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Stuck-in-sex syndrome



Stuck-in-sex syndrome

The incidents of lovers getting glued during sexual intercourse is becoming rampart these days. This dangerous trend needs caution, at least, on the ground of value for life. It is more pronounced in Africa than elsewhere. Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon and Uganda have more reported cases of this bizarre occurrence.

From time immemorial, infidelity or adultery has been regarded as a sacrilege in family life. Religious rules, social ethics and cultural ethos regard extra marital affairs as an affront to divine and human order. In the Biblical Old Testament era, adulterers were being stoned to death.

I don’t know much about other religious books or doctrines but I’m sure, none treats the sin with kid gloves. The idea of exposing adulterous women, in the ages past, gave rise to the invention of “magun” (Thunderbolt charm) or “trap spell,” that was the explanation offered for the use of the scary spell especially in Yorubaland, South- West Nigeria. However, it was not originally intended to harm, deform or kill the target but to trap, expose to public odium and serve as a deterrent to her ilk in the society.

The use of this lethal “African magic” is not limited to Nigeria; it is indeed, an African phenomenon. Surprisingly, the prevalence of the charm is somewhat getting frightful by the day.

Sometime in 2015, in what can be described as a game of vengeance against a serial adulterer, a woman was caught stuck during a sex romp with her concubine, a married man. It happened at a community in Yewa district of Ogun State. According to an eye witness accounts, the woman was reputed for her illicit affairs with men despite being a wife and a mother. Her husband was said to have warned her several times to desist from her immoral lifestyle but to no avail. In a rather stern approach to teach her a lesson as a way to crush her waywardness, her husband decided to place the spell into which she inadvertently fell with her partner in crime while they were having sex in her shop. In Uganda, a few weeks ago, a man, whose identity was not revealed, also got stuck while having sex with his secret lover. The incident happened at the Tripple Zero Guest House in eastern Uganda.

The woman in question was said to be an employee of the same hotel. The glued couple were discovered by a room attendant who went into the room to perform his duties on Monday morning. It turned out that the hooked woman was one of the hotel employees popularly known as Slay Queen. According to Ugandan Blizz, the man’s wife had promised to trap her philandering husband and use him as a lesson for cheating spouses. Going by this story, it shows that a woman could also place magun spell on her sexually incontinent husband. I must admit that this is another dimension to a practice that is only targeted at women.

This reminds me of some cultures in parts of Nigeria where the man can sleep around as he likes but it’s a taboo for his wife to indulge in extra marital affairs unless she formally quit the marital relationship through divorce and traditional rites. A man reportedly died several hours after he got glued during sex with a prostitute. He was later rushed to the hospital but he couldn’t survive. A bizarre video showing paramedics transporting the dead man with the sex worker on top of him to hospital has recently surfaced online.

Meanwhile, a few stuck-in-sex cases reported in western world has been offered a scientific explanation. According to available online media reports, “Penis captivus” is the medical term for when the penis is held captive by the vagina. Stories of getting stuck during sex may seem funny, but some of them might just be true and even tragic! There’s a compilation of awkward situations involving amorous couples “locked together” at the most intimate moments.

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina. In our clime, the stuck-in-sex spell is real. There are videos of where the husbands of such women were begged into separating the hooked couples through rituals.

Some men even used the occasion to exploit the families of their wives’ lovers by demanding money and many expensive items for “rituals.” As if that is not enough, kissing could also lead flirtatious secret lovers to trouble. I saw a video in which kissing lovers couldn’t separate themselves.

They were jeered at by neighbours and passers-by. This is an advanced “jujuology” from African research shrines. While I do not excuse promiscuous married adults involved in extra marital affairs, I think using juju to trap, harm or kill perceived rivals is outlandish, evil and murderous.

Rather than risk anyone’s life for your partner’s promiscuity, please go your separate ways!

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