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Nomoreloss’ death sparked something that led me to Christ –Weird MC



Nomoreloss’ death sparked something that led me to Christ  –Weird MC

Popularly known as Weird MC, Shola Idowu, has been around for a long time. Many of her fans would recall with nostalgia the days of her hit song, “Allen Avenue” long before the explosive “Ijoya”. In this interview with Adedayo Odulaja and Ghaniyah Olowoyo, she speaks on music, her career and her new-found love for Christ.



Don’t you think being born again can affect your fan base, your appeal and the way people see you since the days of Allen Avenue?
The appeal takes second place to God because if I’m still unduly concerned about the appeal, then it leaves the question, who am I really worshipping? Am I worshipping my career or am I worshiping God? second, I’d also say this to you, as an engagement with the soul, God created music and the original intent was the music to be used to worship Him. Everything that He created for His good pleasure. I now take the gift of music that He has placed inside me to honour Him by sharing things about Him with the world and I think that’s a good thing. Don’t forget that I come from their background, we speak the same language, with the same energy. I’m now saying I’ve seen the light, come and see the light with me, I think it’s an amazing thing. People will always see that you’re sincere, you know, there’s a lot of contemporary stuff out there. Kirk Franklin is contemporary in his approach to music, Nathaniel Bassey; Travis Greene comes to Nigeria a lot so that’s what it is.

With your embrace of gospel somewhat inconsistent with the tom boy personae, how will this impact on your career beginning with the stage name?
First things first, Weird MC means I’m different, I’m peculiar and it also aligns with the fact that when you become born again, you are a peculiar nation onto God. I’ve thought about that a couple of times if I’m going to be honest with you. The name is Weird MC Shola, a lot of people know me as Shola and that Shola is Weird MC but my audience will also understand that there’s a transformation going on in my life, a spiritual transformation for that matter. I truly believe that those who are my core followers will transform along with me because it’s the will of God. The will of man shall not supersede the will of God in my life. Not anymore. The Holy Spirit said to me, “you know what, Shola? No, don’t drop that name because there’s a nation that is attached to you, go and minister to that audience and still keep your name.” But I will not do things that will compromise my faith. I will not do that. I will always use myself as a living sacrifice to God, I’ll always use myself as a virtue of honour onto God. He has given me an assignment and that’s what takes precedence over everything. So when you see me on stage, I’m not just entertaining you, I’m ministering to you now, I’m teaching you. So I’m engaging culture. It doesn’t change anything.
How do you intend to handle the part about your dressing?
Of course it will be toned down, it is already being toned down in recent times if you check my page. As He wills! He is the one who is at work in me, to will and to do. He is the one who is transforming me every day. So if I’m harvesting souls every day, that is the greatest honour and it means I’m useful for the kingdom, I’m doing the will of my Father. There is nothing as awesome as that.

You mentioned something the other time; does it mean it was the death of Nomoreloss that made you give your life to Christ?
No, I said the death of Nomoreloss brought a voice; it’s not necessarily the reason why I gave my life to Christ. They are two different things.

