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To hook up? Let’s talk!



To hook up? Let’s talk!

Are you a single mom or widowed, working class or businesswoman aged between 45 and 55, naturally endowed with motherly characters? Are you from the South-East or proficient in Igbo language? You might actually be the right life companion a retired banker and a widower is looking for. If you are interested, let’s talk. Call or text or contact me on WhatsApp through: 08059964446. I dedicate this line to our readers who are leveraging on our connection for life partners or companions. Every interaction on this dedicated phone line is confidential. Similarly, I will like to chat with single men who are gainfully employed as possible matches for some beautiful, disciplined and well-mannered ladies. Guys between 30 and 36; 40 and 45; 45 and 55.

These ladies are focused on their careers, get by economically and not flippant in their conducts. Only serious and mature men will be allowed access to these professionals after satisfactory discussions with me. Those willing to meet any of these ‘angels’ should contact me. I make these requests public because I couldn’t find the appropriate matches for them in my list. Regular readers of this column will recall that in the January 5, 2018 edition, I did mention that readers of this column that truly desire marital fulfilment will be supported and assisted. In the article, I wrote: “For singles, both men and women, I will create more time to facilitate dates and matchmaking only for the matured, serious-minded and readyto- marry adults in 2018.

Singles at the professional, corporate or executive cadres will be treated with utmost confidence and attention they desire to get them paired in the New Year. Just keep your faith alive in God and your flanks open to be reachable, accessible and approachable.” Thus far, those who repose confidence in us for connecting with their desired soulmates are actually telling their friends about the New Telegraph platform. More referrals are streaming in on daily basis. If you are out to catch fun or pretend to be serious only to ‘hit and run’ or ‘see and taste,’ you may please check another platform. Here, relationship is life and a serious business meant only for the matured, experienced and determined.

From Our Mailbox: Dear Mr. West, I have been married for 10 years, but I’m yet to have children. I have tried all I could both medically and spiritually but it appears God is not ready for me. My husband has been quite supportive despite pressures from his family members for him to seek alternative solution. My problem, I must admit, is psychological though I enjoy relative peace with my in-laws. In your wisdom, what else should I do because I feel insecure in my matrimonial home? I don’t want any shocker that will break me down; I’m already having issues of high blood pressure as a result of thinking. Thank you sir. Anonymous Lagos.

My beloved Anonymous, The Bible says children are the heritage of the Lord, and He gives freely as He wishes. I’m sure you are listed by the Most High God as a mother of children on the face of the earth. It’s just a matter of His own timing and not yours. I’m happy you and your husband have done all you needed to do to be medically certified and fit for fruitfulness. Recently, there are couples who, after 10, 15, 20 or more years of waiting gave birth to sets of twins, triplets, and even sextuplets.

These are Nigerians like you. You may check the identities of these new parents online if you care. Your own testimony will surely come. The IVF option is available if you would like to give it a shot. Share your fears with your man and avoid getting nervous in the bedroom; it will click when you least expect. Stay blessed. Dear Michael West, I almost gave up on having anything to do with men the day someone shared one of your articles on a WhatsApp group I belong to. Since then I have been an ardent reader of Michael West’s articles. Sir, I’m still single but I seldom feel the need of a man again maybe due to unsavoury experiences I had in the past.

How do I overcome this condition? Tessy, Abuja. Dear Tessy, You have to change your mindset before you can feel emotionally in need like a normal woman. Allowing your past to haunt your present will ultimately threaten your future. Your past is part of what should equip you to fight and conquer your fears. Men will always be men; trusting too much in men could sometimes be very disappointing. Go for friendship. Your would-be husband will emerge among your friends. Making marriage a precondition for any relationship often set women up for disappointment. Factors beyond the surface might also account for your issue or be responsible for the kind of men that come your way. Heal yourself from self-pity, forlorn and despair.

Trust in God for the fulfilment of His promises as contained in His holy word concerning you.

Your story will end in praise, trust me.

Send your responses/private issues to: +234-(0)8035304268 – SMS/WhatsApp +234-(0)8059964446 – Private Issues

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