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VP Osinbajo’s attack dogs must read this



VP Osinbajo’s attack dogs must read this


I never knew the characteristics of APC/President Muhammadu Buhari attack dogs until I read respected Femi Aribisala’s “Buharimaniacs and Buharideens”. Mike, a professional colleague and friend, had constantly eulogised Aribisala’s write-ups until I took interest and began to read him. And I have found him exactly as it was said. Thanks to Aribisala, I now know Buhari/Osinbajo and APC’s attack dogs are called “Buharimaniacs and Buharideens”. Aribisala outlined the “qualities” that define these special Alsatian dogs. Hear him: “One of their favourite expressions is to tell you to go and hug a transformer because they want you dead. Barring that, they advise you to buy a ticket and leave the country.” What else do you expect from people who are comfortable with; even defend, the daily blood-letting in the most savage forms ever, in the Middle Belt and other Christian-dominated areas of the North? It was after reading Aribasala that I now understood who some of the readers of this column whose views are published below could have been and how far down the hill irascible and inconsolable Buharimaniacs and Buharideens are ready to go. But they are too miserably petty and inconsequential to frighten any serious-minded person, their morbid inclinations notwithstanding.


I repeat for the umpteenth time that Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is wrong to consistently bad-mouth and demonise Christian leaders and disparage Christianity as a whole. As a professed Christian, if he cannot help Christians, he should not add to their woes. Now read what follows; it is from The PUNCH newspaper alumni platform established recently and to which I belong: “Prof. Ishaq Olanrewaju Oloyede is the secretary of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and current JAMB registrar. He performed a miracle at the National Mosque, Abuja. After every Jumu’at prayer, it is a tradition for the mosque committee to raise money for running of the mosque. Prof. Oloyede noticed that money raised after every Jumu’at prayer never exceeded 13k – 14k. This had been on for long. So one day he decided to personally drop 13k inside the box and the notes were marked without the awareness of the collectors. After every collector had gone round the mosque to collect money from as many dignitaries as are usually present at the mosque, the total money raised still didn’t go above 13k and the particular notes he personally dropped were missing. OK, no problem! The following Friday he came to mosque with special boxes, the boxes were locked and the keys to them were kept by him. As usual, the collectors went round the mosque as dignitaries dropped their money directly into the boxes and after the whole thing, he opened the boxes and over 400k was realised! Yeah, over 400k! The collectors disappeared all of a sudden! This happens in almost every mosque. Love for wealth has turned people against their hereafter. Corruption is everywhere. (Courtesy an official @ Central Mosque Abuja)”

Everyone knows the JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, and of his heroics at the JAMB. Personally, I have met him at official functions twice. As a Christian, I have experienced discoveries similar to those Oloyede was said to have made at the Central Mosque Abuja. I have paid tithe and it had disappeared after ushers counted the takings. I have witnessed an usher steal offering and tithe money at a local church, using his son as smokescreen. Pastor EA Adeboye disclosed of a family of ushers – father, mother, and son – who consistently stole collections at RCCG Campground until they were exposed. A new Zonal Pastor, after what he had heard, decided that church takings be kept under his seat in open church and after service, called on elders to count the money in the full glare of all. What was recorded was more than triple what had hitherto been declared. A repeat of the exercise week after week convinced everyone that the ushers had been playing monkey games with the sweat of everyone.

Corruption is in the church. Corruption is in the mosque. Corruption is everywhere. None is a saint. Not even Osinbajo, the self-appointed Pontiff! Osinbajo, therefore, should stop demonising only the church and its leaders. He should also point his searchlight at the Mosque and Muslims. This is the same manner their so-called anti-corruption war has become patently one-sided. There are too many lies, too much propaganda, deceit, and hypocrisy in all that they do. When others defect into APC, it is okay but when they defect from APC to other parties, it is heinous crime. Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker, House of Representatives defected from PDP to APC; it was okay. Bukola Saraki defects from APC to PDP, all hell must be let loose. They are running after PDP’s Senator Adeleke in Osun State for alleged certificate forgery; yet, Buhari himself has not shown anyone his own controversial certificates. Kemi Adeosun and Obla, two top goons in Buhari’s government, who have also been cited in alleged certificate malfeasance, sit pretty in office. Thieves outside APC are thieves and must be hounded and sent to jail, but thieves within the APC must be protected and treated as sacred cows. Once a thief crosses over from another party to APC, he or she automatically becomes a saint. It is these double standards, deceit, hypocrisy, uncanny lies, brazen impunity, and sheer and shameless propaganda that I cannot stand. Buharimaniacs and Buharideens who are not comfortable with my effrontery and temerity should go hug what?


I know it is well with you all-round in Jesus’ name. Your piece (Osinbajo at it again!) made a good reading, being your views. Sir, I will suggest you go through again. You will find that all you think the Oga is doing wrongly comes back to you. We surely must look at the church as one, serious and full of Christ. You can use another channel to reach him, may be. We have not achieved much with the penchant display of assumed boldness to criticise without restraint, much wisdom and help. I am not a fan of the current set and brand of politicians. My main concern is our common faith. If you are displeased by these comments, do pardon me. – A. T. Robert Jegede, Warri.

We know your likes by their write-ups; those who are envious of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo’s lifting as the number two citizen of our great nation but shame on you. Whom God has blessed and lifted, no man can curse or bring down. If you don’t like his stance on issues, then, go and hug a transformer. – 08035492766.

Thanks for your write-up (on Osinbajo). With him, Christians are voiceless. He is an embarrassment to the RCCG. God bless you! –Steve Onyeji, Onitsha.

From your publication in the New Telegraph today (Osinbajo is at it again!), are you sure you are a Christian? – Goddy, Benue State.

I understand you just have some animosities against Osinbajo, if not hatred and you have been patiently waiting for him to derail. Now, he has made the statement about prosperity, you saw it as an opportunity to pick on him in the name of opinion. You are just creating an insinuation and you think the best way is to castigate his person out of mere hatred and wickedness because you have a space to waste in a newspaper. – 08053335077.

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