People knew you were close to Nomoreloss but many didn’t know you were that close. How close were you and how did you receive the death?
We were very very close and his death came as a shocker, it was such a rude shock. I mean, we spoke just a few days before, he was saying: “Mama, you’re back!” because I went to London for like a month and I just returned and called him up like: “Guy, where are you now?” You know, like we normally talk, and he was like “Mama you’re back, we’ll see, we go see for weekend.” He even told me that he was somewhere in Dolphin Estate. I came back for Dare Alade’s concert, if you remember and I performed. So we were just talking and joking, I was telling him that we need to hang out, that I was performing at Eko Hotel. I was very excited and he said: “No mama, just go and have fun. Not even knowing that he was ill at that time and he didn’t want to tell me. I remember when he passed, I asked his elder brother and he told me that he probably didn’t want me to see him how he was because he knew how emotional I was going to get because we were very very close. On Monday, I went somewhere around Adeniyi Jones, coincidentally, I wasn’t on Twitter. I noticed that Alariwo has called me several times, so I picked his call and he said, is it true? I asked: Is what true? Because I was confused and he said Nomoreloss is gone and I said “no, don’t joke with me, I don’t like that kind of joke.” I mean, we were still screaming together a couple of days before. One of my PAs that was with me then said, “Mama it’s true o.” I still didn’t believe it so we called Omo Baba and he confirmed it. I was shocked. I remember going to the mortuary and I told the sister-in-law that I wanted to see him and there he was, just lying there and I was like “Muyiwa, so you’re gone.” It was just a major, major shock.
A lot has been said about you. What’s the most shocking thing that has been written about you?
All that is in the past. I don’t dwell on that. Old things have passed away. I just want to keep going from grace to grace. I just want God to use me, I get loads of questions every day, fans asking me a series of questions like “where are you?” “What are you singing next? “We heard you are born again, so are you not going to sing anymore? That in itself is grace.

So are you going to be singing strictly gospel songs?
We tend to put labels on things, we tend to put things in categories. If you’re ministering the word of God, you’re ministering the word of God. Yeah, I’m preaching the word of God through music. I’m working for the advancement of the kingdom of my father. It goes beyond music, it’s ministration, it’s expression. We’re serving, that’s what we are doing.

The Bible itself preached about love. How open to love are you?
Yeah, right now, I’m open to the love of God.

Apart from the love of God, do you wish to fall in love? And do you wish to have kids of your own soon?
As the Lord wills. I love kids, I want to have kids, but as the Lord wills.

Growing up, how many did you want to have?
I love to have 2. Growing up, there were 6 of us in the family, 3 boys and 3 girls. I don’t know why but I’ll love to have 2. 2 is a good number. A boy and a girl, yeah.

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  1. Anthony Olayiwola Onibokun

    November 11, 2018 at 3:31 am

    Hey Weird MC! It is well with you; may the LORD uphold you and cause your light to shine, in Jesus name.Amen!

  2. Martina

    August 26, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    This is the best decision any one can make. May your walk with the Lord remain unshakable in Jesus name.Remain blessed

  3. Tina

    August 21, 2018 at 5:36 am

    I pray for you, you will not fail in this new faith God will sure settle everything you need to be perfect in all you do… I want you to change your dressing like dress like a woman I want to see that God beauty in you.. make your hair dress in a skirt or top and ? or gown name it. ???

  4. Darlington

    August 20, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    I wish you all the best.

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Kevin Hart moved to therapy facility 10 days after car crash



Kevin Hart moved to therapy facility 10 days after car crash

Hollywood actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, has been released from hospital and is said to be in stable condition.


His release from the medical facility where he has been under intense watch and has had to undergo surgery came 10 days after a road accident that left him shaken. TMZ reports that he has been moved to a physical therapy facility where he would be undergoing further treatment, with the report further indicating that Kevin Hart is keeping a positive attitude and is “grateful to be alive.” It was revealed that he suffered three spinal fractures in last Sunday’s road accident but doctors had stated that they expected him to make a full recovery.



Behind the wheel when the accident occurred at Mulholland Highway, Malibu Hills was his friend, Jared Black, who also suffered major back injuries in the crash while Rebecca Broxterman, Hart’s personal trainer, as well as wife, were also in the vehicle.

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Eedris Abdulkareem celebrates Sowore’s wedding anniversary



Eedris Abdulkareem celebrates Sowore’s wedding anniversary

Activist and Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, still in the custody following his arrest early last month owing to a nationwide movement termed #RevolutionNow he championed but he marked his 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday.


Making it known was rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, in an Instagram post on Thursday, as he prayed for bliss in Sowore’s marriage to his wife, Opeyemi, in the face of his “sacrifice for Nigeria today”. Remembering the activist’s 15th wedding anniversary, Abdulkareem wrote: “Fifteen years ago, you tied the nuptial knots that still binds you till date in love and oneness!



