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I once heard a story of a graduate who sells apples by the road side. One day, a young man parked to buy some; he requested for about 30 pieces or thereabouts. The seller (the young graduate) didn’t know when he uttered was he was thinking in his heart.
He said: “God, is this not a human being? A young guy like me, enjoying life…..” The customer heard what he said, but bought the apples and zoomed off.

Few minutes later, same person came back to the seller, asked if he could recognize him. The apple seller confirmed he was the customer who came to buy some apples a few minutes past. The customer requested to have a little chat with him but in a more secluded area. The seller agreed, and closed for the day, thinking this young big man is about to introduce him to an “oyel” business.

They got to a quiet place to discuss, the young man said to the apple-seller: “I heard what you said the last time I came to buy some apples, that was the reason I came back. Sir, I wish I was the one selling apples by the road side; I’d have been happier!”
In utmost dismay, the apple seller looked at this young man, not believing what he just heard. The young man continued: “I was in a hurry to get rich, so I did blood-money rituals. The more money I get, the more my skin decays. This time next year, I would have been long gone.”


By this time, he removed his caftan top, behold, there were about five or more clothes underneath which the young man was wearing. He managed to show the fruit seller a bit of his skin, alas, they were beginning to rotten. His last words to the seller were: “GOD’S BLESSING IS THE ONLY REAL BLESSING. BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF, AND BE CONTENTED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHERE YOU ARE”.


Friends, the grass always looks greener on the other side. It is only when you get closer, you get to discover that it is shining that much because it is not the real-green-grass, it is the artificial one.


Contentment with who you are, where you are and what you have, is a great gift.


You are not being discouraged from aspiring for greater heights, however, be happy with yourself. Do not compare your life with that of another. Do not compare your introductory-stage with another’s chapter 55, stay in you lane.

Although, I am not insinuating that everyone who drives flashy cars are into blood-money rituals. I love flashy cars too. Lolz. However, I am concerned about how not being contended with one’s self has made many indulge in some bad and dangerous stuffs.

While we were in primary school, we thought that our fulfillment will come once we get to secondary school. Alas, when we got to secondary school, we were still not satisfied; so we thought the next phase, tertiary institution will bring the desired happiness and fulfillment, and the circle went on.

Little did we know that fulfillment is not in the destination but in the journey.
Finding joy in the little you’ve been given opens the doors for greater ones.

A young man made headlines this past week by allegedly trying to kill his mother because he wanted to upgrade his “” business to “yahoo plus”. Could you imagine that? The “” fraudulent business was paying though, but not as “yahoo plus” would; so he decided to pay the prize, which included killing his biological mother.

Someday, he’ll discover that “yahoo plus” is no longer yielding the expected results, he would go for “yahoo plus plus plus”. Someone like that has never been contented right from time; and may never be contended except he consciously works on himself.
Friends, I pray you find joy in life. I hope you find reason to be happy, even in the midst of storms. It is called “The right attitude to life”. I pray you will be genuinely happy with who you are, with what you have and where you are. See you at the top. Have a great week

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