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The Devil can’t stop you



The Devil can’t stop you

Interviewed a Christian sister sometimes recently. She was going through a tough time financially. She almost couldn’t feed her family. It was so bad. She had been moving from Church to Church seeking for so called deliverance. She and her husband had no jobs.


As I talked with her, she told me that a prophet has diagnosed that she has enemies in her family; and they are the once behind her problem. So a 3-month long deliverance programme was drawn up for her in that particular Church to free her from her enemies.


The most painful aspect of it was that she believed it and was religiously committed to the so-called deliverance therapy. Now, don’t misunderstand me! I believe in deliverance and exorcism. I cast out devils too in the name of Jesus. I minister healing and deliverance to people regularly.


But what I can’t stand is the fact that enemies would make a Christian who is born again, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost to find it difficult to feed! It beats my imagination. I asked this young lady   if unbelievers live in the house where she lives; and she answered in the affirmative. I asked her further whether or not those unbelievers in her house are able to feed their families; and she said they are able. Then I asked if she believed that those unbelievers have enemies in their own families too; and she said yes.


Now look at the problem! How can enemies that could not stop an unbeliever (who is not in Christ) from feeding well, now stop a believer in Christ from being able to feed his family? I can’t imagine it. It is incredible and unimaginable! It is simply ridiculous and unthinkable

Satan can’t stop you. He himself knows it. He is only playing on your intelligence. He is capitalizing on your ignorance. Wake up and quit you like a man. Don’t be a babe anymore. You are a giant killer in Christ. So I gave my own diagnosis to this dear sister.


I told her that her enemies were not the problem but her own IGNORANCE and LAZINESS were the major problems. If she was ready to arise and shine there and then, she could. The Bible enjoins us to awake and Christ will give us light. Joy comes in the morning. Anytime you wake up is your morning hour. Awake, STAND UP and rejoice. I can boldly tell you right away that Satan is not your problem. He was defeated some two thousand years ago. He lost his power and control over you and your destiny since then


He is powerless over you now. If you want to make it, you can make it in spite of the devil. All you need to do now is to simply arise and shine as a star. Points to Remember You are a giant killer in Christ.

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