“Love so real and so compassionate as yours makes the world go round and of course, it breaks through any manmade barriers like subjugation, gagging, imprisonment and utterly dehumanising intimidation and treachery. “So, as you sacrifice for Nigeria today, may this anniversary sprout out a bountiful, blessed and glorious tomorrow for you! Happy anniversary once again! Many more conjugal bliss ahead as years come and ago!!! Freedom…”


Sowore’s wife, Opeyemi, had in an interview on a TV show in the US, Democracy Now!, said the Federal Government pinned its grievance on Sowore on a meeting he had with the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra leader (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. “They also mentioned he may have taken money from international countries, and he met them in Dubai.


He has never been to Dubai before, which was an interesting statement on the Nigerian government’s part. And no money, basically, has been found with him,” she said.

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AY, wife visit Toyin Abraham weeks after giving birth



AY, wife visit Toyin Abraham weeks after giving birth

Comedian and moviemaker, AY Makun, and his wife, Mabel Makun, paid a surprise visit to Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, and her child, Ire and also gave them gifts! Toyin Abraham actress announced their visit on Instagram and also shared a photo.


“Thank you Daddy @aycomedian and mummy @midas_interiors for coming and thanks for the…………………..,” she wrote.


Excited Dad, Kola Ajeyemi, also shared same on his Instagram page. Toyin Abraham welcomed her son, Ire, in August, few weeks after her wedding introduction to actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi. The couple held naming ceremonies for their son in London and Lagos

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Writing songs for Davido was big opportunity for me –Teni Makanaki



Writing songs for Davido was big opportunity for me –Teni Makanaki

Teniola Apata has become a strong force in the Nigerian entertainment arena in about two years. Known widely as Teni Entertainer or Teni Makanaki, her emergence is one nobody saw coming. She told ADEDAYO ODULAJA that she shares such sentiments.



Your emergence can hardly be compared to that of any other. How do you see it?



I have always been an entertainer. It was not about music alone; but everything entertainment. I have always done music. It has always been my passion since I was young. I played the drums. I was always there doing my thing, but maybe people didn’t see me until I came out. It got to a level when I decided that I needed to take it seriously, and luckily God did it for me.


What songs can one find on your playlist that can be said to inspire or inform your lyrics?



I listen to King Wasiu Ayinde, Ebenezer Obey, Pasuma, King Sunny Ade, Ayinla Kollington and Sir Shina Peters. Basically, I listen to all of the old guys.



It doesn’t look like you took a cue from any of them. I was waiting for you to mention Pasuma.


If you listen deep enough you will hear all of them in my music. It’s just me being able to coin it perfectly.

What about songwriting?

I have always loved to put words and melodies together, God just did the rest. Honestly, I feel that writing is one of the most interesting things I do. You look at the words, what people are going through, what you are going through and you put it together. For me, that is fun.

Writing for Davido was one of your highpoints before emerging as a star in your own right. How did it happen?



It was through Shizzy. Shizzy is Davido’s producer and he was the one who gave me the opportunity. It was a big opportunity to write for that calibre of artiste.

Do you have a particular description for your kind of music?



It’s good music. Period.

But it must be said that you have a way of insinuating certain things in your lyrics

I sing about what other people are not confident to sing about. I just sing about people’s everyday life. For example, the song ‘Fargin’. A lot of women are being forced to do things that they don’t want to do and that is what I sang about ‘Askamaya’. I just sing about what is going on in everybody’s everyday life.

What is the meaning of the word, Askamaya and what inspired it?



Askamaya is whatever you want it to be.

Would you say it doesn’t have a deeper, dirty meaning as some people think?



That is their definition of it, what is yours? Because Askamaya is an open word for everyone to just think. Interpret it however you want to.



Your lyrics talk about red spots like Pekas, Allen Avenue, do these places bring out the real you?



But then you can see that I also talk about people like Anita Baker. Anita Baker is an American singer and songwriter. In that song, I was talking about a guy and a girl living a prominent life. The song is just meant to be interpreted the way you like.

