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Bossladies 67: Love: A feeling learnt!



Bossladies 67: Love: A feeling learnt!


Aunty prophetess was distraught. She tried to lift Debola up, but couldn’t.

“It’s as if my tummy is on fire. What’s happening to me?” Debola asked.

The fear in her eyes were unmistakable. Prophetess was scared to tell her.

“I don’t know. But I think you need a doctor. You really do,” she said.

“Really! I need to…” she was saying when she suddenly felt wetness between her laps.

She sat up and ran her palm down her legs and raised it. Her heart almost stopped beating!

Gosh! Tears streamed down her cheeks. Weariness enveloped her.

She remembered her mother’s favourite saying, “The day l’m looking for husband is the day madmen come out to look for wives”.

She was too tired to cry. Crying wouldn’t help her anyway. The tears rolled down her cheeks, nonetheless.

She thought of all she went through in other to get into Jay’s life permanently.

The pregnancy was her ace. Would she fold her arms and let things happen the way they want? No, definitely no!

“Aunty, could you get me to the hospital? I need to see a doctor asap,” she said.

“That’s my thought too. Try clean yourself up and get ready. I’ll go get a cab,” she said.

Debola was angry! She was angry with herself and the world. Why would bad things happen to her? Why couldnt she have the man of her dream? Why would life place thorns on her path? Ar over forty years, she hadn’t netted a man she could consider spending the rest of her life with. Even now she was trying to have a baby, the pregnancy was being threatened. Yes, threatened. Why would she be bleeding?


As if the prophetess read her mind, she said, “My dear sister, when certain things happen, you just accept them as your lot. But then, heavens help those who help themselves. You have to identify your areas of need and work on them.”


She stopped sudenly, for she felt uneasy.


Debola was looking at her in a queer manner. It was as if something got into her. She shifted unconsciously. But she couldnt go far, for they were now in a cab.


Debola smiled and continued smiling till they got to the hospital.


Three hours later, she was sleeping peacefully.

“She lost the pregnancy. There was nothing we could do. At times, our body expels abnormal fetus. Yes, a woman’s body may reject such. Where’s her husband?” He asked suddenly.

The prophetess was thrown off balance by the doctor’s question. Nevertheless, she got hold of herself almost immediately.

“He’s not around. He isn’t based here,” she lied.

The prophetess felt there was worse news coming. She braced herself.


“Debola is disturbed. I mean, she needs to be monitored closely. We’ll do what we can…” The doctor said.

Prophetess couldn’t pretend she didn’t understand what the doctor meant. So, she was scared. When it happened the first time, Jay was there to take care of her. How would she cope, knowing fully well that she herself needed to take things easy.


“Where is her husband?” The doctor asked again.


“He’s not around. I mean, he travelled,” prophetess said, adding.


“How bad is her condition?”


“It’s not too bad. She just needs to be on medication for a while. She needs to rest a lot,” the doctor said.




Those reassuring words calmed the prophetess’ nerve.


“Who are the wise men?” The doctor asked.

She was taken aback.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

“Debola kept muttering something about wise old men, madman and husband. I couldn’t make sense out of it. Yes, she also talked about pounding yam and other gibberish,” the doctor said.

The prophetess feigned ignorance…


Jay was a changed man. For the first time, he had confided in his cousin. His cousin, Gabby, was scandalised. He didn’t believe that such a thing had been happening for years and both Jay and Adele never said a word of it to anybody. He was shocked when Jay told him that he had warned Adele not to tell anyone about their home.

After his phone conversation with Jay, Gabby had asked his wife, Ceecee, if she knew Adele and Jay were having marital issues and she had stared at him confused. She didn’t know. Adele never told her. Calls he put across to Adele’s phone didn’t go through.


Well, the urgency in Jay’s tone made him to schedule a meeting with him that evening. He got further shock when Jay told him he had moved out of this matrimonial home and was now living in an apartment in the building where his office was located. That evening, after work, he had driven to Jay’s office.

“I can’t believe what you’re saying. Tell me you made everything up,” he pleaded with Jay.

“No, brother. That’s the undiluted truth. Adele didn’t tell anybody because I used to threaten her that the day anybody would call me to ask me questions concerning our marriage, I’d kill her. I know that was the reason she never confided in anybody,” Jay said.

