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Still on the tithe/seed thing



Still on the tithe/seed thing

“Pastors are thieves. They are armed robbers. I have stopped going to church because they spend our money on their families. Their children go to school abroad. They drive exotic cars…” The above is the statement I recently read while someone was commenting on another’s post on social media recently.

I am sure some of us have heard similar or even worse descriptions about pastors in general. These statements aren’t from people of the other religion as you may know; they are from fellow ‘Christians’.


When it comes to issues relating to Tithes, seeds et al, I feel we can make our points known to others without necessarily dragging the whole body of Christ in the mud.


While we know that there are some pastors who convert church’s funds into personal use, we’ve also seen some pastors/ministries that use church funds for good and great purposes. The latter, you would hardly hear from people who take pleasure in spreading the former; reason being that negative news spread faster and wider than the positive ones, and some people take pleasure in it.


When a person is doing fantastically great, you will hardly hear of their exploits. However, let same person makes the minutest mistakes, then, you would see many Public Relations


Executives, who will freely help spread the mistake (negative news) to all nooks and crannies.

Aside overhead expenditures necessary for the running of the day to day activities of ministries, some churches engage in social-economic responsibilities. Some of these social responsibilities include free education, housing or accommodation for orphans and widows. I know a particular ministry that visits communities to distribute free books, bags and school materials to pupils before resumption. The list goes on. In all, there are ministries who do great things with church funds. Not all ministries or pastors are ‘thieves’, as being projected. Also, not all pastors are gluttons.


Truth is, there is no amount of criticism that will deter some persons from paying tithes or giving seeds. Such people already have an eternal covenant with God (not their pastors), and no kind of campaign against tithing would stop them.
If what you believe in works for you, then stick to it.


While tithing is not a visa to heaven, it is a principle that is contained in the Bible – Malachi 3 vs 10-11. It is not compulsory, even though it has its earthly rewards.


I have never heard nor seen a pastor who places a gun at the neck of his member, forcing them to either pay their tithes or lose their lives.


If the tithe thing doesn’t work for you, leave it. But brandishing all pastors as fraudsters just because some few ones have mismanaged church fund is ferocious. The hullabaloo about shaming pastors and Christianity in general on tithe issue is so uncalled for and very unfair.


Surprisingly, people who don’t pay tithe are the ones who complain most. They are the ones who carry this tithe mantra as though it is the air they breathe.

Whatever you believe in, air, without necessarily dragging another fellow down. If what you believe in is strong and very convincing enough, with time, you would have your audience too. Let’s stop the abuse of pastors and Christianity in general.

Whether we like it or not, we all pay tithes in one way or the other. Well, this is for people who really understand the principles that govern the world we live in. If you don’t pay your tithe to God, you will definitely pay it to the devil – you can’t escape both.


Come to think of it, with the recent developmenets in the nation, don’t you think we have more important issues to be worried about other than tithe and seeds? Do you have your PVC? If yes, then let’s not stop praying for our nation, leaders and people in authority.


Have a great week.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ibrahim Olalekan

    August 13, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    This is very deep. Have already taken my portion…….. At the same time people need to be guided not to fall into the trap of fake and glutton pastors.

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