How would you describe your person?



I am a happy person, I am a free person and I don’t like trouble, I don’t like stress.

What was your upbringing like in the Okota part of Lagos where you grew up?



I grew up very sheltered. There were policemen in our house, I wasn’t allowed to go out, I went out with an escort. So, I don’t know how I became what I am, but I am just being myself.



A girl who is well sheltered doesn’t end up becoming what you are today, how did it happen?

I have always been a rebel since I was in high school. I was the number one noisemaker in the classroom, but it wasn’t that I was bad. I didn’t believe in someone telling me what to do and how to do it. I believed in doing my thing my own way. That is the best way anyone can ever do anything, by doing it your own way and calling all the shots, by living your life by your own rules. Maybe people took it and the street loved it. Our parent didn’t like the idea of having two musicians in the family, but they don’t have a choice.



Are you aware that some people don’t really like your kind of person, how do you feel about this?

Well, there a lot of people who love me, so I am focusing on them.



Do you subscribe to the notion that you are a tomboy or you see yourself as a lady?


I am a girl; I am a young lady with dreams. I am just a girl living my life the way I want to, in the best possible way.

Your fashion sense can be really suspect, what inspires it?



Comfort. Mainly comfort. As you see, I am wearing a T-shirt, shorts, my socks, and my shoes. I am very comfortable.



In terms of plans, when should your fans expect something from you?



Maybe singles but the album will probably be coming out in 2019.

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AMARA MADUKA; Sex toys can’t replace men



AMARA MADUKA; Sex toys  can’t replace men

Actress, showbiz enthusiast and brazen queen of social media, Amara Maduka, in this interview with AKINSETAN AKINRELE spoke candidly about her goals, relationship and sundry issues.


2019 is gradually coming to an end, how has it been for you?

If I’m going to answer honestly, I’ll say everything is new. I don’t feel like my old self anymore. I have a new movie I did with Martinz Jr Studios coming out soon. It’s a project I’m very excited about and I know you all will love it. It’s called ‘Ordinary Couple.’ You should look out for it and thank me later. I starred alongside Antonio and Nancy Isime. It’s a once in a lifetime comedy story I know everyone would love.

What are you up to now?



I’m fully into the entertainment industry. I write and presently I’m working on starting up my own production company. And for me it’s everything inclusive, even music eventually. But I’m kicking off with a show.



You often flaunt your curves on social media, don’t men harass you over that?

Well, honestly I’m of the opinion that a man who is irresponsible is irresponsible. What a woman wears doesn’t and shouldn’t affect a man who is responsible to himself. Just as we hear about of paedophilia in the news lately. It has nothing to do with the kids. If you’re an adult, there are things you should learn for yourself. You don’t harass a woman because she is flaunting her butt, that’s not an invitation.



This could lead to rape, doesn’t it bother you?



How a woman dresses has absolutely nothing to do with her being raped. People just don’t get it. An adult must learn self control or they’ll always land in trouble. As women, we see men wear really tight pants and have their huge crotch showing up but we don’t come to rape them. Even though some of us just admire the thing and move on because as adults we know IT IS NOT AN INVITATION! Not physically though. But I see them on Instagram. Sadly we can mostly see those online cos we don’t have men with such eggplant in Nigeria. Most of our men with the big eggplant have follow Onyibo go, leaving us with few or nothing. And this should be treated as a national emergency, by the way. Well, on an average, the size doesn’t matter but the usage does. Then again, if it’s too small, wetin we gain?

Are you in relationship?



I’m currently self-dating. I take myself out, I buy myself stuff, I spoil myself, I orgasm myself. Those toys are amazing and ladies should try it sometime. And they don’t give you drama. You don’t share them with others. They don’t cheat too!

It might make you detest marriage, are you not worried?



The controversy surrounding sex toys is really unnecessary. Men act like the toys are going to replace them, but I don’t think it would. Eventually, a woman will need the warmth of a man and the toys won’t provide that. Toys are basically for emergency situations. When the human isn’t available and a girl has to help herself, a sex toy comes in handy.

