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The Supremacy of Faith



The Supremacy of Faith

Welcome to another impactful week! I hope you were blessed by last week teaching.


Today, we shall focus on: The Supremacy of Faith! From scriptures, we discover that we engage in faith to tap into divine virtues, which in turn enhance our value. The Bible says: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


For by it the elders obtained a good report (Hebrews 11:1-2). Also, our vision can never deliver beyond the level of faith we are operating in. Hence, the beauty and colour of every vision is a function of the quality of faith that is employed.


Therefore, without faith, our vision has no substance because it is faith that defines the substance of our vision. Every act of God in our lives is only realisable via faith and as long as our faith is on fire, we remain on flight and also in command of things happening around us. Thus, it is to us according to our faith, not according to our vision (Matthew 9:29). So, if our faith is down, our life and destiny will be down.


What then, is the Supremacy of Faith?


* Faith Engages the Word for Performance: It engages the Word of God in order to enforce the delivery of our destiny and desires.


The Bible records about Mary: …Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her (Luke 1:38).


Sometimes, it may not be convenient for us but if it is commanded, we must engage in it because that’s the only way to where we are going and it is what determines the happenings in our lives. That is what makes faith a vital force that gets the job done. As long as our faith is in place, we remain in command over the issues of life.


* Faith is a Spiritual Force: Faith is neither a psychological nor philosophical force; it is a spiritual force.


It is not an intellectual issue either; it is a spiritual virtue that operates within the spirit of man not in his head. As it is written: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10).


Thus, whatever is working contrary to our inheritance in Christ, faith can stop it instantly.


For instance, the woman with the issue of blood has her faith intact and her health was restored immediately (Mark 5:25-34).


* Faith is a Spiritual Chemistry: It is the spiritual chemistry with which we quench oppositions, clear obstacles and access our possessions.


The Bible says: For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith (Mark 11:23).


Every time faith is at work, a spiritual connection is established and that connection provokes the flow of virtue from God.


That virtue flows to enhance our value.


* Faith is A Living Force: It is a living force, drawn from the living Word to produce living proofs. For instance, the woman with the issue of blood drew from Jesus, the Living Word, and a living proof was produced.


Faith is not just believing that God can do something; it is being moved to do something to prove that we believe.


When we are moved to act on what God commands, He is committed to perform.

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