“Have you ever laid your fingers on her?” Gabby asked.

Jay stared at his cousin for a while. Then, he looked away.

“I have battered her countless times. Many times, she ended up in the hospital with physical injuries, apart from the emotional trauma she had been going through for years. Once, she collapsed at home and I panicked and bolted. I regretted my action though, because she could have died if she didn’t get help,” he said.

“WHAT! JAY! Are you so callous? What could she have done to deserve that?” Gabby asked.

“Gabby, she did no wrong! I was at fault…as usual. A lady friend went home with me and I didn’t know how she sent the security man out of the house and locked the gate. My wife couldn’t enter the house after work that night. I had lost my phone in an accident and the lady friend drugged me. Look Gabby, you won’t understand,” Jay said.

Gabby took a deep breath and asked, “When was the last time you saw your wife?”


“That’s the problem Gabby, that’s the problem,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Gabby asked.

“I saw her about two weeks ago. We agreed to meet in a restaurant. She was dropped off by a man. I saw her alight from the vehicle. Can you imagine? Being driven to a date with me by another man! I got very angry and battered her there and left,” Jay said.
“You did what? In public?” Gabby asked.

“How would you feel if you were in my shoes? You mean you will clap for your wife if you see her with another man?” Jay asked.

“I’ll be jealous and angry if I see Ceecee with another man. But, that’s because she’s my wife,” Gabby said.

“So, what are you trying to say? Oh, it’s okay for you to be angry if your wife misbehaves. But it’s okay for my own wife to misbehave. I should clap for my wife when she misbehaves?” Jay asked, his voice a pitch higher.

Gabby looked his cousin straight in the eyes and said, “That you rode a donkey, which you didn’t complete its payment, for donkey years, doesn’t make it legally yours. It’s the day something happens to it that you know what rights you have over the donkey.”

“What do you mean bro?” Jay asked.

“Remember, a mad man may roam the streets for years. It’s the day something happens to him that you know he has a family. You and I know perfectly well that Adele is not your wife!” Gabby told him.

Jay stared at him. He stared back. They held the gaze for a while. Suddenly, there was fear in Jay’s eyes. He raised his two hands to his head…


As Adele, unclad, sat on him, she felt the turgid snake inside her. She grinded and pounded him at intervals and could feel him lunging inside him. She had read up many literature on the act. She remembered the vaginal Kung Fu lecture from Blossom and tried it on him. He screamed endlessly as she engaged her yoni muscles to give him intense pleasure.

She had read somewhere that most women have numb caves of wonder, resulting from lack of proper use. The fear of having an atrophy muscle down there propelled her to ride harder. She was like one possessed. Her boobs bobbed and he tried to catch the tits in his mouth each time she leaned forward.

Each time she squeezed her muscles down there, he screamed in pleasure. For Adele, each squeeze meant more than just more orgasm. It meant more libido, elimination of urinary incontinence, improved and tightened skin and overall confidence. She rode with more confidence and felt it building up. Suddenly, he grabbed her waist and started thrusting into her from beneath her. It was so sudden that she screamed in pleasure, breaking her inhibitions about making loud noise during tango. She opened her mouth to scream again and realised her cave of wonder was twitching strongly. He must have felt something powerful down there too for he suddenly raised his shoulders and sat up, dipping her backward without notice. She grabbed his neck to steady herself while he grabbed her waist. Her boobs bobbed against his face and he was able to catch each with his mouth at intervals and did those things he had always wanted to do to them.

They were sceaming away and gave no care. They had travelled this route before but today seemed like their first time. They felt the wave rising together. They were ready to crest it together. They found each other’s mouth as they were about to drown. Then, they shot together, screaming. Adele felt like she was shooting ping-pong balls out of her lady part. She yelled and yelled. His screaming drowned hers They continued until they had both emptied juice sacks. Spent, the snake slipped out. They could feel the mushy juice tickling out and messing up their love zones. None of them wanted to break the magic. They held on to each other even when the tremor in their bodies had subsided.

“My woman, I love you to the moon and back,” Bolan said.

Adele smiled. He needn’t have said it for she knew. A woman knows when really loved. Saying it doesn’t make it real. Love is about two hearts reaching out to each other.

“I know,” she told him, searching for his mouth with hers.

They both felt him stir again. She felt the tingling within her. They grabbed each other…


Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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