So, you can do without sex toys?



Personally nothing has control over me. I can dump it in a heartbeat if I want to. I use it. It doesn’t use me. If you get what I mean. I can do without sex. A great sex is great. But then again, no be food na. I think it’s an established fact that curvy women are better lovers and great at sex. They are the juiciest so, technically, they’re the sweetest.



I come from a very loving family. And they happen to understand that it’s God that gives husband, I can’t just order one from Jumia.



My heart is big and so meek. I cry as much as I laugh. Sometimes watching a random video on the internet makes me cry. Sometimes an honest compliment can even make me cry. I absorb energy that’s why I’m careful of the energy I allow around me and things I expose myself to.

You are hardly seen at event, are you anti-social?



I’m an ambivert. But more often than not, I enjoy my own solitude. Lots of messed up people out there these days one has to be extremely careful with which energy you mix. I’m not good at honouring invitations. Which is something I’m working on too. I realised I can’t stay in the sidelines anymore.



How then do you relax?

I relax with music and being butt naked in my house. Nakedness is liberating, sis and I have influenced all my friends. Once you hang with me, you’ll learn how to love your nakedness. Clothes are stress but I’m naked only at home o.

Can you marry a man as old as your father?



I think love is a beautiful thing and it doesn’t respect age. 

I’m happy Regina Daniels found someone who makes her happy. Most people talking down on that union wish they have what she does, trust me. I’m just happy she is happy. If love decides to come in an older package I’m definitely taking it.

What do you expect from your future husband?


I don’t have expectations of men.  I believe in the laws of the universe, law of attraction, mostly. You attract what you are. So, I’m expecting the universe to deliver a heart like mine to me. It’s all about a person’s soul for me. I’m working to be a very wealthy woman, so a wealthy man doesn’t freak me. I can influence him into the man I want him to be if his soul vibes with mine. As for stature, I’m knowledgeable enough to know that none of us made ourselves, so I don’t look at people’s outward look. I pay attention to their inward look.

There seem to be so much hate in Nollywood, especially among actresses, what’s your take?





Women hating on women has nothing to do with entertainment.

It’s everywhere. We are our own worst enemies and it’s so sad.  The entertainment industry is really putting the country on a map. And if the government paid us a little bit of attention with financial assistance, I’m sure we would soar higher.

What do you think should be done to take Nollywood to the next levels?



The way forward is finance. Everything boils down to money. We don’t have investors. All we get is criticisms and little support. Nigerians keep comparing us to Hollywood and it baffles me. We do what we do out of little or nothing and we are able to get results. Not Hollywood’s standard perhaps, but if we have half of what those guys have, we’d shake the world.

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Feel fresh in lemon green sneakers



Feel fresh in lemon green sneakers

Do you know that by merely pairing the right colours, you can achieve a balanced and complete look? Nailing the right accessories colour combinations can enhance your appearance immensely so, if you want to give your style a boost, there’s no better way than to be more thoughtful in the tones you choose to wear. Lemon green can be a surprisingly versatile colour and a great addition to your wardrobe. The trick to nailing the look is to choose the right shade.


Dark green hues, as well as olive and khaki tones, are some of the most flattering for gents. Keeping your colour combinations simple will help to highlight your lemon green sneakers and avoid any clashing. As such, black makes an excellent option that never fails to complement lemon green. Likewise, white can also partner well. Lemon green shoes are such a fun accessory to wear. Full of colour and life, lemon green sneakers will put a smile on everyone’s face.



Their bold hue looks fantastic when paired with a simple, monochrome outfit.


They instantly become a standout feature while remaining chic and somewhat understated. Lemon green shoes also look great with all shades of blues. Navy, in particular, looks superb with yellow, especially for formal occasions



Choose a yellow hoodie and light blue ripped skinny jeans if you are on the hunt for a look idea that conveys edgy style.


