I believe people would carry their personality into hell itself.


The natural traits that make you may be polished or darkened but you will remain you for eternity in hell or in haven. Now, we said all these to make this point, you can tell some of the things a man used to be, even when he has gone completely mental. Our personality follows us forever.


Therefore a mad man who was inhabited by legions of wicked demons and survived must have been a strong person. He must naturally be a persistent person. He must be a die-hard fighter. It is plain that it the devil that took this man to the mountains with intent to kill him there. But the man would not submit to them.


Instead, he would cry out for freedom; it was not the demon crying. They need not cry. They had the man captive.


The crying signifies the man’s insistence on living. Just as the devil took Jesus to a high mountain suggesting he commit suicide in a bid to prove a point, in the same  way Satan led this man to the mountain, giving him a thousand reasons to end his life there. But the man would not. When it was obvious, he would not bow to them on the mountain, they took him down to the grave of his grandfather’s arming with dangerous weapons to kill himself but he insisted on living.


They made him to wound himself with stones out of frustration, yet he would not give up his life even in the valley of tombs.


My other reason for respecting this man is the from that tomb, he sighted Jesus and as if he had been praying and longing for him, the mad man ran and fell down before him, worshipping Jesus. Again, do not tell me that it was the demons that led him to do so.


If you are holding this view, you must be a baby in the scriptures: Demons ma bow down and beg for mercy but they can no longer worship; they have lost that capacity. The race from the tomb to Christ was a gesture of spiritual jail-break. It was like a captive’s desperate last effort to escape the grips of his merciless captor.


The worshipping was done in the madman, but the actual pleading not to be tortured was those of the demons inhabiting and holding the man to ransom.

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