Finishing your looks with a pair of green-yellow sneakers is an easy way to inject a more relaxed aesthetic into your getup style.


A black leather biker jacket and black sweatpants are essential menswear pieces, without which our menswear arsenal would definitely be incomplete. Complete this look with lemon green sneakers to keep the look fresh.


A beige biker jacket and light blue ripped jeans are great menswear pieces to add to your daily off-duty wardrobe. To inject an element of stylish casualness into this ensemble, complement your outfit with a pair of lemon green sneakers


For something more on the daring side to finish your ensemble, introduce lemon green sneakers to the mix.


Marry a dark green jacket with blue ripped skinny jeans to achieve an extra dapper and current street style outfit. Complement your look with green-yellow sneakers to make a standard look feel suddenly fresh

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Xenophobia: 10 South Africans dead, no Nigerian – AKA tweets again



Xenophobia: 10 South Africans dead,  no Nigerian – AKA tweets again

Controversial South African rapper, AKA, is at it again, and this time he is claiming no Nigerian has been killed in the recent xenophobic attacks on foreigners, just 10 South Africans.



“The rapper, who was in the past week under serious fire on social media over his inciting posts, said now that the world knows that South Africans are the real victims of these attacks, it was time for the “entire rubbish to stop.”



He tweeted: “10 South Africans dead in last two weeks violence … zero Nigerians. Twitter made you turn on your own country. Sies. How’s about we put all this nonsense behind us and come together as AFRICANS once and for all huh? Now that we know it’s mostly South Africans who died in the past two weeks violence … it’s almost like it’s okay. We have a disgusting problem with our own self confidence and with violence. What a mess! Even South African celebrities were duped into thinking we were mass murdering foreigners. I wonder if they will now turn around and send condolences for their own dead countrymen and women.



In another news, reports have it that the South African government is frustrating the efforts to evacuate some Nigerians in the country.

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PAOFF holds maiden award ceremony



PAOFF holds maiden award ceremony


an African Online Film Festival (PAOFF), an initiative of Africa’s leading digital TV operator, StarTimes, held its maiden award ceremony to honour all local professional African film and music video producers on its StarTimes ON platform.


The glamorous award, which took place on Friday, 6th September, 2019, at Radisson Blu Hotel, in Lagos, featured three award categories: music video category, Short film category and the favourite film category for all local professional film and music video producers.


Speaking at the ceremony, The Brands and Marketing Director StarTimes, Mr. Qasim Elegbede, said that ‘’PAOFF could be seen as a beginning for a brand-new road of the cultural development. And with a joint effort, there shall always emerge more local films and music that convey the mystery and attraction of African culture to the whole world.


‘’At StarTimes, we have the believe BBNaija, housemates, on Wednesday made shocking revelations about their past. Some of them disclosed their dirty sex secrets. Mercy revealed that she brought vibrator to the house. “I brought vibrator to the house that is the only thing that makes me have orgasm,” she reportedly said.


She added that she had been taking care of herself, school and family since the age of 18. Seyi on his part, revealed that he lost his virginity to an older lady. He also revealed that he had sex with two sisters on the same day. “First display of anger was in primary school, stabbed a classmate with a compass. I also had sex with one sister and took the other one to an incomplete building to finish off, walked in on my friend having sex with my girlfriend and I revenged by having sex with her cousin.”


Also revealing secrets, Tacha added that her first sex was so boring and it lasted 30minutes. According to her, she “only did it out of pressure.” That our audiences have access to our local films via StarTimes ON, which is now popular among 15 million users across Africa and enjoyed by them at any given time. The device is user friendly, favourable and very affordable, like a piece of ‘Puff Puff’.


StarTimes ON platform is dedicated to providing ultimate entertainment and enriched experience for African online users. It provides live TV, VOD and short videos covering news, sports, movies, series, music, entertainment, documentary, kids and religion”, he said.

Top winners who bagged more than one award in each category were: Fun world, Emma Blaq, Emmanuel Akameh, Iyke Lawrence and Kunle Aluko.

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Nigerians react as Burna Boy refunds ‘boring fan’



Nigerians react as Burna Boy refunds ‘boring fan’


igerian sensational singer, Burna Boy, on Tuesday refunded the $100 ticket price to a fan who he noticed wasn’t vibing to his performance during his concert.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the incident happened during the Atlanta stop of his ‘African Giant’ tour on Tuesday.



In the viral video, while Burna Boy was performing, he noticed a fan standing in front standing still and not swaying to the music. He took a break from the energetic performance and called out the fan. Burna Boy went on to refund the $100 ticket price to the fan.



He also asked a bouncer to escort the fan out of the venue saying, “Your face is not encouraging.”

The event, recorded in a now-viral video, has since generated mixed reactions from fans of the ‘Anybody’ singer.

While some applauded Burna Boy for correcting the negative vibe the fan put out, others chided the singer for humiliating a fan who came to enjoy the show.



Here are some comments from Twitter that may interest you:

@Chukwufunayam: “It’s okay to humiliate a human being because it’s Burna Boy? That’s poor showmanship but what do I know.”

@Zaddy_nomso: “Not necessary though, some people might not want to dance as they don’t know how to.



“But they paid and want to see him perform. Not everyone will dance at your show, you just ignore and focus on the good energy from others.”



@Kolatoye: “This is funny really. I feel, as a performer, people pay to watch you perform. People don’t pay to come and encourage or give you any kind of energy.



“If you are lucky and blessed to have fans that light up your fire and fan your flame, beautiful, otherwise focus on your performance.”

@Dhlamini: “I’d be so embarrassed if I was the guy but at the same time, how can you not dance to Burna boy’s music?”


@Aluchinago: “So, is must that everyone must like his song. Was he the only artiste performing there? It’s not right biko”

@Nakel4rill: “Yes! Have you not seen rappers jump into the crowd to punch crazy fans and tell security to kick them out?”


@Nigeriaplatech: “You can stay at the back though” front not for people wey get sense and wey dey positive

@Tonie: “Sharap, I’m a fan. But he was wrong! He already apologized tho.”

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Studio24 unveils robotic photographer



Studio24 unveils  robotic photographer


amous celebrity photography outfit, Studio24, has unveiled its female robotic photographer named Grace. She is named after a legendary team member and team builder of Studio24, the late Grace Ugboh. Grace Ugboh joined the company as salon manager and was then seconded as pioneer team lead at STUDIO24 first flagship store, Ahmadu Bello Way Kaduna, in 1998.


Grace was responsible for the company’s first foray outside of base and established STUDIO24 Beirut Road Kano, in the year 2000. Grace then led a crack team against all odds to establish and capture post democracy Abuja in 2002 with the Pioneer Maitama Studio.


GRACE provided customer service training/onboarding to every single Studio24 team member from 1998-2012, training over a thousand people in the period.


In her honour, Africa’s First Ever Robot Photographer is named Grace. And just like the late Grace, she will forever be known as a trailblazer.



The newest photographer, Grace, is from the future. She takes photos without human assistance. Grace navigates and avoids obstacles and can be programmed to speak different languages.


As Nigeria’s foremost photography company, Studio24, has been known for blazing the trail in the photography and digital imaging industry. According to the MD/CEO of Colvi Limited, Engr. Ifeanyi Christopher Oputa, some innovations of Studio24 include: pioneering same day photography in Nigeria (getting your pictures the same day they were shot) and prionering commercial digital photography in Nigeria in 1995.


After 28 years, Studio24 is still spearheading innovations in Africa as she introduces her Game Changer named Grace. The Roaming Robot, Grace, is the first of its kind which recognises guests, takes their pictures with the option to share or print; this is unprecedented in this part of the globe. This innovative humanoid robot is the latest, unique and multi-functional robot, designed to engage with customers and grab their attention.

Grace is the ideal photographer for weddings, corporate functions and red carpet events. With this new technology, Studio24 is more than set to shake up the event space!

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